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2018.4: Where is the Run Button!?!

Data Scientist
Data Scientist
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I'll give you a cookie if you can show me where the close button went on the Results window....

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In another post about the "new look"...

  • Removing the 'X' button from dockable windows (e.g. results, configuration). This is to prevent users from accidentally closing the window (results especially) and not know how to get it back. New users have lost the results window for days after closing it, because they didn't know how to get it back. By closing and displaying from the View menu, we are making it easier to bring back windows you've closed, since hiding is in the same place as showing.

Sigh...I reverted back to a prior version due to this issue, and the input cache control being removed in 2018.3. I guess this is where I will have to stay for the foreseeable future since I really can't stand the docked / tabbed results window(s). With 3 27 inch monitors on my desk, there's really no need for them to be always taking up space for my work flow. 

Data Scientist
Data Scientist

Hi @jeff_reynolds,


You can still hide the Results Window by toggling Results off under View > Results.






We really are creatures of habit.  I never thought to look to the right of my screen for the run button!


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Hot keys are the way to go 🙂   Much faster than using your mouse to run a workflow or open/close windows 🙂


Well now I really feel dumb.  I am all over hot keys in Excel but I haven't used them at all in Alteryx.

Alteryx Partner

These are the ones I use ...


Shift + Ctrl + B = all Browse to output/s

Ctrl + Alt + R = Results panel on/off

Ctrl + Alt + C = Configuration panel on/off

Ctrl + Alt + V = Overview  panel on/off

Ctrl + R = Run workflow


The last one I've used the longest, so when I saw the first post saying the Run button has disappeared I didn't understand because when I looked for it the button has gone 🙂 


Thank you!!! 

Well, you would not think to look at the top right of the screen for the Run button, when the tutorial explicitly says that it is located *above* the Tools Palette. 😞



>>Run the workflow using the "play" button above the tool palette:<<



I couldn't find the Run button on my screen.Run button missing.PNG

Sr. Community Content Manager
Sr. Community Content Manager

@xchua you're on an older version, so it's the green play button...


and you can always press Ctrl+R


Oh @NielR, thank you for the reply! 🙂




Where can I find the run button? Thanks!


Alteryx run button.png

Sr. Community Content Manager
Sr. Community Content Manager

@MandyL - if this is photoshopped - well played. If not, I'd suggest contacting support