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It would be really nice if we could save our own custom color palette when coloring tool containers and comments.

I use colors to define the purpose of my tool containers and it would be much easier if I could select a labeled, reusable color.

I try to parse the Alteryx yxmd, yxwz, yxmc... etc files.


It happens the tools and the fileformats are not written in clear : fileformat.png


We should have a list stored somewhere (API, file?) where we can find the information. 


Best regards


Idea:  I need a function that given two dates, will return the number of business days between them. I need to know the # of business days between when a sales order is placed and when it ships to the customer. I'm in the US, so I would want to not count Saturdays, Sundays, and US Holidays, but I can foresee others wanting the option to change to other calendars or ignore holidays.


There are a couple of posts on this in the community, but everything I've found so far is too laborious to implement or not robust.


When a tool container is disabled, I'd like the lines that are going into it to be different from "enabled" lines. 


They could be grey or dotted for example.


When working on a workflow and disabling containers, I find that the lines entering disabled containers become confusing or cluttering. It would be much simpler to focus my attention efficiently if lines that remain enabled could be distinguished quickly.

This is similar to a prior idea now marked complete "Allow macro metadata to persist until next run".  I tried the check box solution and still have the same issue, running V11.


What we NEED is for tools that derive columns like CrossTab to retain metadata from the most recent run and thus pass that metadata downstream for further tools and development.


Use case:

I have several cross tabs and before V11 I could run the flow once to push metadata downstream, then add or modify tools downstream and the derived fields from the cross tab stayed available in those tools to be recognized and referenced as I add more tools and logic. Now in V11 I am finding if I click on a tool or add a tool downstream the metadata for the derived columns disappears.


I attached pics to illustrate where I have 6 CrossTabs and decided I needed to add a summary downstream.  I had to run the flow to get metadata populated which is normal and I added the first summary, then inserted another summary and immediately the derived column metadata was lost in all paths after the crosstabs.  so ended up having to re-run the flow 5 more times for each summary tool added. then I had to re-run it 5 more times to adjust column names in selects after downstream joins.


I end up wasting a lot of time having to re-run a sufficient test file to feed all the variety of data necessary to generate all columns between most edits or new tool adds.  What used to take ~5 minutes to do now takes ~35


I recall seeing and discussing this issue previously and hoped the check box would resolve but It does not fix the issue.  


We see similar issue for tools downstream from other tools where the columns are derived or uncertain until that tool runs, such as, transpose, Joins and Unions.  I recall some discussion at user groups and in the community but the only reference I found this morning of seeming relevance is the one I mentioned above.


Right now in order to pass a parameter to pre/Post SQL we need to make a macro as a work around.

It would be really great if this was a native capability for the output tool so we don't have to replicate all the output too fields as macro inputs



The category word  is a SQL Keyword (at least on hive). However it is put in quote ( this quote ` ) and the workflow will work without a single issue to the end. The blue color may be misleading to some users.


The designing interface is very slow when we design an in-db workflow.



The reason of that is that Alteryx connects everytime he needs to refresh the data. Example on Hive :

Mar 20 15:28:49.453 DEBUG 6048 HardyConnection::Connect: Default branding specific auth mech: 2
Mar 20 15:28:49.453 DEBUG 6048 HardyHiveClientFactory::CreateClient: Create HS2 client.
Mar 20 15:28:49.453 DEBUG 6048 HardyHiveClientFactory::GetBackendCxnPool: Create session manager.
Mar 20 15:28:49.453 DEBUG 6048 HardyHiveClientFactory::GetBackendCxnPool: Create backend connection pool.
Mar 20 15:28:49.453 DEBUG 6048 HardyHiveCxnPool::GetHS2Cxn: Create HS2 connection.
Mar 20 15:28:49.453 DEBUG 6048 HardyHiveCxnPool::GetCxnFactory: Create backend connection factory.
Mar 20 15:28:49.453 DEBUG 6048 HardyHiveCxnFactory::CreateHS2Cxn: Create HS2 HTTP transport.
Mar 20 15:28:49.453 DEBUG 6048 HardySessionManager::GetSession: Getting new session handle.
Mar 20 15:28:50.399 DEBUG 6048 HardyTCLIServiceThreadSafeClient::OpenSession: TOpenSessionReq
    client_protocol = HIVE_CLI_SERVICE_PROTOCOL_V1

Maybe we could have an option on the IN DB Connection configuration to stay connected while designing (maybe with a limit time).

(PS : we also tried the option to Disable Auto Configure, it's clearly not he solution)

I often use user constants in my workflows and ever since the Workflow tab has been buried under the Canvas tab in the Workflow Configuration, I often forget to adjust my constants.   Out of sight, out of mind.  


My suggestion would be to create a tool that could be placed on the canvas with the constant name in the title area and a text box which shows the current value and allows the user to change the value before processing. 

The Data Sources page currently lists all the different data sources that Alteryx supports - however for an administrator it's almost impossible to ensure that their designer users have the drivers for these, or are on the right version.


As an early step - can we add 1 more field to this list which points to the downloader for the driver where applicable


The next step is to create a bundled driver pack that Admins can download once to cover all the relevant drivers needed for the data sources provided & supported.


cc: @revathi @AshwiniChezhiyan @LizaNemchynova


As mention on this post here I would love the ability to change the map provider to any other map service (Mapbox, google, some other paid option). This could be achieved by adding a "Map Severs" option in the default configuration and where you put in the map server details.

It may be user-friendly to display the DSN description. It's usually stored in the windows registry under "description" :




This should display in the log and when you configure a connexion.

Roughly, in all versions of Alteryx Designer, you can use the Annotations tab and rename a tool.  This is awesome for execution in designer, because you can then easily search for certain tool names, better document your workflow, and see the custom tool name in the Workflow Results.

However, when log files are generated, either via email, the AlteryxGallery settings, or an AlteryxEngineCMD command, each tool is recorded using only its default name of "ToolId Toolnumber", which is not particularly descriptive and makes these log files harder to parse in the case of an error.


Having the custom names show in these log files would go a long way towards improving log readability for enterprise systems, and would be an amazing feature add/fix.  For users who prefer that the default format be shown, this could be considered as a request to ADD renames in addition to the existing format.  EG "Input Data 1" that I have renamed to "Load business Excel File" could be shown in the log as:


00:00:0.003 - ToolId 1 - Load business Excel File: 1 record was read from File Finished in 00:00:0.004

It would be nice if this option would take you to the correct download page relative to the version the user has installed. Currently, this always loads the download page for the current version which is confusing for users of a company who are still required to use an older version.



My users love having the ability to pick objects from a reference file in the Map tool in the Interface palette.  However, usually they need to pick objects that are interspersed amongst others.  The Control + Left Click works great, until they pick an incorrect object.  The only option is to clear the selection and start over.


Please add something as simple as Control + Left Click on a selected object will deselect it.







Upstream tools end in a Summarize Tool that has set of records with the following fields:  EmailAddress, AttachmentUNCPath.  So you get a bunch of recipients with various attachments.  Each recipient can have different attachments, and this will change each time it's run.  In other words, it's fully dynamic.  


If the same recipient has multiple attachments, then it would be nice to group the recipient and just separate the attachments with a semi-colon (or whatever) in the same field.  Essentially creating one record per recipient, and therefore one email per recipient, and having the Email Tool attach each file.  In other words, gets one email with 5 attachments.  And next week maybe only 3 attachments, and so on.  


Currently the only way I see to accomplish this is with a batch macro.  

Would be infinitely more convenient to just have the Email Tool by default accept multiple attachments in a field as long as they are separated by a semi-colon, much like occurs in the "to" field.

Alternative data sources namely #altdata are key for enriching data. One source is social media.

I believe Alteryx lacks in social media analytics.


  • I would like to propose a Instagram connector...
  • Crawl comments, tags(useful for text analytics)
  • Impression and likes... (time-series data)


If you are into #media, #advertising, #marketing analytics, #influencer analytics please support the idea by seconding... is the link for the graph API updated after the latest acebook scandal... now fixed...












Alternative data sources are key for enriching data. one source is social media.I believe Alteryx lacks in social media analytics.


  • I would like to propose a YouTube connector...
  • Crawl comments and video definitions (useful for text analytics)
  • Impression and likes/dislikes... (time-series data)


If you are into #media, #advertising, #marketing analytics, #influencer analytics please support the idea by seconding...


There is an API called YouTube DATA API





This would be much better than having to output the data to an Excel tab or csv file in order to link to Excel pivot tables.  The pivot tables could link directly to the yxdb files.

This appears to be a bug with either the Layout Tool or the Render Tool. When I setup two Tables using the Horizontal Layout Tool and export to Excel using the Render tool, the font size of the bottom-right cell of the first table is too large. No amount of changing the font properties within the Alteryx Reporting tools appears to fix this.



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