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In continental Europe, decimals and comma are used differently.  The number 1,345,678.99 would be written in some countries as 1.345.678,99

As a suggested enhancement request, it would be good in the Alteryx user settings to be able to select a country style setting to be applied to numbers throughout the software, such as in a browse, table, report etc. so they are displayed correctly for that user.

I would like the ability to adjust the sort order of the tools displayed in the actions tab when creating a Macro, or at least have it conform to some sort order that can be easily identified. I can't currently make sense of this sort order which makes it hard to find the tool I’m looking for.

I would like to be able to pause a module A, run module B then restart A at a later time.   
Alteryx Designer should automatically save my modules on a regular basis so that if I have a failure of some sort, my hard work will not be lost.
Analytics Gallery needs the ability to save my question choices - so I don't need to re enter them every time I run the app.
I like to be able to access and run my apps from my iPhone.
I would like to specify two points on a map and have Alteryx create a spatial object that represents the best route from one point to another given some parameters such as quickest route, or shortest route.
In the map input tool, it would be really nice if I could type in an address or a geography (like "Boulder County"), and the map would be zoomed to that location, and maybe even draw a point for me (if it is an address) or draw the geography polygon so that I can use that for downstream analysis.
I want the ability to select a field from my reference YXDB file in the Map Input tool to color-code the features based on their value. For example, I have a file of store locations, with each record containing last quarter's sales figures. I want to use that file as my reference in the Map Input, and have the points for each stores sized bigger-to-smaller based on their sales. Or another example would be color-coding sales territories/polygons.
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