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A multifilter tool would match excel capabilities and make users more comfortable making leap to Alteryx from excel/.


I pull alot of excel and text files through Alteryx; the files always have empty rows that make viewing the files through Alteryx unwieldy.  It is easy to filter one at a time but that is laborious,.  I put a post out to the community and others encountered same issue.  There was a macro built to bring this capability to Alteryx; it really should be a native feature.  I would rather not have to use a macro


Users in excel do sumifs, countifs where multiple fields are pulled into the formula.  The current filter tool in Alteryx only considers one column.  To match excel, the ability to bring multiple columns into the filter tool at once would match this capability.




Stan Grabish

(404) 925-3013





Please add the ability to minimize Alteryx during loading as well as minimize the app. I would like to do other tasks while Alteryx is loading. However, it operates as its more important than other applications and can not be minimized. Additionally, it would be nice to hide/minimize the app.

For those of us dealing with mail files, it would be nice to be able to run presort discounts, but we need the following CASS fields for those discounts:

Line of Travel, Ascending/Descending Code & Walk Sequence.

It would be great if we could create more customization of the email output in the Events in the Workflow Configurations.  Currently we can output the number of error, warnings, etc. and the entire output log.  It would be great if we could only send the error messages in an email instead of sending the whole output log (similar to the output of a workflow run with errors in the Alteryx Gallery).  The customization in the Email Tool is great, but this isn't helpful when a scheduled workflow fails. I found this related thread on the discussion forum: Thanks!

I think it would be really useful to add bearing in degrees to the Find Nearest Tool. While the cardinal direction is helpful for context, it would be great to have finer detail than just the 8 options.


When I checked out if there is a way to force the intercept to 0 or some other constant value, it's not doable from the tool configurations.

Linear Regression.png


So manually we can have "0" intercept in linear regression this way (edit the macro's R tool)


cars.lm <- lm(dist ~ speed, data = cars)
cars.lm2 <- lm(dist ~ 0 + speed, data = cars) 

# Adding the 0 term tells the lm() to fit the line through the origin


So a minor addition of a tickbox will solve that and make that linear regression tool more flexible i guess...




Would be interested if it was possible to turn off individual output tools individually rather than also disabling tools that write output, as it would be good to choose which output tools can write output, instead of placing them in a tool container for all of the output tools.


Be able to have a round function similar to Excel's Round Function. Basically, be able to round "5 and up" or "4 and down" based on the number of decimal spaces we choose. This would be similar to what is taught in grade school and would resolve 80% to 90% of the rounding issues in Alteryx. Most of rounding solutions provided are too technical and worthless. This is very basic and common sense. (FYI - I don't know if this helps, but I believe Excel only goes out to 13 decimal places before cutting it off, maybe if Alteryx could do the same with the rounding it would be helpful. 


Currently I'm pulling the exact same data through two different workflows, and getting two different amounts slightly off from each even though both use the same raw data source and datatype.  


By being able to connect to views in BQ we'd be able to skip the dependency on scheduling table refreshes within BQ and keep all of the dependencies in Alteryx.


Why don't Alteryx build an "Designer extended edition"?


An Alteryx designer download that contains every available 

  • R package and
  • Python package available in the universe to date of release...

all you can eat.png


Currently we can't use any PaaS MongoDB products (MongoDB Atlas / CosmosDB) as Alteryx Gallery doesn't support SSL for connecting to the MongoDB back end.


SSL is good security practice when splitting the MongoDB onto a different machine too.


I would like to see a Run Workflow Tool implemented which can run a specified workflow directly from the Designer. This tool would work similar to the Run Command Tool , but instead you can select the Analytical App Filename (.yxmc etc) and optional Analytical AppValues Filename (.yxwv) as parameters.


Currently you would need the Scheduler or Server licence to run a workflow via AlteryxEngineCmd.exe with the Run Command Tool, but there are legitimate uses which require a workflow to be dynamically determined within a larger workflow. I am aware of the CReW Runner Macros, but these require an additional Executable to be installed which is difficult for locked-down environments.


My example is a workflow which downloads a file list from a Web Service, there are a large number of interface items and 80% of the workflow is standardized. However the initial processing of the files is not, so either you create a workflow for each file type and map all the interface items again, include all the handled file types in one massive workflow, or, create sub workflows which transform the files which allows the minimum amount of repeating code.


I believe that in addition to the already suggested idea of having an option to avoid sending one email per record, the attachments capability should be overhauled. Sending multiple attachments in a single email is a common need, but the only Community idea is a partial address of the issue by requesting an ability to use semi-colon separated paths in a single field as the attachment criterion. This doesn't seem to be an optimal method given the potential usefulness of the tool and ease of use considerations. 


I think that a full solution should include:

  • The capability to select a (file paths) field of all desired attachments which can then be uploaded into a single email
  • The ability to use wildcards or directories in the file input mode (as you find in the Input Tool) in order to upload multiple attachments to a single email)

This would be a transformative solution to a common email need, and I think greatly appreciated!


Improve "Select Tool" by by moving the select/deselect All from the Options and placing in the header.


The Data Cleansing Tool already has all/none posted in a better position.

Data Cleaning.JPG


Meanwhile you have to go to Option for this same feature in Select.



While taking the certification exam, as well as when doing quizzes after tutorials, I have noticed that I cannot see that the radio button is selected.
I am color blind, so I am not sure if this is due to the color used or if the button indicator isn't dark enough.

If someone could please address this, it would help out a lot!


Thank you,

Jason R.S.



When tools are closely aligned 

Rownum and data size cross with other tools.


I would suggest dynamically locating the information sometimes on top or under the tool instead...






Hello Altyerx Community, 


I wish there was a 1 page PDF that would list all the Alteryx Keyboard Shortcuts.  Save time and effort.  Anyone else agree? 


Keyboard Shortcuts @PaulT posted:



I wish it would be similar to the document that @IanWi posted:



IanWi, would you be interested in creating this? If so, thank you in advance! 



Ryan Loshin 


Please create a way to swap or change the order of the inputs and outputs for tools with two or more inputs and outputs. 


For example: When creating a workflow a join tool can end up moving to a location on the canvas that causes flow paths to cross.  To fix the overlapping paths with a simple option of change order of input and output with a simple up and down would be much better than deleting the paths and reconnecting and redefining all of the join fields.



I notice that at least my Output files are tied up "being used by another program" after the workflow is closed.  I have to actually close out of Alteryx to release the file.  The file s/b released as soon as the workflow using it is done running.  Failing that, as soon as the workflow is closed vs having to close Alteryx completely.


...or is this just my issue?


I suggest an additional tool that would allow adding columns to the data, if and only if they do not exist already.


Currently working with data that has a dynamic set of columns can be a bit tiresome as the Select tool will not allow to select columns that have not been witnessed in the data.


Adding a tool that would ensure that certain columns are available downstream can currently be achieved by:


  1. 'Append Fields' tool with a 'Text Input' tool which will always append the fields, renaming them on the fly if needed
  2. 'Union' tool with a 'Text Input' tool

Both options do not seem straight forward and I expect have a performance impact.


A separate tool to achieve this seems the more user friendly and performance oriented way.

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