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While manually entering expresssions in tools say for example Formula tool, if an error occurs, apart from the error definition displayed below, there must be auto correct options available depending upon alteryx interpretation. It must provide suggestions to rectify the error in the expression.


Such functionality is present in other softwares and it would be great if alteryx add this too.


In trying to work with varying content and rules for extracting information, the regex tool requires a literal string.

The functions can accept a workflow parameter but I needed to parse out the results.


For now, I have only a few patterns but looking to handle a more general case.  Thanks


It would be nice to have the expression box (found in formula tools etc.) and the join selection (found on joins etc.) as interface tools.


The new 10.6 leaves all this empty space to the right of the "Connect" field and "Options"/"Preview" fields. This means I have to drag out my tab way farther than I used to in order to see the same amount of information... Can you go back to having these fields stretch all the way to the right of the frame? When you have huge workflows, every little bit of space really matters.



Look at all that empty space!


As I have a lot of documentation to write on my Alteryx process, I would like to simple copy the lower table from the Visual Query Builder :




I would love the to get back the ability to use WHERE clauses in the custom SQL to manage the data that gets imported from xlsx files. I can currently use the legacy driver but would like to have that added in for the current driver.


The file geodatabase reader is very cumbersome especially when navigating through a server directory. Can this be fixed or reworked?


When users who have no idea what the Field API Name is try to pull data from Salesforce it can be problematic. A simple solution would be to add the Field Label to the Query Window to allow users to pick the fields based on API NAME or FIELD LABEL.


 When pulling data from Oracle and pushing to Salesforce, there are many times where we have an ID field in Oracle and a field containing this ID in Salesforce in what is called an external ID field. Allowing us to match against those external ID fields would save us a lot of time and prevent us from having to do a query on the entire object in Salesforce to pull out the ID of the records we need.


It would be handy if it were possible to order (i.e. right-click to drag, as in the Select Tool) ALL constants created by the user, including Question constants etc.


I'm not doing a report but extracting data from a report 30 times to assign where the data goes.


It would be nice if in the "Output Data" tool if there was a check box to remove all field names so there is only data




It would be awesome if we could perform a 'create or replace' on an excel file with the output tool. The tableau TDE extract has an output option that says "Overwrite existing extract file (Create if does not exist)" If the excel file format option could have this same output option that would help out a ton!


The Directory Tool would be more useful if it could output the file extension as a separate field.


Currently numeric values displayed in the browse window are left justified and the number of digits showing to the right of the decimal point cannot be controlled.


Results left.jpg


The current limitations on display formats make it more challenging to scan output values.


In Excel, by comparison, users can control output to be displayed so that the following would be automatic:


Results right.jpg

For a business user having data in this conventional format is easier to consume.  I was able to achieve the above with this formula:


PadLeft(ToString([Sum_Sales],2,1),20," ")


BUT - should this extra step be necessary?


This same comment applies to data formats.  More control over display formats in browse would be welcome.





Currently excel files with top lines frozen do not read into Alteryx. This causes extra manual work, as a default setting for the output of one of my reports freezes the top line automatically.



Could the workflow name be retained when browsing for a YXZP save location instead of blanking it out as soon as you change folders?


Give the option in the tags properties to place the tag to the right of the tool. 

Have this be the default setting for Browse and Output tools or others that would normally be found at the end of a workflow. This allows the detail to remain and a cleaner view of the module.


When you have multiple workflows open in tabs and want to rearrange them, it's kind of hard to tell where the tab is. In Firefox and Chrome, as examples, the tabs move around as you drag - if you drag a tab left, the tab next to it will slide to the right. In Tableau, a line with an arrow appears in the location where the tab will be dropped. But in the Alteryx interface, the new location of the tab is not so obvious. A line or something at the destination point would be great!




Chaos reigns within. Repent, reflect and reboot. Order shall return.


For those of us really old school, this would be a novel Easter egg to add




Please ignore this post! I just discovered the amazing dynamic input tool can accomplish exactly this 🙂


This is no longer a "good future idea" but simply a solution already provided by AlterYX!  Thanks AlterYX!


Hello everyone. I think it would be incredibly helpful if all input tools (database / csv files / etc..)  had an input stream for data processing.  


This input stream would cause the tool to fire if and only if at least 1 row of "data" was passed into it.  This would work similar to the Email tool, as the input would simply not fire if no records in the workflow were passed into it.


By making this change, AlterYX could then control the flow of execution when reading / writing to database tables and files without having to bring in Macros or chained applications.


The problem with having to use batch macros and block until done to solve this problem is that it obfuscates your workflow logic, making it much harder for another developer to look at the workflow and understand what is happening.   Below is an extremely simply example of where this is necessary.


Example: any time you are doing a standard dimentional warehouse ETL.


Step #1: Write data to a table with an auto-incremented Key

Step #2: Read back from that table to get the Key that you just generated

Step #3:  use that key as a foreign key in your primary Fact table.


Without this enhancment you need at least 2 different workflows (chained apps or marco's) to accomplish the task above, however with this simple enhancement the above task could be accomplished in 3 tools.


This task is the basic building block of almost all ETL's so this enhancement would be very useful in my opinion.



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