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I find the myself often needing to create unique IDs for a given category. Currently I end up using the multi row tool and leveraging the "group by" option. Enabling the record ID tool to create a unique count by grouping on distinct categories in an underlying data set would unlock an new level of grouping that would consolidate record keeping functionality in a single tool.

When using the transpose and cross tab tools, I find that I frequently need to reorder the columns selected in the "Key Columns" and "Group data by these values" sections of the tools respectively by using a select tool. It would be helpful to provide users with the ability reorder fields displayed in these tools similar to the functionality provided in the select, join, append, summarize tools etc. Currently the tools default to outputting these columns in the order they come in through the incoming data stream. 







Functionality or Tool allowing to automatically interpret and change data into date type without using DateTime tool. This interpreter would be a little bit faster and more reliable solution than manually setting in DateTime tool.

Just another QOL change from me today. 
When building a workflow - just for fun sometimes I like to make mistakes. It's never by accident I promise 😎


Now theoretically, if I did make a mistake, and put a tool in the wrong place (or want to refactor, or want to move a select earlier in the workflow etc), I would typically right click, cut and connect around, and then right click the connection I want to paste onto. This works fine, however, some users are unaware of it, and it can still be a bit of a pain.


What would be really nice, is if we could hit ctrl and click/drag a tool, to move it elevated of connections. I have attempted to create a couple of gifs to illustrate.

The current method of moving a tool within a workstream:



What I'd love, if you could hold ctrl + drag:




When we use search option it might be helpful to see also tool category where we can find searching tool.




Enhancing Filter functionality allowing to filter rows based on their order or ID without using Record ID before. I assume that record ID's existing in the background.




Instead of 'Show Dprecated Tools' functionality more helpful and intuitive would be always display deprecated tools inside new tool category.




In Sort tool might be benefical to add Custom sort functionality - similar to Tableau custom sort option. It allows to sort values manually in desired order.




Tool (or connection to ML translating engine) for languages translation embedded i.e. in Intelligence Suite might be useful when we are working on other than English languages - might be very beneficial especially for sentiment analysis or general text mining processing.

PS. I know that we have some translations macros in Gallery however embedded solution might be more useful for Alteryx users :)

Lots of use cases involve concatenating some values based on group by clauses within the Summarize tool.

It will be great to have the option to Concatenate Unique as an aggregation method, so the results will have just one appearance for each value in the results.

Plus, having the option to get the chance to have them sorted or not will be awesome.


It would be great if we can determine the type of join operation between the fields we choose to join. For example, if we join 2 fields a and b below, we should be able to determine the join operation whether it's an 'AND' or 'OR' operation.




Instead of current logic standing behind Round function ([variable1]/[variable2], mult) more intuitive will be approach known for example from SQL where the second operator represents number of decimal places, i.e. [variable]=23,4567 with new logic - Round([variable], 2) = 23,46.

*Simply a QoL suggestion & apologies in advance if this isn't possible within the constraints of Alteryx*


As it stands right now, if statements require an 'else' condition 100% of the time.





However, there are many times where users just need to flag a certain condition and don't care about what the other outcome is, often just needing this to filter or sense check etc. Therefore the idea is simple: allow users to immediately ENDIF a statement after a single if condition, much like we can do in Tableau. When a statement is written in this way, the missing 'else' just defaults to nulling the value if the single condition isn't met:




Sorry if this has been previously suggested but haven't spotted anything from a look around the ideas area.



Working with larger and larger workflows becomes difficult to navigate. I have been using the Right Click on Blank Canvas>Zoom to container recently, but the order in which the containers show doesn't seem to be intuitive. (Not by tool ID, rather the order they are in the XML.)


This has been asked in the past but I couldn't find an idea post:


It would be useful to have the ability to change the list to be in alphabetical or tool ID order please.





While using Alteryx Desinger with below option to upload files to Azure Conatiner, storage event trigger wont kick off the adf pipeline:



There is issue with the above tool ,They are calling "CreateFile" which simply opens the file for writing, then they are uploading the file content. And finally they should be calling FlushWithClose. However, that last step is not being done.

This below microsoft thread should help Alteryx Developers to resolve the issue, many customers are looking forward to this  issue and resolution.
ADF event based trigger fires when file created manually but not when databricks creates a file (mic...

Hi all,


In supporting our Alteryx users - we often have situations where users have had multiple different versions of Alteryx installed on their machines over time - and this leads to a situation where settings / configurations are carried forward from one install to another, and there doesn't appear to be an obvious way to force a full & clean reinstall and reset.    This creates a problem when something like the Python settings are broken, since the reinstall does not fix this.


In this line - it would be very useful to have the ability to perform a full & clean uninstall - potentially in 2 phases:

  • Initially - a script (e.g. Powershell) which is available on community, which cleans out all files that are installed by Alteryx (any version); all registry entries; an any user settings
  • Later - it would be valuable to build this into the uninstaller so that the user has the ability to uninstall and remove ALL traces of the software and user settings.

Many thanks


Admittedly I haven't used the Compare Workflows functionality too often in the past. In using it today, however, right away I found that navigating the workflows being compared wasn't the easiest thing to do. I'm open to ideas on how this could best be accomplished, but it would be nice to be able to navigate around each workflow simultaneously (currently you must move around in one canvas then click to the other then move around in that one separately). Maybe this would best be accomplished by one of the following ways:

 - Allowing scrolling in both tab groups at the same time ( i.e. if I scroll in one tab group, that same movement occurs in the canvas of the other tab group)

 - Allowing movement in both workflows simultaneously from the Overview window

 - Connecting the results windows for the two workflows being compared so that you can easily click to navigate to the tool/part of each workflow with changes with just one click


Presumably, if you're comparing two workflows, they should roughly have the same general layout so hopefully this sort of dual-tab navigation would be plausible (and could be turned off in settings if it is unwanted). I believe this would make it much easier to find and navigate to the places on both canvas where changes have occurred. 


Hello Team,


I am working on the different Alteryx Models for my monthly and weekly reporting and reconciliations. Several times during recon and validation, I forgot to close the output file and run the Model, few of my Models take around 9-10mins to complete a 1 run, in that case, after10mins the Model kicks off the message - "Error: Output Data: Unable to delete Excel file", this wasted the whole running time. 


I suggest two Idea options - 


The first Idea is, it would be great if you provide the functionality to overwrite the output file manually, for example - if the user forgets to close the output file and run the Model, at the end when Alteryx Model generates the output, It will ask a user to whether you need to overwrite the existing file or not. In that way, we save the running time and effort of the user. It's a very general mistake any user doing while working on the Models - forget to close the output file.


The Second Idea is, It would be helpful for users if Alteryx Model provide a message in the first place when the run kicked off - that output file is opened please close it. It will save enough time from the user prospect 





I think adding a highlight color option to the fields in the select tool would be a helpful field organization feature. Many times I am appending data/joining data, and I would like to visually separate the original fields from the appended ones, and then sort on the highlight colors chosen--and maintain these colors through the workflows. For example my raw data customer fields would be highlighted in blue: ID, First Name, Last Name, Address and my appended ones in, say, yellow: (marketing fields such as Dwelling Type, Household Composition, etc). Then it would allow to easily sort and visualize by append through the workflows.




Similar to this idea, I think it would be really helpful to be able to search for fields in the dropdowns when using the Sort tool. Having to scroll through all of the possible field names can be a chore if you have 50+




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