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Who needs a 1073741823 sized string anyways?  No one, or close enough to no one.  But, if you are creating some fancy new properties in the formula tool and just cranking along and then you see that your **bleep** data stream is 9G for nine rows of data you find yourself wondering what the hell is going on.  And then, you walk your way way down the workflow for a while finding slots where the default 1073741823 value got set, changing them to non-insane sized strings, and the your data flow is more like 64kb and your workflow runs in 3 seconds instead of 30 seconds.  


Please set the default value for formula tools to a non-insane value that won't be changed by default by 99.99999% of use cases.  Thank you.



As simple as the title :


Just a Multi-Field Formula in-db. It's a nightmare to write sometime 50 or 100 times the same SQL formula and then maintain it.




Here is a téléchargement.jpg

It can be bothersome trying to find a particular field in a long list of fields in the select tool.  It would be nice to have a search tool to go to the one I want.  Something like what the formula tool uses.

Select with Search.png


Is there an update in the pipeline to add the functionality of Web-Based email services? 




Dear Alteryx Users and Alteryx Dev team,


Several companies are switching over from on-prem and it is rendering this tool useless without using workarounds that are not supported by Alteryx and often not available to all users who need this functionality. 


It would really be a great feature to keep updated especially if you have workflows set to run in the morning to send out to certain people everyday and you can no longer use Alteryx for this.






I think it would be great if you could manually control the order in which tools within Alteryx operate.  Unless I am wrong, it is my understanding that tools execute based upon their configure number.  See image attached.  I find myself editing my workflows often.  As a result, I have pieces that run prior to other pieces that are dependent on each other.  I know there are Crew Macros out there that can help but it seems overly cumbersome to do when it can be controlled this way and is some situations these are not usable.  Then you end up making multiple workflows that you must execute in a specific order.  Just a thought! 

I am pulling DB2 data into a workflow and I have a lot of joins that are slowing it down a lot.  For the SQL stuff I am doing, I can use in-db to fix this issue, but with DB2, in-db is not yet supported so the joins take a lot of time to all be pulled together.  I also think that just focusing on the in-DB tools in general would be a good thing.  These tools really can be game changers when it comes to large datasets.  

The In-Database component don't allow to process a simple UPDATE statement. It require to create a new table etc etc....


And as i'm dealing with 110 000 000 records it's a waste of resource to duplicate in another table... and/or seems stupid to download and manipulate that much of data on the Alteryx server while launching a simple UPDATE statement do the job ...


Anything on the roadmap for this simple need ?


I'd like to append a field to an Excel file name in the Output tool but for Excel it appends the field to the Table name instead.


The solution is build the filename ahead of time as mentioned in @HenrietteH 's KB article but that seems less than elegant.




Expand the list of options to:


Append Suffix to FIle Name

Prepend Prefix to File Name

Append Suffix to Table Name

Prepend Prefix to Table Name






It would be cool if Alteryx had some integrated version control.  I am imagining something similar to Visual Studio's version control where it is just a sidebar and you can check-in, check-out, and rollback changes.  Ideally it would hook up to GitHub and everything would be stored there so if there was a workflow that needed to go back to a production version, it would be easy to do.  

Currently in-database processing is not available for Google Big Query. It would be great if that could be developed too.





As has been mentioned by several other users (, it would be great if there was the possibility to have Windows Authentication built into the SharePoint List tools.

It would be great that Alteryx supports .twbx files in order to connect Tableau Extract Files.


Is it possible to add support for XLSX and SAS format files present in S3 when using S3 Download Tool? 

Also why is there a limitation on the type of files compared when we use S3 download tool compared to the big list available in input tool?




I need to be able to save workflows as a prior version to enable end users with the lower version of Designer to be able to open and run them. I have attempted the version tricks (editing the backup file and changing the version) but I can't get it to work in a way that is realistic for my end users to be able to handle. I have also downloaded a couple of "downgrade" apps from the Gallery but they're so old they didn't work (even with some tailoring).


In our organization, I have a higher version because I was testing it. However, I am also a developer and need to be able to get workflows written that are compatible with at least the last version (i.e. I'm on 2018.2 and our users are currently on 2018.1). I really think there needs to be an easier way to be able to save as a different version (and possibly warn if there are tools within the workflow that are not available on the prior version).

Currently Alteryx Designer is capable to create a .tde file as an output that can be opened into Tableau desktop, but it cannot read  .tde (Tableau Extract file) as an input into Alteryx.


This would be a good functionality to add going forward.




Thank you very much for inow including the XLSM format input for Alteryx, that is something that I needed for a while, but as I have other clients you us the XLSB, excel binary format, I need to find a way to input that into Alteryx and right back into it.

Please consider making this on a possibility on your next release.


Thank you

I would like to have the option to output to ESRI File Geodatabase format.  Any chance this will ever happen?

When using the Select tool, I need to paste/copy just the Rename column.  For example, the input changes so I need move new name to another row but when I select the rename column and ctrl-C.   When I select the row to paste and use ctrl-v, I get the entire row (checkbox, field, type, size and rename.   It works with the mouse-copy but not the keyboard.   Some methods are faster with the keyboard.  Thanks.

Hello all,


When trying to copy and paste anything any a select tool it copies the entire row, with indents and formatting.

This is terrible and completely useless as you cant paste it anywhere. 


Please update this so when you copy something you only copy what is highlighted. Ya know the same functionality that every other copy function performs.



Is it possible to enhance just the text editor of the Input Tool, especially when connecting to databases? 


My team uses a variety of databases - some familiar, some not-so-familiar - and before we could rely on IntelliSense in MSSQL to help guide us for what we are looking for. Now, if we want to input a query (AKA Copy/paste from an old MSSQL query), we have to make a lot of adjustments to get it to work. With IntelliSense, we can tell which part of the query is off and what needs to adjust. However, with Alteryx's text editor, it feels like a bit like a guessing game. Sometimes it is such a bother, that we scrap the query altogether and try to rebuild from the visual table layout, which can be quite tedious if you have multiple schemas.


The other issue with the text editor is that if you do have a best practice to comment out your SQL query and make the code readable, switching between SQL Editor to Visual Query Builder and then back to SQL Editor causes your SQL query to be "blocked", making it unreadable, and also deletes out comments! As we want to share our code with each other, this makes it quite bothersome for those that are proficient in SQL. I have posted a simple example below where I typed in the code, switched to VQB and then back to SQL Editor to get the 2nd picture's results. This is minor for this example, but can be quite annoying when you have many, many lines of codes and comments!

Formatted Query.JPG


Unformatted Query.JPG




Thank you for reading my idea!


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