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Configuration window - Add feature to zoom in or out of the configuration window similar to the canvas.  There is alot going on in the Configuration window and it would be helpful (especially for those of us with eyesight challenges) to be able to zoom in/out similar to the Canvas. 

The US Address/Company Name/Zip Code Fuzzy Match template options are great. If there isn't already, it would be great if there was a UK version of these too!



I didn't find this mentioned before, but apologies if it has. I and a few clients have found that the Download tool 'Query String/Body' is quite difficult to use from a UX perspective. If you have a long query (or anything over 3 short rows in fact), it's almost impossible to navigate to the part you want with ease, as you're required to highlight and move the cursor manually or use up and down arrows, still only ever seeing a few lines of the query. 


My suggestion(s) would be to:

1: include a scroll bar as a minimum

and ideally in addition, either:

2a: give the box itself more real estate (fixed) in the Payload tab, or

2b: allow the user to resize this box in the tool config (probably more complicated?) 


Specific problem below, including my (terrible!) drawings on it:





I appreciate there are other methods, including taking the query from a field etc., but for many users - particularly newer ones - it's preferred to copy a query into this String/Body and edit as needed, but right now this is an almost unmanageable approach.





The unique tool is great for removing duplicate items.


However, if wanting to identify and extract all items that have related duplicates (i.e. the unique item and the associated duplicates), I currently need to use a summarise tool with count, a filter tool to identify the duplicate items and join tool to link back to the original data set. It sometimes takes a few times to get the right combinations, and additional summarise and join tools are sometimes needed.


It would be great if there was a duplicates tool which worked like the unique tool (i.e. you can select the field to duplicate on) and pulled out the unique item together with the associated duplicates.

When I proceed with this command in a python tool:


from ayx import Package

Package.installPackages(package='pandas',install_type='install --upgrade')


in Alteryx it only updates to 0.25, but the Latest version is 1.1.2.


When I would like to upgrade from the Python side i get the following:

ERROR: ayx 1.0.54 has requirement pandas<0.25.0,>=0.24.2, but you'll have pandas 1.1.2 which is incompatible.


Can you please make sure we can upgrade to the latest version of pandas without any compatibility issue?


This is important because of json_normalize. Really useful tool, available from pandas 1.0.3!

When developing workflows, it would be great if there was a feature to be able to disable multiple containers at once, rather than having to click on each one individually, for example through selecting all of the required containers and right clicking "disable selected containers".


In the meantime, a workaround is to copy the portion of the workflow being developed onto a new canvas.

First of, let me say that I really love that the render tool adds commas to your numbers when you output them to excel. You can even control the number of decimals!


However, there are those times that I wish I could turn the commas off. For example, I have a column that represents years. In this case, I want it to be a number, but I don't want commas. I can see this xml coming out of my table tool:


.de41ddeb2857c4579b858debce63bfbec tbody .column0 { numeric:true; decimal-places:0; } 


I would love an additional item like: separator:false that could be set in the table tool to shut off the separator. I've mocked up the table tool here:


In my limited knowledge, I'm guessing Alteryx would need to change/enhance the way their pcxml is structured.


Using the Comment tool: When I paste in text that includes a Tab, the Comment Configuration on the left correctly recognizes the Tab character and displays the text correctly.  Inside the Comment box on the canvas, the Tab character is not recognized and text is displayed without any spacing.


I don't think the Comment tool allows us to "type" a Tab character.


Comment configuration box:

Field1     Field2


Comment box on the canvas:




1) Please fix the text display inside the Comment on the canvas to correctly display Tab characters, when text is pasted in

2) Please allow us to "type" a Tab character in the Comment tool.  CTRL+Tab switches the canvas display to another Alteryx tab, ALT+TAB switches to another running Windows program.  Count you use Shift+Tab to allow us to type a Tab character?

Dear Users, Fans, Compatriots, and Fellow Alteryx Nerds:

One of my favourite parts of using Alteryx is that in all the in-memory tools, there is a quick-and-dirty count in each of your tools' output nodes. You know, you use these all the time and when you switch back into SQL, you get frustrated with having to run the query two or three times just to see the count in each of your join outputs. 

One thing I'm missing as an INDB user is that I have to employ a manual workaround to see what is happening. INDB tools are a bit black-box in that we don't see the counts.

All I want...All I want...



I've been using this workaround for a little over a year now and I haven't found it to be incredibly taxing on my resources, so I'm wondering if Alteryx may be able to look into doing this on the back end to make the INDB experience that much closer to the in-memory experience. I just want those numbers above; I don't need to know the byte count, just the record count.

What I need to do to get itWhat I need to do to get it


Now, I imagine this is not implemented already for a Very Good Reason. But, enough is enough! Let's shoot for the moon and make this tool all that much better!! Anyone with me?


-Cedric Justice

Cambia Healthcare



The Dynamic Input tool fails when attempting input a set of Excel files with the following error:

Error: Dynamic Input (1): The file "Test2.xlsx|||<List of Sheet Names>" has a different schema than the 1st file in the set.


Each spreadsheet contains two tabs and all tabs contain the same columns.


The root cause of the schema error is that maximum sheet name length in the two spreadsheets is different.  The first spreadsheet uses "East" and "West" for sheet names.  The second spreadsheet uses "North" and "South" for sheet names.  The Dynamic Input tool uses the longest sheet name when defining the effective Schema.


Excel limits sheet name length to 31 characters. It would be helpful if the Dynamic Input tool used 31 as the minimum string length when defining a schema from Excel sheet names.


The Input Data tool exhibits similar behavior when using a wildcard in the filename and the "Import only the list of sheet names" option.


A batch macro can be used as a workaround.


It could be useful to keep track of changes to workflows by adding changelog notes to the Meta Info in workflow configuration


Of course the workflow file name could include a version history, but it would also be neat to have a field within the workflow itself.


The Data Preview of the Formula Tool is SO helpful ! 

Make it better by allowing preview on other rows than the first 








Currently it appears that the Make Group tool sets the Group by the smallest value and the Key is then anything larger than that value. 

It would be great to be able to specify which key it is that the grouping should occur within. 

Sometimes I find myself having to union too many tools together and get bothered with the drag-and-drop repetition. It'd be nice to be able to select multiple tools and have a "Union All" in the right-click menu that creates a union tool that is connected to the output of all the selected tools. 


It's kind of like a smarter "Insert After"

So I discovered this neat little tip today where if you have a browse tool in your workflow and click on the hyperlink (2 in the picture below) whilst the workflow is running, it will open a pop-out browse rather than show the data in the results window, meaning you can still see all of the messages). However, If you click on the Tool name/ID (1 in the image) is locks the results window to that tool. Idea for a fix here





And this lead me to think that Alteryx must be populating the temporary browse anywhere in memory as it's running, so it would be great if it was possible to either click on the tool anchors or the tool names in the results window whilst the workflow is running to see the browse anywhere data.



Currently in 2020.2 (but I assume all versions), when you have a workflow running and click on the Tool Name/ID (1 - in the picture below) in the results window it is then not possible to click on the canvas OR get back to the messages for the full workflow as it is then locked to that tool.


The idea is that it should be possible to get back to all of the workflow messages if you click on a tool name in the results window whilst the workflow is running.


However, a neat little tip that I found is if you click on the input, output or browse hyperlink (2 in the picture below), it will open a pop-out browse rather than show the data in the results window, meaning you can still see all of the messages)




This leads me to think that it could and should be possible to see browse anywhere data whilst the workflow is running if this is fixed. Here's a separate idea for that. 


Currently, if you download and Alteryx package from an alternative version it doesn't allow import into a newer version.



Workflows allow this with a warning it would be good to allow it on packages too. 

The Azure Machine Learning Training and Scoring Tools seems great to improve Azure ML process.

Introducing: The Azure Machine Learning Training and Scoring Tools 

We tried to use this tool but can't log in to Azure ML correctly. We have several Tenant ID then log in to another tenant for office 365 not Azure ML.

====================== <Error Message> ==========================================================
Error: Azure ML Training (367): UserErrorException:
    Message: You are currently logged-in to 55f0a...-.............................................. tenant. You don't have access to d846a...-............................................. subscription, please check if it is in this tenant. All the subscriptions that you have access to in this tenant are =
 [SubscriptionInfo(subscription_name='Microsoft Azure Enterprise', subscription_id='754c5...-...........................')].
 Please refer to for different authentication mechanisms in azureml-sdk.
    InnerException None

Microsoft states that tenant needs to be specified if we have access to multiple tenants.

Set up authentication for Azure Machine Learning resources and workflows 

Could you add Tenant ID into Azure credentials so that we can use this tool? 


As of 2019.4+, Alteryx is now leveraging the Tableau Hyper API in order to output .Hyper files. Unfortunately, our hardware is not compatible with the Tableau Hyper API. It would be great if Alteryx could allow a best of both worlds in that they use the new Tableau Hyper API when possible but revert back to the old method (pre 2019.4) when the machine's hardware doesn't support the new Tableau Hyper API. Thanks!

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