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Alteryx Designer: Sharepoint List Input Tool: Error connecting to Office 365 - "The sign-in name or password does not match in the Microsoft Account system"


Environment Details

  • Alteryx Designer - 2019.4
  • Office 365
  • SSO Enabled
  • Multi-Factor Authentication disabled


This issue is caused due to the incorrect option/configuration of the Sharepoint List Input tool in the Alteryx Designer.


There are two different solutions available to resolve this error.

Solution 1:
To choose the - "App only Authentication" option, from the Sharepoint List Input tool configuration, as below:

  • Once this option is chosen, the following fields must be inputted by the user:
    • Sharepoint URL
    • Client ID
    • Secret Key
  • The fields - Client ID and Secret Key - are created and enabled by the Sharepoint Administrator. Please refer to the Microsoft document - - for the steps involved in creating the Client ID and Secret Key fields.
  • Once you have these fields from your Sharepoint Administrator, you would be able to connect to the Sharepoint URL.
Please note - The Sharepoint folders and the lists to access, should be given the appropriate read/write permissions by the Sharepoint Administrator, in order to read/write the records to Sharepoint successfully. If not, you would have issues in reading/writing to Sharepoint from the Designer.

The image below describes a successful read from the Sharepoint, using this option:

Solution 2:
To create a service account that doesn't have SSO enabled.

  • The IT/Infrastructure Team can create a generic mailbox for the team
  • Request the IT/Infrastructure team to remove SSO verification from it so it just uses a password.
  • After that, you can add the new mailbox as an Admin to SharePoint.
  • Using the SharePoint input list option in Alteryx, you can then select the online version of SharePoint and enter in the generic mailbox username and password.