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Add Page Numbers – Reporting

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The addition of page numbers to a report is quite simple, there are two steps:
First, add a Text tool immediately before your Render tool.  In the Text tool, under the Special Tags drop-down select the Current Page option.  The example below is a more elaborate example employing the annotation text “page” and “of” and the special tags to display the current page and total number of pages in the document.

Secondly, in your Render tool, check the Footer checkbox, and select the “Text” field as the field to display for the Footer.






Is it possible that you create an updated version of this solution with the latest version of Alteryx? 


Also the step by step explanation for each tool and what items need to be changed within each tool?  


What goes into the Text Input? How do you get the page numbers to be dynamic? So for example if you have pages 1-46 then does a multi row formula need to be made to get the page number to increase each time a new page is rendered? 


How does this work if you have multiple sets of Tables -> Report Text -> Layout Tools that all roll up to one render tool through the use of the Union Tool? 


Let me know if you have additional questions.