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Access Data in Parquet Format

Alteryx Alumni (Retired)
Created on

Solution to access data stored in PARQUET format via the Alteryx Designer


Data in parquet format can be stored in hive tables and accessed from the Alteryx Designer via the hive ODBC driver.

Create a table in hive with "STORED AS PARQUET" for hive 0.13 and later.

Check the create table syntax in this article.
For data already stored in the PARQUET format in HDFS, use "LOAD DATA" to load the data in the HDFS file to a table in hive.

Alteryx can read and write data from these tables via the hive ODBC driver.

To write results of an Alteryx workflow back to a new hive table in the PARQUET format, use "hive.default.fileformat=PARQUET” in the Server Side Properties ODBC driver configuration under "Advanced Options".


Version 2



Here is a solution that uses the Post Create SQL Statement to alter the table to parquet format  "ALTER TABLE table_name SET FILEFORMAT PARQUET;"


Try this.