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When giving a user a dropdown list, it is difficult to give them an option of the data in a specific column.  So if I have a "State" column, I would like to give the user a dropdown of all of the states currently represented in the table.  So if there was "Nebraska, Nebraska, Iowa, Kansas, South Dakota", the dropdown list would give them an option to select Nebraska, Iowa, Kansas, and South Dakota.  This could be useful on both List boxes and Dropdown lists.  Currently there is a workaround that lets you do it, but it is not a great solution because if there is a space (Like in South Dakota), it puts an underscore in it so parsing is required.  

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Would be nice to select a bunch of consecutive fields, and cut them and paste them to a different area.  Currently, the only options are to Move to Top or Move to Bottom.  If you want to move somewhere in between, you have to scroll through the whole list.

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It would be very helpful to have a SOQL Edit textbox for the entire SOQL statement not just the WHERE clause.   This would allow us to select fields based on parent or child relationships to the table as well.

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Sometimes in a crowded workflow, connector lines bunch up and align across the title bar of a tool container.  This blocks my view of the title, but also makes it hard to 'grab' the tool container and move it.


Could Alteryx divert lines around tool containers that they don't connect into, or make tool containers 'grab-able' at locations other than the title bar?


4-13-2016 1-08-53 PM.png

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I'm not sure if this is the right forum for a bug report, but I just solved one that has been bugging me for ages. Of the six key commands to hide and reveal the various panels, only five work, and now I know why.


Apparently the 'Results' panel used to be the 'Output' panel? I found some outdated docs that mentioned Crtl + Alt + O to open/hide the Output panel. Sure enough, the reason Ctrl + Alt + R doesn't work in the current version is that, in spite of what the menu text says, it's O that is still mapped to that panel, and not R.


I only discovered this after making sure none of my other installed apps were stealing that key combination. Thank you, process of elimination.

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In the designer it would be nice if the projection of a .shp file could automatically be read by its corresponding .prj file.

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Other tools that I have used allow you to determine where you are caching from so instead of always having to cache at the input, you could cache after a big join.  This would be great for efficiency as having to run everything through the entire workflow every time is innefficient and I end up spending a lot of time waiting for my workflow to go through the same tools.  

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There is a great functionality in Excel that lets users "seek" a value that makes whatever chain of formulas you might have work out to a given value. Here's what Microsoft explains about goal seek:


My specific example was this:


In the excel (attached), all you have to do is click on the highlighted blue cell, select the “data” tab up top and then “What-if analysis” and finally “goal seek.” Then you set the dialogue box up to look like this:

 Set cell: G9

To Value: 330

By changing cell" J6


And hit “Okay.” Excel then iteratively finds the value for the cell J6 that makes the cell G9 equal 330. Can I build a module that will do the same thing? I’m figuring I wouldn’t have to do it iteratively, if I could build the right series of formulas/commands. You can see what I’m trying to accomplish in the formulas I’ve built in Excel, but essentially I’m trying to build a model that will tell me what the % Adjustment rate should be for the other groups when I’ve picked the first adjustment rate, and the others need to change proportionally to their contribution to the remaining volume.


There doesn't really seem to be a way to do this in Alteryx that I can see. I hate to think there is something that excel can do that Alteryx can't!

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When choosing "In List" values in a CYDB input, the normal Windows functions do not work (shift+click, ctl+A, ctl+click, etc.).


When having to choose, say, 20 values, it is a big annoyance to have to click each value (20 clicks). 


Have been told this is a bug so I wanted to put it on your radar for a fix.

It would be very helpful to have hidden/interactive labels that can be utilized for an Report Map that only appear when the user is hovering over a specific part of the map. For example they only want to see the sales numbers for California, but do want to change the map. It probably makes the most sense to have this available for the HTML Report Maps. This would allow the report map to not look too crowded with labels, but still have the labels available if the user is interested in a particular part of the map. Is this something that can eventually be added to the report map tool?

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Just ran into this today.  I was editing a local file that is referenced in a workflow for input.


When I tried to open the workflow, Alteryx hangs.


When I closed the input file, Alteryx finished loading the workflow.


If the workflow is trying to run, I can understand this behavior but it seems odd when opening the workflow.


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When viewing spatial data in the browse tool, the colors that show a selected feature from a non-selected one are too similar. If you are zoomed out and have lots of small features, it's nearly impossible to tell which spatial feature you have selected.


Would be a great option to give the user the ability to specify the border and/or fill color for selected features. This would really help them stand out more. The custom option would also be nice so we can choose a color that is consistent with other GIS softwares we may use.


As an example, I attached a pic where I have 3 records selected but takes some scanning to find where they are in the "map".






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Wouldn't it be nice to be able to CTRL+Scroll-Up and have the font size of the browse contents EXPAND?

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It would be helpful to have one of the following methods to disable output modules to prevent overwriting output files each time a workflow is run:

- A global 'Disable All Output Modules' option, which would effectively mute the workflow without removing any connections

- A module-specific 'disable/enable this module' option, to the same end

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It would be nice if I had a workflow that had multiple paths to be able to run only one line of it.  This would allow me to only run what I needed so instead of having to run the entire workflow, I would be able to run up to a certain point and only run tools that are required to get to that point.  

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Our DAT file structure is as follows:


The first line of the .DAT file must be a header row identifying the field neames.

The .DAT file must use the following Concordance default delimiters:

Comma  ASCII character (020)

Quote    ASCII character (254)

Newline  ASCII character (174)


Thank you,

Pete Vara

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I think that the sample tool should have a T or F port.


Lets say I want to keep first N records but would like to stream the rest of the data (the not sampled one) somewhere else in my workflow, its possible but it would be easier to have that in the sampler. 




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I know cache-related ideas have already been posted (cache macros; cache tools), but I would like it if cache were simply built into every tool, similar to the way it is on the Input Tool.



During workflow development development, I'll run a workflow repeatedly, and especially if there is sizeable data or an R tool involved, in can get really time consuming.


Implementation ideas:

I can see where managing cache could be tricky: in a large workflow processing a lot of data, nobody would want to maintain dozens of copies of that data.  But there may be ways of just monitoring changes to the workflow in order to know if something needs to be rebuilt or not: e.g. suppose I cache a Predictive Tool, and then make no changes to any tool preceeding it in the workflow... the next time I run, the engine should be able to look at "cache flags" and/or "modified flags" to determine where it should start: basically start at the "furthest along cache" that has no changes preceeding it.


Anyway, just a thought.



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Would save an extra select for parsing text files in correct format for dates and times.



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Currently only DateTime based functions are available, Time based functions should be introduced. like TimeAdd(), TimeDiff() etc.

This will help users a lot to calculate different aspects of time based calculations...


Ashok Bhatt

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