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officially support writing to SharePoint document libraries

Currently Alteryx does not support writing to SharePoint document libraries.

However there are success sometimes but not at other times.

Please see attachment where we ran into an issue.

See this link for additional information.


We need official support for reading and writing to SharePoint document libraries.

It's an important Output target, and will becoming more so, as Alteryx enhances its reporting capabilities.



Agreed - we need Sharepoint document input/output connectors or some other way of reading/writing to fully formed Sharepoint file locations.  Got my vote !


Due to the real-time editing capabilities of a file stored in a SharePoint document library, this is increasingly becoming a critical need. We have workflows that can grab those files if they are on an on-prem server, but run into all sorts of issues if they are on SharePoint online. Since on-prem won't be a supported solution going forward, we need a solution.