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"Split" function in formula


Tableau has a veru useful "split" function that allows you to split a string with a delimiter and specify the number of the result you want


Qlik has the same function, subfield :

I think this is quite useful and a very standard feature.

Best regards,



Found this while looking for something else...I usually use the Text to Columns tool since it's point-and-click, then anything more complicated usually ends up as a Regex Tool.




Alteryx Partner

Hello Jonathan,

I usually use the TTC tool. However, I have a use case when I have to take the n (variable coming from macro input) result of the split with the y (variable, coming from a macro input)  of the x(variable coming from the macro input)) field.

The TTC tool means split a know field, getting all the results, deselect the one you don't want, etc... while it can be done within a single one simple formula.

And in this use case, it's just a nightmare with the TTC tool.

You might find the Split function contained in this post useful