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As there is a DateTimeFirstOfMonth() Formula function is there any reason why there is not or could not be a DateTimeFirstOfWeek() equivilant.

Provide the ability to leverage data "Connectors" as an option in the "Dynamic Input" tool.
Currently on the input tool I can only specify if the first row contains data.  It would be great if I could simply specify which row the data starts on, ie. row 4 or row 500, and then specify which row, if at all, contains the headers.

Ability to adjust the underlying speeds on the roadways via the GUI and eliminate having to modify the xml file and registry OR adjust the existing speeds in Guzzler that correspond to the urban roadways to bette reflect traffic volume and the resulting drive time polygons that are created in dense urban areas.

The bak file that is automatically created (and re-created if deleted) really clutters up our folders.

Please allow us to either turn it off, or specify a different location to hold our back up files.


 Add native support of Python, C#, and Java
Hi All,

when we create formulae or filters in Alteryx, it would be great not just to

have the option to include fields (by their names) in the formulae but
also have the option to include specific values from the fields right from a drop-down menu.
E.g. if I have a field called ‘Region’ with 5 values like (Africa and Middle East;
Europe; etc.), filtering the database for these individual values of ‘Region’
would be simpler if I could just select the values themselves from a drop-down
list. I have now the ‘variables’ small tab in the formula configuration window but
every time I have to type the value after selecting ‘Region’== from the variables.
This is annoying with long field values - you have to be careful with pronunciation.

If a simple right click or a new tab in the configuration window would list me the values
of the field (e.g. only if a categorical variable - it can list the top 10 most frequent values),
it is simpler to write the formula.

Thank you,

Wouldn't it be nice to have more training examples available on YouTube?
It would helpful if you have a tool which will help us to filter out the data using CASS results column in a meaningful way. On the other day, I CASS'ed 2MM customers and ended up with 1500 combination of CASS result codes. I don't think we would have time to sit walk through all the 1500 combination to find out which I should call it as correct addresses and not the right ones. If you have one already that I didn't know of, please guide me.


Calgary CrossCount returns 1 row for every permutation and combination of possible crosscounts for the given crosscount fields.  This idea is to use the additional query criteria to limit the output of rows.

Example:  State Code = 'MI' and Mosaic Type = 'A01'  could be our Criteria.  and State Code, Mosaic Type and Gender would be our crosscount fields.

Calgary crosscount (and append) would output (51 * 71 * 4) 14,484 rows (all states * all mosaic types * all gender values)

The desired crosscount would output (1 * 1 * 4) 4 rows (MI * A01 * 4).

This is a simplified example just to demonstrate my confusion when Alteryx responded to me that the tool is working as designed.  In order to reduce the crosscount output, you must restate your query criteria in a filter post the calgary tool.  If the count of rows output exceeds a thresshold, you can't even use the tool as it will generate too many rows.

By defining criteria in the Calgary Input tool, only the desired output records are generated.  But by defining criteria in the Calgary crosscount tools, only the desired "combinations" have values plus it outputs all permutations and combinations of other non-qualifying records.

Please consider this request for an enhancement.


When a process is running in foreground, the GUI does an excellent job of giving feedback to the user as to which "step" the job is running and how much data is processing through the active tools.  When that same job is scheduled, the amount of information is limited to when the job began execution.

If a tool was able to give checkpoint status out to the user, we could better monitor the progress of scheduled jobs.  The visibility to the job is most important for long running jobs.  We've unfortunately had instances where we have had to cancel jobs and to restart them not knowing how close or how far from finishing they were.

Thanks for your consideration,

It would be helpful if the "Copy Ouput Fields and Add" default was unchecked.

I'm a long time user of Photoshop and it would be great to get some similar zooming and panning functionality into Alteryx.  Such as:

- hold down the "space bar" see a hand and pan across the canvas.
- hold down "CTRL" or "ALT and zoom on the canvas
- use the mouse scroll to zoom on the canvas

Leverage Oauth 2.0 security protocol for the Alteryx connector
Here are a few things that I feel would be useful enhancements for the stacked column chart:

1. In series styles, replace current "Label Data Points" Yes/No dropdown options with "No/Top/Bottom/Left Side/Right Side/Alternating Sides" options to allow label text to fall above the line marking the top of the set (current implementation), below the top line, to the left or right or alternating between left and right.  Side labels reduce the need for #3 below and alternating side labels partially mitigate the need for #2.

2. If "Label Data Points" is turned on, allow an option to set a minimum threshold to display the labels.  In the current implementation the data point labels are placed on top of each other in cases where series with comparatively high volume are mixed with series with very low volume unless there is only one low volume series and it happens to be the last series in the set.  With alternating side labels from #1 above this would only be an issue if more than one consecutive low volume series was displayed.

3. Lighten default series colors or change default text color to white.  Black label text does not stand out or is unreadable against most of the default colors (dark blue, dark brown, etc.).
You can call me new school, but when I browse for inputs etc. in Alteryx, they are the old school windows interface where I have to hunt and peck through the file directory.  Can you make it so we can use the newer interface with so I can type in my location and navigate a bit easier?
It would be nice if we could change the tool numbers and effect which one gets done first. If I'm working on a module and I later add some more analysis upstream it won't get done or pulled first since it has a greater number. a simply ability to change the numbers would really make things a lot easier and it will allow the flow of work to flow smoothly visually
In other data programs like access or Toad you can put conditions on a join. You can choose if something is greater than, less than, left join, right join, etc.
But with Alteryx you are only allowed to join a perfect match. It would be really great if you could add that functionality into 9.0

Currently Atleryx just takes a flat file and create a Tableau Extract (.tde) file.  I would like to be able to to take two files and cube them together like Tableau allows me to use when I create my own Tableau Extract using Tableau.  Right now I have to export two different files into excel files and then use Tableau to cube them and create an extract that gives me more power and functionality than the extract that Alteryx provides.

Implement an option to toggle the automatic creation of the .bak file or allow a destination different than the yxmd file.
Once we have our files under code control (git) the bak file is not necessary and effectively doubles our storage usage.
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