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While Alteryx is processing it displays information in the module with record/file infromatoin.  Once processing is complete this information is gone, except for in the output window.  Could you add a key combination or button toggle to redisplay this info from the prior run.  It would be very helpful for debugging.
Abiltiy to have multiple streams come into/out of 'Block Until Done' tool.
Allow User to set priorities of streams in tool and to be able to release streams in a certain order.
it would be good if this was supported among the conenctors, I can connect via third party ODBC (paid) driver but it's not really as user friendly as I'd like, I'm sure you guys would do a much better job of building a connector (hoping flattery will push help push this idea up a little 😄 )

Within one of my modules I use the “Find Replace” tool quite often to find keywords within a customer name field.  By chance, I have found that irrespective of what order my keywords are sorted in, Alteryx will look at each word in the customer name and try to match them in order.
For example, the customer name of EAST RIDING YORKSHIRE COUNCIL, when matched to my list of keywords matches the word RIDING before it matches the word COUNCIL, even though COUNCIL appears higher up my list than RIDING does.
I would like to be able to prioritise my keywords so that Alteryx starts at the top and works its way down my list of keywords, rather than just taking the first word in a customer name that matches any of my keywords. Is this possible?
It would be great if the mapping allowed point themes to be bi-variate, i.e. you could change the size of a point at the same time as adjusting its colour to show two variables on the map at once, relative to each other.


I would like to have the option to output to ESRI File Geodatabase format.  Any chance this will ever happen?

In the question type "DropDown/ListBox", there's an option to use an external file. The file should be able to influence whether the record is selected or not. Maybe there's a reserved column name called "SELECTED" which could contain True/False values which the UI would key off.
In the histogram tool, I would like the ability to specify the bins, not just the number of bins, but the values of the bins. That would be especially helpful when comparing different data sets when I want to see an apples to apples comparison across two different histograms. 
Issue: When I use any of the Multi-Field Formula tool, I lose the variable names in the field description. This is a problem when I'm working with demographic data because the name of the variable is often something like PCT0010005. The user friendly name is in the field description metadata.

Solution: Please have the Multi-Field Formula tool behave as the Formula tool does by persisting the field Description values.


John Hollingsworth
Allow the User to 'de-authenticate' a license so it can be installed on a new laptop.
I would the ability to run/call a module from within another module. I've thought of two solutions:

Simple - Add an option that currently exists in the Analytic App properties to "On Success - Run Another Analytic App". Instead this option would be to Run Another Module

Complex - Create a new tool that would have a single input that would accept a list of filepaths to Alteryx modules. The modules would be run sequentially (module 2 run once module 1 was finished).


John Hollingsworth

Shapefile generate 4 filetypes (shp, shx, dbf, prj). When Alteryx generates a shapefile, the latter 3 file types are in uppercase, only shp is in lowercase. Can you change all 4 filetypes to lowercase so we don't have problems reading them in linux?

Would it be possible to have Calgary index files saved to a sub folder so they don't reside in the same folder where the cydb is located? All these indices just clutter up the folder. Thanks,


Can you add .tsv files as a file format in input/output tools in Alteryx? Can it also be recognized as an 'All Data Files' format?

I have two use cases here:

1) A single tool that I want to connect to several tools (e.g. an input connecting to a number of selects)

2) Several tools that I want to connect to a single tool (e.g. several inputs connecting to a single union tool)

The current interface requires that I establish these connections by connecting the tools individually. It would be great to have the ability to have a right-click option. Simplistically, it might work something like this...

1) Select the tools that you want connected to a single tool (e.g. all the selects); Right-click; Get connection from Tool...{drop down list}

2) Select the tools that you want to get their connection from a single tool (e.g. all the inputs); Right-click; Connect to Tool...{drop down list}

When creating an Annalytic App, in the Actions tab, when creating an action, have the window display the actions in numerical order.  

I have records of with several address fields per store: address 1, address 2, address 3.(e.g. po box 123, 456 main st, suite 600).
I geocode each address field in different iterations, but I want my final input to contain the best geocoding level. e.g. Actual before Zip9. 
Can we rank the geocoding levels like this below? Then it will be easier to filter out the best geocoding level.
1. Actual
2. Street
3. Intersection
4. Extrapolate
5. ZIP9
6. ZIP7
7. ZIP5
x. Not Coded
Have question answers optionally sticky for future runs by  a user for a specific app.
It would be very useful to have a new Grid selection question type. This would allow you to see a grid of data that you can sort and pan through and make selections. Similar to a multi select but in grid form with multiple columns.

It would be useful to be able to go back a step in a chained app.

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