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I installed version 4.0.0 of the Salesforce Input tool since the old tool is deprecated. When I open a saved workflow that has Salesforce inputs, the inputs display an immediate error, for example "Error: Salesforce Input (95): 401 Client Error: Unauthorized for url:". The workflow will not run until I click into each Salesforce input and then click outside of it again to make it refresh, which takes a few seconds each time. I'm guessing this has to do with Alteryx saving an expired OAuth access token and trying to pull updated metadata.

Alteryx has different behaviours for conversion errors depending on the type of conversion desired. When converting from string to date data type, a conversion error will generate a NULL value. When converting from a string to a numeric data type, a conversion error will generate 0. Why the different behaviours? There is a lack of harmony here. 0 is a valid value and should not be the generated value for a failed string to numeric conversion. It should be NULL.


When I perform data type conversions, i do not apply them directly to the source field and then cast it. If there is a conversion error, then I have lost or corrupted the source information. Rather, I create a target field with the desired data type and use a formula to apply a conversion, such as datetimeparse or tonumber. Finally, I do a comparison of the source and target values. If the datetimeparse generated a NULL then I can PROGRAMMATICALLY address it in the workflow by flagging or doing some other logic. This isn't so easy to do with numerics because of the generated 0 value. If I compare a string "arbitrary" to the generated 0 value as a string then clearly these do not match. However, if I compare a scientific value in a string to the converted numeric as a string, then these do not match though they should. My test of the conversion shows a false positive.


I want a unified and harmonised conversion behaviour. If the conversion fails, generate a NULL across the board please. If I am missing something here and people actually like conversion errors to generate 0 please let me know.

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As an enterprise customer, we need to know that Alteryx products are kept secure.


Please post vulnerabilities and fixes, and provide a way for me to subscribe to these alerts.

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User.DevInputPath  \\Server\Path\Input




When I define a constant and then use it to reference an input dataset it makes it very easy for me to switch paths.  It also creates a little headache for me if I copy that input or create another workflow.  When I create another workflow, I must re-type and create more user constant entries.  It would be nice to be able to + (create new workflow) and to generate it via a copy of the current open workflow (copy ALL preferences set plus the user constants) from the workflow.  Even the ability to copy/paste the constants would be an improvement.






Please provide users the option of downloading course videos and transcripts. If it is already there, please let me know.




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It seems that currently the Python tool is raising a `FileNotFoundError` exception in Python when there is not data incoming on an input connection. I have, for example, a Filter tool before the Python tool and sometimes there is just no data coming to Python tool - as it is intended.


Unfortunately, the Python tools gives my an error message in those cases with this message before the error:

Python (15)Unable to connect to input data (C:\Users\CCEB8~1.HAR\AppData\Local\Temp\3a9bb9672d7abbe6af3176379ae8c3b1\15\4460abb7be83bae8f01b9bf1238a923c.sqlite)


This is only the case when there is no data incoming. In all other cases, the tool works fine.


Since this is not really an error, a way to either catch this before using `"#1")` or just having `` return an empty data.frame (as I would expect it to do) would be appreciated.

I know that incoming and outgoing connections can be wired and wireless, and that they will highlight when one clicks on a tool. However, it would be very useful to be able to highlight a particular connector in a particular colour (selected from a palette, perhaps, from the drop down window, or from the configuration). This would be especially useful when there are many connectors originating from a single tool.


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When I perform data type conversions I sometimes receive conversion errors. There is not a slick way to programmatically handle these that I am aware of. Instead, I have to manage them with half a dozen tools or really unsightly expressions in formula tools. As an example, I have a string field with a value "two" and I want to convert to a decimal or int. I receive a conversion error and the value is either "0.000" or "0". This is clearly wrong and I want to have a NULL value instead. I want to use a function to attempt the conversion in the formula tool so i can nest it inside conditionals in a cleaner fashion.

Here is a reference to the try_cast doc:



Dear Alteryx GUI Gang,


I'll create a container and then customize the colours, margins, transparency, border and then want consistency for other containers.  It would be nice to have a format painter function (brush) to apply the format of one container to another.  This of course could be extended to other tools like comments.  There might be a desire to apply this to more tools too, but the comments and containers would be my focus as they are almost always custom configured.





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Please add a toggle for Dark Mode as Alteryx, after all these years of using it, is burning out my retinas. 


The OS and most apps have a Dark Mode theme so flipping back to a bright white canvas is very jarring.  I tried to adjust the canvas colors in a more muted way but never can get it to work satisfactorily and still be as easy to read as the retina burning default.  


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For whatever reason a schedule is disabled, whether a Studio expires, or for any other legitimate reason, a notification email should be sent to the Admin and the one that created the schedule in advance of it being disabled. When a scheduled workflow is not executed, it leaves us scrambling for answers. A sudden disablement of the schedule is disappointing to discover after all other stones have been turned. Notify us in advance of a schedule being disabled. 

I would like the ability to take custom geographies and write them to a table in Exasol. We visualize our data with Tableau and rely on live connections to Exasol tables rather than Tableau extracts. One shortcoming with spatial is that we have to output our custom geographies as a .shp file then make a Tableau Extract.  This would save us a few steps in sharing this data with our users. 



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I cannot seem to create a vertical or horizontal tab group of workflows. This feature used to exist in prior versions and I think it disappeared in 2018.3, the release with the revamped UI. Is it just me or is this feature gone? I do still see it in the current documentation.

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I want to keep my user settings, pinned palettes, and other configurations in a file. I can keep the file versioning purposes, backups, use across multiple machines, silent installs, and other uses.


It will make life easier. Thank you.



From my experience, an SSD drive allows a big improvement of performance when the RAM is not sufficient and Alteryx has to swap on the temp storage location. It really changes the user experience. Also, I noted a correlation with the AlteryxProcessManager:Smiley Frustratedtart : ConnectNamedPipe :  error : I think it happens less with a SSD.

Given that, shouldn't be a requirement or at least a recommandation?

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The new Cache tool does not function if the 'Disable All Tools that Write Output' option is selected in the workflow runtime properties.  There is no indication of why the cache is not working and this may be confusing because many users won't associate the 'cache' as a normal output.  The interface should be changed to make this more clear or the cache function configured to ignore this workflow runtime option. 


Now that we have a Snowflake Bulk Loader option, it would be great to utilize the built-in Snowflake internal staging.  This eliminates the need for an end-user to have the technical know-how or access to IT resources to utilize a separate S3 bucket and generally reduces friction in the process. 


There was pretty widespread support in the original Bulk Load thread:

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When using the latest version of PublishtoPowerBI and attempting to publish on the gallery the password encryption appears to be specific to the machine where the workflow resides.


It only works when the workflow is published from Designer on the Worker server. This is currently a limitation of the tool as confirmed by Alteryx on INC Case # 00261086.


Alteryx support also flagged that Refresh Token authentication type does not work on a Gallery. Authenication type Persist credentials should be used when publishing on the Gallery.


Could you please implement a solution so that we can use this tool when publishing to gallery?

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The Adobe Analytics API token is currently set to expire 30 days after the call has been configured. When the token expires, I have to re-authenticate AND reconfigure the API call.


The API call shuoldn't expire when the token expires. Upon re-authenticating, the call should persist as it was originally configuired.






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I have seen the Browse tool offering a basic level of profiling results in the profile table and also a basic data profile tool under Investigation category. But both of them lack the pattern profiling option. I would like to see a pattern profiling option inside Alteryx too, which can show the pattern distribution of column data something like below (This is from SQL Data Profile viewer).


This can be very helpful in checking the data quality, by picking up data anomalies and checking inconsistencies.


Pattren Profiling.JPGPattren Profiling_1.JPG

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