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With the 2019.3 release the summarize tool now includes prefixes for grouped fields. While a nice addition, in application it makes using this data downstream (like joining to other tables) more involved because of needing to remove this prefix. 


It would be nice to have this as an option (a checkbox to add/remove prefixes maybe) or just revert back to pre-2019.3 behavior...thanks!

Hello .. me again!


Please can you fix the copy and paste of renames across field.  It's a behavior that I see in many tool's grids and drives me mad.  Its not just select. 


Take the attached screen shot.  In the select tool, i've renamed "test 2" to "rename2".  Fine it works. No issue.


I then copy rename2 and paste into the test3 field, and it copys the entire row's data (and metadata) into that little box, tabs, spaces the lot.  I end up with something like the screenshot.  Really not sure it was meant to be designed this way, as I cant really see the point.


Please can you fix this bug



I’m sure this has happened to you.

You’re working on several workflows at a time and you’ve made some progress on one of them but not saved it yet. You then try open the same file again in error and somehow, as you’re trying to declarer by closing windows, you mistakenly close the workflow you’ve made all the changes to without saving, leaving the one open without all your changes.

I’d like a similar situation where for example, you get an error message if you try and open an excel workbook if it is already open on your desktop.

The SQL Editor window could have a better presentation of the SQL code; two issues observed

  • First, that it's simply plain text without even a fixed-width font, much less syntax highlighting
  • Second, if you type in some manually formatted SQL code (e.g. with line feeds and indentation), then click on the "Visual Query Builder" button, then click back to the "SQL Editor" button, all the formatting is lost as it is converted to one run-on line of code, which is very difficult to read.

I understand that going between the Visual Query Builder and the SQL Editor is bound to have some issues; nonetheless the "idea" is to allow a user friendly display in the SQL Editor window:

My "implementation ideas" are based on a couple minutes with google, so hopefully this is a very feasible request; my user base is very likely to spend more time in the SQL editor than not, so this would be a valuable UX addition.  Thanks!


I'm just submitting @neilgallen's idea from here. The labels in the results window are still white, which is no longer visible. You can barely see that they're indeed still there when you hover over them.



When saving a workflow to the gallery, the manage assets box is a fixed size. Due to the length of our file paths, the full path name is cut off. This makes it difficult when trying to package macros to select the correct box. I understand you can group assets by tool, however with the more complicated workflows this can still present it's challenges. I'd like to see this box to be re-sizeable.

Manage Assets Box.png

These tools seem to be volatile, as in if you click on them before you run the workflow they lose their configuration. This is infuriating. Can we change this to be like every other tool where you can copy, paste or click into it at any time and it remembers its config.



When you right click on a macro, and say Open Macro - it opens up a new copy even if there's an existing copy of exactly the same file open already.


Please can you change this to focus on the existing copy by default?    I've wasted hours editing the wrong one, or doing split editing across two copies of the same file.




Where it stands now, only a file input tool can be used to pull data from Google BigQuery tables. The issue here is that the data is streamed and processed locally, meaning the power of BigQuery processing isn't actually being leveraged.

Adding BigQuery In-Database as a connection option would appeal to a wide audience. BigQuery is also standard SQL compliant with the SQL 2011 standard, so this may make for an even easier integration.

Support richer copy/paste functionality within the text input tools.  Specifically allowing multiple records to be pasted at one time when bringing in lists from an unsupported file sources.  


Currently when multiple rows or cells are selected and copied.

Image 20180406-20.jpg   


Only 1 value is copied into the text input record:

 Image 20180406-21.jpg


Adding and selecting multiple rows results the same - only 1 record pasted.  

       Image 20180406-22.jpg

It would be great if Alteryx allowed users to copy and paste data directly from excel into the workflow canvas as a text input. Sometimes I create quick mapping tables in excel that I do not want to save on my desktop or shared drive as it is a quick fix or solution. Tableau allows users to copy and paste data sets directly into a sheet for use. Can we make this happen??


Yours Truly,




Typically I drag tools from the tool pallet to my workflow.  Sometimes, when I need to insert a tool into my workflow, I will right click to get the Insert tool dialog to find the tool I want to insert between two existing tools.  With the new UI, it is hard to see the tool categories as these were redesigned for the darker back ground. The preparation category is sandwiched between 3 other categories that start with "P" and I typically lean on the color/shape of the tool icon to find what I'm looking for.  Now I have to read the text to really know for sure. 


Perhaps you could lightly shade the middle of the tool category icons to make them easier to see or perhaps make the background behind the tool categories match the new toolbar color.  


new ui.pngTool categories icons are hard to distinguish since they are now just light colored outlines on a light background.

Idea:   I think the Interface Designer's "Test View" window should allow control parameters to act like "Text Boxes" and allow the designer to manually edit, or type a control parameter for use in a debug module.
When designing batch macros, there currently is not an easy, built-in way to test or debug their functionality.  There are two reasons to build a batch macro:
1) to reconfigure the macro at run time, just as if they were the answers to questions in the macro GUI;
2) to group the records going in the macro inputs into batches.
If I am designing a macro to perform the 1st function -- reconfigure the macro at run time -- I need to be able to test its functionality in a debug module.
The Interface Designer's "Test view" window should provide this ability by allowing you to type an example control parameter value.  However, the Test View window only allows you to "dropdown" to a value via a dropdown box.  This dropdown box is always empty, thus never allowing you to enter a test control parameter.  I think the Interface Designer's "Test View" window should allow control parameters to act like "Text Boxes" and allow the designer to manually edit a control parameter for a debug module.
I've attached a screenshot of a simple, two control parameter batch macro.  As you can see, in the Interface Designer, I don't have a way of inputting a value in either control parameter field to open a debug module.


Our company is still using 9.5 so if this is addressed in 10....I appologize.


Currently the Join Tool Options drop down has [Select-->Select All] and [Select-->Deselect All]. I think an additional [Select-->Select All Left] and [Select-->Select All Right] would be handy.


Thank You

Currently, when choosing the "<List Of Sheet Names>" options for excel files, Alteryx always does an implicit sort of the sheets when outputting the list.  For some of my excel files I need to read, the order of the sheets in the excel is important.  But Alteryx will always perform a sort, without me being able to know what the original order was.  And yes, one of those fun situations where I don't control the excel sheet.


It would be nice when selecting this option to either preserve the order of the sheets or somehow include an additional column that numbers the order the sheet was in.

When developing a module, I generally BROWSE the final data until I'm ultimately ready to generate output.  Then I need to add or replace a browse tool with an output tool.  Perhaps a general purpose output tool could save time for developers where the output tool functions as a browse tool until the output is actually checked on the tool configuration.

Taking this a step further, if an output is defined and the module is executed one could have a row limit on the read of data into the browse function of an output tool and see the first N records within a browse/output tool.

Sneak Peek.


Make it easier to use Delete and connect around 

ex: Shift + Delete

It would be great to have metadata loader support for Snowflake.  My organization is seriously considering it as our data platform of choice, as many others are. 


Our use case has Snowflake as a data lake, and having good data discovery and governance tools is paramount to data lake adoption.  We would like Connect to be that tool.

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