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"Run Until Here" for large workflows

In some of our larger workflows it's sometime tedious to run a workflow in order to see some data, when adding something in the beginning of the workflow. Running und stopping it as soon as the tools gets a green border is sometimes an option.


It would be convenient to have an option in the context menu to run a workflow only until a specific tool.

In effect, only this specific tool has an output visible for inspection and only the streams necessary for this tool have been run - everything else is ignored and I'm fine to not see data for the other tools.


This would speed up the development of small parts in a larger workflow much more convenient.





PS: Yes, I can put everything else in a container and deactivate it. But a straight forward way without turning containers on and off would be preferable in my opinion. (I think KNIME as something similar.)

Alteryx Community Team
Alteryx Community Team

@chrisha, have you checked out the (fairly) new caching functionality?



9 - Comet
@TerryT Yes, I have. But my idea so reversed, so to speak... I don't want a starting point with everything cached upstream, but a termination point with everything run up until a specific point.
15 - Aurora

@chrisha,  how about if you just remove the connection between the tool where you want the workflow to stop and the next tool? 

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@DavidP Sure... I can also add a container and disable it. There already ways to achieve this, no doubt. It's just a question of ease-of-use and user experience. In larger workflows with many Filters, Dynamic Selects and Unions, it'd be handy if I can quickly get data up to the point I'm currently working on.
ACE Emeritus
ACE Emeritus

In the meantime, I did this sort of thing by outputting to a .yxdb mid-stream and using the Runner macros to continue the workflow.