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"Unique" tool should offer an option to select "unknown" or "unique by rows"

"Unique" tool should offer an option to select "unknown" or "unique by rows"




12 - Quasar

Also, currently the Unique tool is case sensitive.

Hence it is good if users could get an option to make a choice, see the example below:




Another point — Suppose we have 100 Invoice IDs, and 20 records are duplicate but some are duplicates for multiple times.

Hence, it's a good point if users could have an additional output anchor to display only the 20 records (unique values) which have duplicates.



Alteryx Alumni (Retired)

hi @vizAlter thanks for this feedback, especially about case sensitivity! In terms of the "unique from duplicates," you could use another Unique tool; I know adding another tool isn't always the best solution. As soon as this idea meets the necessary criteria, we will pass it along to our product management team.

Alteryx Community Team
Alteryx Community Team
Status changed to: Accepting Votes