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Hi all,


Currently, only the Sharepoint list tool (deprecated) is working with DCM, it would be amazing to add the Sharepoint files input/output to also work with DCM.



Thank you,

Fernando Vizcaino

Would love to see an option to disable a specific Output tool (rather than the global "Disable All Tools that Write Output" option). I'm envisioning the inverse of the Email tool, where there is a checkbox to enable Email... rather, the Output tool could have a check box that would disable that output (and ONLY that output), similar/consistent with the "Disable All Tools" function. A "Disable This Output" check box. The benefits would be a quick way to make sure not to overwrite something in one output (but still getting all the good content in all the other outputs) rather than having to go through the multiple clicks of adding to a container and then disabling the container. Could have benefits for connecting with Action tools/interface toggles as well. It would likely need to contain the same/similar formatting in Designer to indicate it has been disabled, though maybe a slightly different color so you could tell it was disabled differently? 


(On a similar vein, would love to take this opportunity to bring up my favorite idea-that-has-not-been-implemented-yet-that-would-love-your-vote-and-attention, implementing a Warning that outputs are disabled when posting to Gallery...)




When numerous formulae exist within a single formula object, being able to "Expand All / Collapse All" would be most welcomed.  :-)


Also - the ability to Disable/Enable a single formula in the formula object - also very nice to have.

Please add official support for newer versions of Microsoft SQL Server and the related drivers.


According to the data sources article for Microsoft SQL Server (, and validation via a support ticket, only the following products have been tested and validated with Alteryx Designer/Server:


Microsoft SQL Server

Validated On: 2008, 2012, 2014, and 2016.

  • No R versions are mentioned (2008 R2, for instance)
  • SQL Server 2017, which was released in October of 2017, is notably missing from the list.
  • SQL Server 2019, while fairly new (~6 months old), is also missing

This is one of the most popular data sources, and the lack of support for newer versions (especially a 2+ year old product like Sql Server 2017) is hard to fathom.


ODBC Driver for SQL Server/SQL Server Native Client

Validated on ODBC Driver: 11, 13, 13.1

Validated on SQL Server Native Client: 10,11

I recently began using the SharePoint Files v2.0.1 tools to read and write data. The SharePoint Files Output tool allows you to take a sheet or filename from a column but that column is still included in the output. The standard Output Data tool has a "Keep Field in Output" checkbox that allows you to control if the column stays in the XLSX of CSV file. It would be great if this same functionality could be included in the SharePoint Files Output tool.

Ouput Tool Checkbox.PNG

Hello Team,


Currently, in the select tool, we have to scroll up or down to check or see the list of the fields. In case, if the user wanted to change the data type, they can scroll into the list. Like, I am working on the mid-size data, and sometimes data contain 300+ fields, if I need to change anything in the data type I have to search by scrolling up or down. 


The idea here is, If you provide a search bar under Field, it will be a great help to all, in case if anyone needs to go for some specific field, the user just types the name in the search bar and make changes quickly. The select tool is important and we used much time while working on the flow. 


Thank you,




We waste a lot of time to search a field to join it in join or to deselect it select or to summarize in summarize. This mainly happens when we have long list of fields.


As search bar to find the field on top of any of these tools will be really helpful. 


Specially, for join tool if we can type the field name while joining would really help. 


Thank you,




It would be very useful to be able to search the field by typing the name instead of scrolling up and down looking for it among a few hundred fields.


 Select Seach as you type.jpg

Where it stands now, only a file input tool can be used to pull data from Google BigQuery tables. The issue here is that the data is streamed and processed locally, meaning the power of BigQuery processing isn't actually being leveraged.

Adding BigQuery In-Database as a connection option would appeal to a wide audience. BigQuery is also standard SQL compliant with the SQL 2011 standard, so this may make for an even easier integration.

Google has recently introduced the concept of Team Drives.
Team Drives are shared spaces where teams can easily store, search, and access their files anywhere, from any device.
Unlike files in My Drive, files in a Team Drive belong to the team instead of an individual. Even if members leave, the files stay exactly where they are so your team can continue to share information and get work done.
I cannot see the files through the Google Sheets Input tool. I only see files in My Drive.
How do I access Google Sheets placed into Team Drives? Thanks in advance.
Response from Alteryx Support:

Hi Chris,

This is not supported with the current tool. The way that we pull the list of sheets only will pull the personal sheets that the user owns, even if a user creates a sheet in the Team Drive, the owner is not that user but the Team Drive. There are additional parameters that need to be added in order to pull the team drive sheets a user has access to, and we would need to use a different api (Drive API vs Sheets API) for the pull.

Please add this as a suggestion for a future enhancement on our idea center.

Thank you.

Angela Ogle | Customer Support Engineer

Hello Alteryx,


Would it be possible to extend the "Cache and Run" functionality also to tools with multiple outputs? Our clients use the R and Python tools very frequently and the runtimes tend to be pretty long. For the development purposes, it would be great to have the caching possibilities also on these tools.


Thank you very much for considering this idea.



Jan Laznicka

It would be nice to have Directory tool working for ftp. I would like to have the list of files on a ftp server including sub folders

Hello all,

Here is a very, very simple idea :

just having the right to put a minimum length to Text Pre-processing
Why ? A lot of words (especially in French) with 1 or 2 characters does not change the meaning, the sentiment: la, le, à, un, une, etc... In English : in, the, etc..


Best regards,


In one of the recent releases, Alteryx enhanced the error message when there is an error within the Formula tool to display the error and the formula expression number.  



Error: Formula (3): Parse Error at char(0): Unknown variable "TEST" (Expression #2)


My suggestion would be to label the different expressions within the formula tool with expression numbers.   And/or code the expression name when there is an error message.


Hi Team,


As the formula design that able to stack multiple formula in once. There should have more things there.


1. Error Icon for formula have Error

Can you find which row have error in seconds?


We had to count to find which formula had error!!!!

and how about now?



At least, do have an icon or anything significant thing that let us found it in second and WITHOUT COUNT!!!


2. buttons to expand all/ collapse all.

It was normal that we need to review formula in again in future.

So, you need to click one by by to view all the formulas?


Would be interested if it was possible to turn off individual output tools individually rather than also disabling tools that write output, as it would be good to choose which output tools can write output, instead of placing them in a tool container for all of the output tools.

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