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If progress bar or overall process completion percentage can be displayed somewhere, adds great value for the users running complex processes (with multiple databases/ files as input and complex queries especially spatial queries).






I suggest adding a piece wise linear regression tool to the predictive tool set.  Many times, modelers in the insurance business  (and others) like to play around with the model, i.e. placing knots/splines at multiple intervals then after seeing the results, changing where those knots are placed.  This gives the best fit based not only on mathematical technical knowledge but also domain/tribal knowledge, especially when training data sets are small.  


Currently, we have to try and develop our own model matched with a macro which changes the r-code.  To date, there has been no luck, but maybe the Alteryx excellent customer support would get the developers to do this for us and then...........we could finally bury SAS in the ground.

I will sometimes open "New Window(s)" from a single or multiple Browse(s), and arrange them on a second monitor to dig through a module I am unfamiliar with, or when building out complicated models.  It would be helpful if I could label these tempary new windows so that I don't spend to much time trying to remember which one is which.

Service Now dashboards really don't give me as much flexibility as I need, but can't help thinking an Alteryx connector coupled with Qlik Sense dashboards would be fantastic. SNOW seem to be supportive of Tableau - have you guys got plans to get in on the action?

There is a workaround that uses the Reporting tools but it is difficult to use and doesn't work well when you have a lot of columns. To make the current solution with lots of columns you have to play around with page size settings to get your report to "fit" in Excel. This wastes a lot of time having to run and rerun until you get the settings just right. It would be great if you could just use the data output tool, choose a filename and then select an option to append the date to that filename.

All the tools in the interface should be populated and assigned/selected with dynamic values.


Now we have the option of populating a set of values for Tree/List/Dropdown.

But we do not have the selecting some of them by default / while its loading.


And Other controls like TextBox/NumericUpDown/CheckBox/RadioButton also should be controlled by values from database.


For example If I have a set of three radio buttons, I should be selecting a radio button based on my database values while the workflow loading.



Please add option to right-click a module tab to rename the yxmd file.  This would be easy to do, for you, and quite handy.

Possibility to deselect fields directly in the input (shape, csv, tab, etc).


When a process is running in foreground, the GUI does an excellent job of giving feedback to the user as to which "step" the job is running and how much data is processing through the active tools.  When that same job is scheduled, the amount of information is limited to when the job began execution.

If a tool was able to give checkpoint status out to the user, we could better monitor the progress of scheduled jobs.  The visibility to the job is most important for long running jobs.  We've unfortunately had instances where we have had to cancel jobs and to restart them not knowing how close or how far from finishing they were.

Thanks for your consideration,


Preface: I have only used the in-DB tools with Teradata so I am unsure if this applies to other supported databases.


When building a fairly sophisticated workflow using in-DB tools, sometimes the workflow may fail due to the underlying queries running up against CPU / Memory limits. This is most common when doing several joins back to back as Alteryx sends this as one big query with various nested sub queries. When working with datasets in the hundereds of millions and billions of records, this can be extremely taxing for the DB to run as one huge query. (It is possible to get arround this by using in-DB write out to a temporary table as an intermediate step in the workflow)


When a routine does hit a in-DB resource limit and the DB kills the query, it causes Alteryx to immediately fail the workflow run. Any "temporary" tables Alteryx creates are in reality perm tables that Alteryx usually just drops at the end of a successful run. If the run does not end successfully due to hitting a resource limit, these "Temporary" (perm) tables are not dropped. I only noticed this after building out a workflow and running up against a few resource limits, I then started getting database out of space errors. Upon looking into it, I found all the previously created "temporary" tables were still there and taking up many TBs of space.


My proposed solution is for Alteryx's in-DB tools to drop any "temporary" tables it has created when a run ends - regardless of if the entire module finished successfully. 





I would the ability to run/call a module from within another module. I've thought of two solutions:

Simple - Add an option that currently exists in the Analytic App properties to "On Success - Run Another Analytic App". Instead this option would be to Run Another Module

Complex - Create a new tool that would have a single input that would accept a list of filepaths to Alteryx modules. The modules would be run sequentially (module 2 run once module 1 was finished).


John Hollingsworth

Having the ability to minimize the toolbar would allow more screen space.  Once minimized, the tools should display when you hover over the tool category tab.



Can the Log format be changed, so that each line starts with 

MM-DD-YYYY hh:mm:ss TZ.


This is to allow log monitoring applications to process the file correctly.






It seems that I'm unable to use my mouse wheel to scroll through or "Control + A" to select all in the "Table or Query" field of the "Connect In-DB" tool.  I have to click the top of it and drag down the text to highlight it all.

Most of the times we end up having multiple new workflows open and would have to scram through every tab to identify the correct one. Also when we try to search on Auto saved workflows it appears as  New workflow -1,2,3 etc.


If there could be an option to temporarily name the workflow (like name sheets on excels) before we save,it would be easy and user friendly to identify the workflow as there are multiple iterations that we do before saving few workflows. 




image.pngAutoSave View



I had an issue with the ARIMA tool using the R function auto.arima() which missed the obvious seasonality in my data set, but when I manually adjusted Model Customization > Customize the parameters used for automatic model creation > The seasonal components > Alter the degree of seasonal differencing and selected 1, the outputs were much better. The problem is that while this fixes my singular ARIMA model, I want to be able to run this through Model Factory too as I have hundreds of data sets on which I'd have to make this adjustment since auto.arima() misses the seasonality on most of them and produces useless results. Apparently I'm not alone in having this issue as I was directed to another comment thread where someone had the same problem and desired fix as me.


TL/DR version -- please make is possible to manually adjust the parameters of the ARIMA Model Factory tool, or at the very least add the option to alter the degree of seasonal differencing.


And for supporting information, here is my thread:


And here is the other thread where a different person had the same issue:

Hello all,


When you copy and paste a layout tool to keep the formatting you just spent hours fixing it goes away as soon as you paste it. This is infuriating. Please keep the formatting from resting upon pasting.

Attached are pictures of a copy and pasted layout tool connected to the same incoming data source.

You can clearly see that the order and formatting has been removed. #Infuriating





I have several modules that need to run in sequence.   Can a ksh or some other program be used to string the modules together?  

So that if I have Step1.yxmd, Step2.yxmd and Step3.yxmd.  2 is dependent on 1, 3 is dependent on 2.  I want to tell it the jobs to run and then to wait until that module completes, then run the next.  

run Step1.yxmd

run Step2.yxmd

run Step3.yxmd

Or, if I have a group of modules that can run concurrently but subsequent jobs are dependent on all of them to finish, i can let all those jobs run and have the next step wait for those to complete to begin.  

run Step1A.yxmd
run Step1B.yxmd
run Step1C.yxmd
run Step1D.yxmd

run Step2.yxmd

run Step3.yxmd

I know this is very simplistic, but hoping it shows the need.  Also, we do have the scheduler set up to use, so if there is a way to set dependencies between modules within Scheduler, that might be helpful.  Just haven't found anything.  


Allow Workflow Dependencies to run other tools or workflow .

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