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Alteryx Help for Alteryx Designer 9.5 No Longer Available Online

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Hello #AlteryxAddicts,


Alteryx Designer 9.5 Online Help
The Alteryx Designer 9.5 Online Help is no longer available online as of March 4, 2019. It is still available offline.

How do I access Alteryx Designer 9.5 Help offline?

The offline help is available in the RuntimeData folder where Alteryx has been installed.

  • Admin version: Alteryx\bin\RuntimeData\HtmlAssets\\AlteryxCurrent
  • Non Admin version: Users\<username>\AppData\Local\Alteryx\bin\RuntimeData\HtmlAssets\

Why is this changing? Alteryx is putting more resources into improving the online help for supported versions of the product.


How do I access other versions of Alteryx Designer Help? Help is available for every supported version of the product. Help is accessed from within the product multiple ways including Online help and Offline help. Find out more here.


Who's Impacted? Anyone who is using Alteryx Designer 9.5.

Who's Not Impacted? Anyone who is using Alteryx Designer 10.0 or newer.

What should we use instead? You can still access the Alteryx Designer 9.5 offline help which is located on your computer where you installed Alteryx Designer 9.5.



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