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Often in larger workflows, I will copy data partway down the stream into a new workflow in order to troubleshoot a small section in order to avoid having to run the workflow over and over again which can take a while. I'm aware (and thankful) of cacheing, but sometimes if there are many parallel streams or, I'd rather just copy the data from the data preview built into the tool so I don't have to take the time to run the workflow again. I'm also aware I could output a yxdb file and use that, but again that takes longer than I would like.


The issue I run into is if I copy the data and paste in a text input tool, all the field types change to what they would default to. This is fine with new data, but for data that has specific fields throughout the workflow, this can be a hassle. If copying data could also copy the field type and size that would be great.

I would like to see more files types supported to be able to be dragged from a folder onto a workflow. More precisely a .txt and a .dat file. This will greatly help my team and I do be able to analyze new and unknown data files that we receive on a daily basis.  



Thank you. 

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Support for Markdown in Comment Tool


Allows for better formatting of comment and possibly include images and hyperlinks.


This will be great for workflow documentation.


Currently, the comment box can only be formatted as a whole and not on individual text.

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Tableau has a veru useful "split" function that allows you to split a string with a delimiter and specify the number of the result you want


Qlik has the same function, subfield :

I think this is quite useful and a very standard feature.

Best regards,


I just got out of the Advanced reporting session at the Alteryx inspire convention. Preety cool stuff. I just have a request for the alteryx developers team. Can you please add the option to select a report coming from a Render tool directly as an attachment without having to write it out first? Just select it as a field the same way you can select a field as the body of the email. That'll make my workflow more streamlined and save space, as I'm sure it'll do for a lot of fulks out there.
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From discussions the new distribute auto spaces when distributing. Any chance we can get a spacing setting in the user settings. Settings would be like we do our grid spacing except we would separate the horizontal and vertical spacing(set number of pixels for horizontal/vertical). This would allow people to have a different vertical spacing compared to their horizontal spacing. Particularly helpful for heavy formula usage. Thanks.
Also take into account ability for it to stay snapped to grid. Example I use a 72 px grid size for ease of lineups. With the new distribute it pulls between those grid snaps
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I’m sure this has happened to you.

You’re working on several workflows at a time and you’ve made some progress on one of them but not saved it yet. You then try open the same file again in error and somehow, as you’re trying to declarer by closing windows, you mistakenly close the workflow you’ve made all the changes to without saving, leaving the one open without all your changes.

I’d like a similar situation where for example, you get an error message if you try and open an excel workbook if it is already open on your desktop.
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I discussed this with Rithi Son and he suggested I submit this idea for a GUI enhancement. Smiley Happy
Need: I would like the ability to snap size/maximize the floating boxes. This includes config, results, overview, etc.
Current Issue: Currently when these sections are undocked and in floating mode there is no maximize button and no ability to snap the sizing as you would the main GUI of Alteryx (no maximize button and no windows snapping to the side ability to set to half the screen size).
Reason for Change: This makes it difficult to use multiple monitors quickly as it wont save the layout to the monitors on close and adds labor. Meaning when reloading Alteryx it pulls all the floating overtop onto the program’s monitor. I have to manually move the windows, resize manually (often overlapping my monitors due to its current sizing behavior), and then can continue my work.
Additional Workaround Troubleshooting:I know we have the ability to set new window for the results info but I am specifically looking for all floating sections. Including the results section as a whole.

Thanks for helping!
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Hello .. me again!


Please can you fix the copy and paste of renames across field.  It's a behavior that I see in many tool's grids and drives me mad.  Its not just select. 


Take the attached screen shot.  In the select tool, i've renamed "test 2" to "rename2".  Fine it works. No issue.


I then copy rename2 and paste into the test3 field, and it copys the entire row's data (and metadata) into that little box, tabs, spaces the lot.  I end up with something like the screenshot.  Really not sure it was meant to be designed this way, as I cant really see the point.


Please can you fix this bug



Hi GUI Gang


At the moment, I have a lovely formatted XLS with corporate branding, logos, filled cells, borders etc.  The data from the Alteryx output needs to start in cell B6.  I have tried the output tools to this named range, but Alteryx destroys all the Excel formatted cells in the data block.


As a workaround on the forums, many Alteryx users pump out to a hidden "Output" tab, and then code =OutputA1 in the formatted sheet.  This looks messy to the users who then go hunting for the hidden tab.  Personally I end up pumping the workflow out to a temporary CSV file.  Then opening that in Excel, selecting all, and then pasting values in the pretty Excel file.


This is fine for one file, but I need to split the output report block by a country field and do this 100s of time for each month end.


Please can we have a output tool that does the same as my workaround.  Outputs directly from a workflow to a range in Excel that doesnt destroy the workbook's formatting.



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In a browse tool, sometimes I need to check any metrics haven’t been lost or omitted in different summarise tools (eg the totals still add up with different group by).

I would LOVE the quick win of selecting some cells in the browse tool results pane, and a label somewhere shows me the sum, average, count, distinct count, etc. I hate to use the line but ... “a bit like Excel does”. They even alow a user to choose what metrics they want to show in the label by right clicking. :-)

This improvement would save me having to export to Excel, check they add up just by selecting, and jumping back, or even worse getting my calculator out and punching the numbers in.

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Add the same "Missing" field behavior (selected and in yellow color) in Select or Join tools for Find Replace and Unique tools as well. This way, I would keep track of the fields used in either tool configuration without having to guess them.


Attached a self-explanatory workflow as an example.

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I'd appreciate the ability to use the Find and Replace tool and "Find" on multiple fields as if it were a join. Currently, in order to flag clients (who are repeated across the data set) with some records that I've already isolated that meet certain criteria, I have to create a compound key for the client and the flag and then use Find/Replace on the compound key. I'd rather use a Find/Replace where multiple columns match (ex: Client, Product, Month, Shipping Depot A, etc.) and skip the compound key step if possible.

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Allow the workflow to run again within few minutes and auto stop after 3 failed runs and send an email to owner.

If there was a network error or server unavailable, file unavailable types of errors the workflow should  be able to rerun in couple of minutes and send failure message to the owner if the workflow fails 3 consecutive times. The scheduler UI should contain the option to allow rerun and fail after user selected number of tries(not more than 10 times).



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I would like to know the run time user for workflows in Gallery. Possibly changing the run time username in the gallery. I know we could include the credentials at workflow save to gallery but that means I have to open the workflow and change the credentials.Also, we could change the worker process to be run with certain credentials I will have to be admin to be able to do edit worker process setup.



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With the continued growth of Graph Databases, it would be nice for Alteryx to creates a new tool set that would allow input/output connectors for Graph Databases like Neo4j which software tools like Pentaho and Talend already have.



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Go on, please!

My specific use case relates to writing to AWS but am sure there are many other use cases for federated user session token support.


Specifically, using the S3 Upload tool or Athena Bulk Write (via SIMBA and Athena ODBC), the configuration works when using a IAM user, access key, and secret access key but when using a federated user via Okta there is no option to enter the session token and authentication fails.

Alteryx desktop should support federated users' session tokens.

Hello Product Management,


I'm trying to emulate a graph from the book, Effective Data Visualization by Dr. Stephanie Evergreen.  Here's what I have so far:



This was a little bit of work to create and while it isn't what I exactly had hoped for, it does approximate my attempt.  Ideally, I would do the following to complete the exercise:

  1. Have a Y-Axis (none) line on for both Old/New Sites (dual-axis)
  2. Replace the Y-Axis number with the Label for the departments
  3. Remove the (line) from the label

As observations, in order to add carriage returns to NOTES, i had to use HTML tags <br>.  The settings for points and lines required me to do lots of configuration.  Maybe a format painter would help to copy the format from one set of point/lines to the next.  Once I completed a chart/insight it would be "nice" to be able to copy and configure the other.  If you have an insight and wish to create a chart, you have to reconfigure the new element from scratch.


I do have an error in the creation of the chart that says, "Error parsing configuration."  I have no idea what error exists.  I submitted a ticket on that issue.  


I haven't created this chart via Excel, but the textbook shows you how to create the result in Excel.  The graph is easy for me to see and to understand.  I like it and think that it could be a valuable way to demonstrate the potential for Alteryx visualizations.





We use Alteryx to extract the reports from 3D CAD system.

XYZ coordinate system is used in 3D CAD system but spatial function in Alteryx is applicable only for lat/long system.

Polygon generated by Alteryx can’t be imported into Tableau with proper scale and other useful spatial function can’t be used, neither.


It would be nice to have options to use XY coordinate system in addition to lat/long.

If XYZ, 3 dimensional coordinate system can be handled to calculate distance and overlap, that would be great.

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