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I would like to be able to load large amounts of data into my MSSQL database using a faster interface.

When adding multiple integer fields together in a formula tool, if one of the integer values is Null, the output for that record will be 0. For example, if the formula is [Field_A] + [Field_B] + [Field_C], if the values for one record are 5 + Null + 8, the output will be 0. All in all, this makes sense, as a Null isn't defined as a number in any way - it's like trying to evaluate 5 + potato. However, there is no error or warning indicating that this is taking place when the workflow is run, it just passes silently.


Is there any way to have this behavior reported as a warning or conversion error when it happens? Again, the behavior itself makes sense, but it would be great to get a little heads up when it's happening. 

When manually configuring a Union tool within a module/app, once it's saved, if you go in at any point in the future, and change anything upstream from the Union Tool, it causes an error "[some field name] has been changed and the Union Tool needs to be reconfigured".

This happens even if you do not reconfigure any upstream tools, but mearely access them, physically move them, say, an inch to the left or something like that, etc.  Basically if you just "touch" any tool upstream, the Union Tool thinks that the manual config needs to be done over.  But even if you do reconfig the Union Tool (either delete it and bring a new one in, or change the current one to Auto and then back to manual), it STILL does not recognize the tool as being correct.

The only way I have found to correct this issue is to click Play, and let it throw the error.  Add Select Tools before the Union Tool to change the names to be common, then click on the Union Tool, and switch it to auto.  Then click Play again.  This can be very inconvenient if you have a module that takes hours (although you can limit your input records).

My suggestion would be to either disable the manual configuration, or add notes to the Help Files stating to use the manual configuration at your own risk, because once it's set and works at the time of creation, you cannot modify any upstream tools thereafter or else it will break the Union Tool and it cannot be repaired -- only choice is to use the Select Tool as I described above

Currently Alteryx Designer is capable to create a .tde file as an output that can be opened into Tableau desktop, but it cannot read  .tde (Tableau Extract file) as an input into Alteryx.


This would be a good functionality to add going forward.




 In my use of the Data Cleansing I want all the fields to be cleansed. Selecting the ALL choice selects all the fields, however if new fields are added later they are not automatically added. Perhaps the addition of a UNKNOWN choice as in the SELECT tool.




I'd like to see a tool that can take an input, then send it in different directions (similar to formula tool), but with many options... based on filters and/or formulas and/or fields.


Sometimes I need to perform actions on parts of my data or perform different actions depending on whether the data matches certain criteria and then re-union it later.


Right now, the filter tool only allows true or false. If we could customize further we could optimize our workflows rather than stringing filter tools together as if they are nested if/then.

So either the filter tool could have more options than true/false, and infinite ouputs, or the join multiple tool could be flipped, as shown below.


I envision something that says:

Split workflow:

  • By Field: Field Name (perhaps with summarize functions such as min/max, etc.)
  • By Formula (same configuration as current)
  • By Filter
    • Field
    • Operator
    • Variable



Try to create an oracle 32 bit connection.  Type in something wrong in the descriptor or user id or password.  You get a silent failure with no underlying notice about where you went wrong.  


You can get meaningful error messages from other database types, I got meaningful errors for ODBC connections to mysql and sql server while poking at this.  


Granted, it's only useful for jerks like me who don't type things in correctly and still have 32 bit Oracle instances to get to but somewhere down the chain the Oracle client is telling you that the user id was bad or the tns name couldn't be found or whatever, but you never get that metadata pushed back up to the user.  

It would be nice to tie the labels to the spatial objects being labeled.





All the tools in the interface should be populated and assigned/selected with dynamic values.


Now we have the option of populating a set of values for Tree/List/Dropdown.

But we do not have the selecting some of them by default / while its loading.


And Other controls like TextBox/NumericUpDown/CheckBox/RadioButton also should be controlled by values from database.


For example If I have a set of three radio buttons, I should be selecting a radio button based on my database values while the workflow loading.





I have a suggestion for selecting multiple tools. You currently have it to where the user can hold down Ctrl and select multiple tools one at a time. Could you take it the next step and allow the user to hold Ctrl and then click and drag over multiple tools, then go to another area while still holding Ctrl and click and drag to select multiple tools again.


For example, I would first click and drag over these tools:


Then hold down Ctrl and click and drag over these tools (I’m trying to select the 5 tools without grabbing the Filter tool and it’s 2 Browses):

Hi All,


It would be great if Alteryx 10.5 supports connectivity to SAS server.



Having the ability to minimize the toolbar would allow more screen space.  Once minimized, the tools should display when you hover over the tool category tab.

It would be great if the mapping allowed point themes to be bi-variate, i.e. you could change the size of a point at the same time as adjusting its colour to show two variables on the map at once, relative to each other.


May I suggest on input data of YXDB files the ability to turn off/on spatial objects within the configuration tool to speed up load times when working through or testing a large module.

Thank you

Once you get the hang of it, Alteryx is great at producing reports. Unfortunately, each item has its own XML parameters, like font size, colors, table defaults, etc. As it stands now, if I want to make a change across the course of a complex, multi-page report, I have to update the settings in each table and chart.


I'd love it if I could have a 'Styles' module that I could set, then copy and paste and insert after each table. From that point, I suppose you could make parameters out of style options and build them into a bigger module. For now, though, some kind of reusable style would be invaluable.

It would be great if the admin could change some default settings on the Alteryx Gallery page. For example, where we have the list of apps, show Detail view and sort by App name ascending by default.


When editing larger workflows, the "Find Tool" window is often a great help in terms of locating tools. However, having to close this window in order to make edits to the workflow is a bit inconvenient, especially when changing the sort method or using the search function. It would be great if users were allowed to edit the workflows and tools while still keeping this window open and maintaining the current settings.

Currently if a user has multiple connections in a workflow that connect to a password-protected source, and that password changes, the user will be locked out of their account by login attempts as Alteryx attempts to validate the connection.


Today I had to manually edit the XML of another user's workflow in order to remove references to their server, so they could correct their password without locking the account for a third time today.


While I understand that aliases are a good workaround to this problem, the issue still has potential to occur.


Having an option to load a workflow in a "SECURE" or "SAFE" mode, where it would not validate a query until runtime, or refreshing the metadata manually, would help to significantly reduce lockouts which would improve the usability of the tool.

When workig on a module with many tools, and one of those tools is the Allocate Input tool (Experian US), whenever you try to access or configure that other tools, there is a delayed reponse.  I'm assuming because the Allocate data set is so large.  But, it would be nice, if possible, that when accessing/configuring other tools you did not get that delay.  My workaround is to Container the Allocate tool and disable it.  

It would make it a lot easier to create and manage a work stream if you added the standard ability to maximize and minimize the workflow canvas and configuration and results windows.

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