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Alteryx has a 3 hour demo session on CloudShare which is very useful for quick demos...


How about having most up to date version of Alteryx as a demo as a starter?


  • Unfortunately it's 11.5 right now... Not 11.7!!!
  • I'm demoing the older, slower version to the clients.




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Would it be possible to add to the Workflow Configuration / Runtime options so that we can disable all 'Connector' input tools from connecting with the external source.  At the moment, I need to put the workflow within a Container so that I can disable this rather than have it refresh from the source every time it is run.  This means that I could have all my code within the same workflow but make selections that control whether it refreshes from the source data or uses a local copy that has previously been downloaded.


I hope that this makes sense....


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I would like to suggest a Canvas Mode: Can you make a feature where it is possible to maximise/full screen the canvas only (so that it pops up in a separate window)? I work on two screens so it would be handy to have the tools and ribbons with the results preview on one screen and a pure canvas designer on the other. 


Kind regards,



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I have the Results pane docked across the bottom of the interface and have selected auto-hide. When I click on a tool's incoming or outgoing connection, the Results pane opens and will not auto-hide (it's been automatically selected as Dockable). 


Would be great if the auto-hide selection was not overridden when selecting the connection.

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In the Input tool, it would be useful to have the Saved Database Connections options higher in the menu, not last. Most users I know frequently use this drop down, and I find myself always grabbing the Other Databases options instead as it expands before my mouse gets down to the next one. I would vote to have it directly after File..., that way the top two options are available, either desktop data or "your" server data. To me, all the other options are one offs on a come by come basis, don't need to be above things that are used with a lot more frequency. Just two cents from a long time the product either way!







Eli Brooks

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Recently, I posted one problem regarding on merging a column with same value using  the table tool. I do have a hard time to make a solution until @HenrietteH helped on how to do it. What she showed was helped me a lot to do what I want in my module, however it would be more easier if we are going to add this feature on the table tool itself. 


Thank you

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A user may need to perform regression test on their workflows when there is a version upgrade of Alteryx. To save users time and effort, users can be encouraged to submit a few workflows in a secure area of the Alteryx Gallery. Prior to a version release, the Alteryx product testing team can perform a regression test of these workflows using automation. Thus when users receive an upgraded version of Aleryx it is more robust and with the added assurance that the workflows they had submitted will continue to work without errors.  

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Many tab files lately (I am finding when they are created in mapinfo 16) Alteryx cannot read.  I have posted about this in other forums but wanted to bring it up on the product ideas section as well.

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It would be immensely helpful if there can be a way to display the 'Manually Configure Fields' section of Union tool to the App user.

Something on the following lines - User uploads few files and then a window opens up onscreen which allows the user to 'manually configure fields' just like it is visible in the Union tool in a workflow. Its best use case is where we have a template with defined headers and the user just need to upload a new file/files and align the incoming fields correctly with the blank fields of a template.

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user is not able to see the complete value

only 7 digits are showing up


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I would like to suggest adding in additional options to the Output tool for running VBA code after inserts finish.

Similar to how the "7 Post Create SQL Statement" works for "ODBC" or "Oracle" Connections, having this option for excel would be game changing.


Our current processes rely on us calling a .vbs script, or manually formatting our output.

My job of automation would be significantly easier if this was an option.

Getting deliverable ready in an easy to digest format is key.


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When using an SQLite database file as an input, please provide the option to Cache Data as is available when opening an ODBC database.  Currently, every time the input tool is selected, it takes an inordinate amount of time for Alteryx to become responsive; especially if the query is complex.  SQLite is not a multi user database and is locked when accessed so there is no need to continuously poll it for up-to-date values.  Pulling data when run or if F5/Refresh is pressed would be sufficient.


The issue may be more primitive than what is solved by having a Cache Data option.  I am more concerned that the embedded query seems to be "checked" or "ran" every time the tool is selected.  I think this issue was resolved with other file formats but SQLite was overlooked.

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Would it be possible to simplify some of the workaround processes that are needed for generating Chart Titles when using grouping by adding the potential for using the grouping variable in the Title string so that accurate descriptions can be generated.  At the moment it requires the use of a Report Text tool which is not as neat if considering the output that is necessarily generated by grouping.


Only a thought,


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When i build my workflows i often times have to save, close, and reopen just to see data flow through tools and check for errors.

It would be awesome if there was a validate button next to the run button so we dont have to go through all of this just to check for errors...


It would also be nice if we didnt need a button but the data automatically flowed through the tools to see compatibility automatically.



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Our company got Alteryx server a few months ago, and we were surprised to find out that (at current setup) the members of my team can not collaborate on workflows published on our Server. 


What we would like to see  (How we envision being able to share workflows). 


With any published workflow on the server, be able to publish a workflow to a shared space and/or share owner permissions with or edit abilities to with another user. 




Allow another authorized user to download, edit, and update those workflows - keeping them current in someone's absence (Vacation or leave for a new job). 



Please build this functionality so we can get back to using Server instead of a shared folder on the network.



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Would like a component to analyse an incoming dataset and suggest a key for the data, i.e. detect what field or composite of fields would uniquely identify a record in the data.  The key could then be detected by the output data component and add primary key's to tables when created.  Great for when using the drop and recreate option, i.e. would retain an index on the key.

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Would like a component to analyse an incoming dataset and suggest a key for the data, i.e. detect what field or composite of fields would uniquely identify a record in the data.  The key could then be detected by the output data component and add primary key's to tables when created.  Great for when using the drop and recreate option, i.e. would retain an index on the key.

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These windows when pulled out as stand-alone windows are free floating, able to be placed anywhere on any screen you have connected.

If one of these screens gets disconnected those windows don't change position. So if your monitors die or go away for some reason there is no way to get them back unless you get a second monitor.

I propose you change the coding to where when a window is re-enabled it always shows up at position [0,0] on monitor 1.


Very frustrating.


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In the Explorer box configuration section, it would be great to add a navigation button to pick a URL address (pin point) to a directory/folder so that the user don't have to learn by heart (or copy paste) the exact URL address to make use of the tool.

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I have three groups: a control group, a group that got product A, and then a group that got product B. There is a way to test the differences across all groups rather than running separate t-tests (which introduces type I error several times). If my outcome is the percent of people who were contacted, I want to see if the percent is different across groups.


Control Group % who were contacted: 10%

Product A group % who were contacted: 25%

Product B group % who were contacted: 33%


I shouldn't have to run a t-test comparing control to A, then another comparing control to B, and then a third comparing A to B. I know the method is pairwise comparisons but I'm not finding how I can do this in alteryx and I've looked on the community and surprisingly the answer seems to be "you can't" but this is not a rare statistical test!

A product analyst at alteryx help build a macro in R to run the tests but the variables need to be categorical rather than continuous. The ideal solution is that an additional predictive analytics tool can run these ANOVA tests and there's something to specify whether the variable is categorical or continuous.



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