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Below is a list of DBMS rankings as of August 2016

(for an updated and longer list see:

I personally look for; HBase, Splunk, MariaDB, Couchbase, Amazon Dynamo, CouchDB connections...


Rank  DBMSDatabase ModelAlteryx
1.11OracleRelational DBMSYes
2.22MySQL Relational DBMSYes
3.33Microsoft SQL ServerRelational DBMSYes
4.44MongoDB Document storeYes
5.55PostgreSQLRelational DBMSYes
6.66DB2Relational DBMSYes
7.78Cassandra Wide column storeYes
8.87Microsoft AccessRelational DBMSYes
9.99SQLiteRelational DBMSYes
10.1010Redis Key-value storeNo
11.1114Elasticsearch Search engineNo
12.1213TeradataRelational DBMSYes
13.1311SAP Adaptive ServerRelational DBMSYes
14.1412SolrSearch engineNo
15.1515HBaseWide column storeNo
16.1617FileMakerRelational DBMSNo
17.1818SplunkSearch engineNo
18.1716HiveRelational DBMSYes
19.1919SAP HANA Relational DBMSYes
20.2025MariaDBRelational DBMSNo
21.2122Neo4j Graph DBMSNo
22.2220InformixRelational DBMSNo
23.2321MemcachedKey-value storeNo
24.2424Couchbase Document storeNo
25.2528Amazon DynamoDB Document storeNo
26.2623CouchDBDocument storeNo
27.2730VerticaRelational DBMSYes
28.2829Microsoft Azure SQL DatabaseRelational DBMSYes
29.2927NetezzaRelational DBMSYes
30.3026FirebirdRelational DBMSNo
31.3131Riak KV Key-value storeNo
32.3340Amazon Redshift Relational DBMSYes
33.3232MarkLogicMulti-model No
34.3434dBASERelational DBMSYes
35.3535GreenplumRelational DBMSYes
36.3633IngresRelational DBMSNo
37.3739ImpalaRelational DBMSYes
38.3836SphinxSearch engineNo
39.3943HazelcastKey-value storeNo
40.4038EhcacheKey-value storeNo
41.4151Google BigQuery Relational DBMSYes
42.4350OrientDBMulti-model No
43.4241InterbaseRelational DBMSNo
44.4545Spark SQLRelational DBMSNo
45.4455TitanGraph DBMSNo
46.4668RethinkDBDocument storeNo
47.5081InfluxDBTime Series DBMSNo
48.4769AerospikeKey-value storeNo
49.4947CloudantDocument storeNo

I want to connect to Salesforce without Security Token.

Salesforce doesn't need Security Token when we set Login IP Ranges.


Actual Condition:

  1. In Salesforce, I set Login IP Ranges like below so that Salesforce doesn't require Security Token.


  1. I could connect to verify custom object definition viaSalesforce Input without Security Token



  1. When workflow rub, Salesforce Input shows error message.




Thank you for considering our request.


I will be using TS Model Factory tool for running ARIMA quite extensivelty and understand that existing tool does not allow for model customization options. I will really appreciate if we can have customization options which helps to specify order of AR or MA components like it can be done in ARIMA tool.




The Text Box tool has a tickbox allowing a multi line "answer" to be supplied for the question.

But it does not allow you to easily setup the question as multi line i.e. with carriage returns


Please allow the ability to enter multi line text for the Question of the Text Box Tool.


At the moment, I force carriage returns to happen, by entering a bunch of space characters in the "Enter the text or question to be displayed" box of of the "Text Box" tool. This is obviously not ideal.


Example of desired layout for App question:

multi line question example.PNG


example showing how entering a bunch of spaces can be used to force a carriage return:

entering bunch of space characters to make a carriage return.PNG



I setup a generic template because the excel files do not have a consistent schema.   This is the template




which is interpreted as text




When I feed files into the dynamic input tool the output configuration is



This is the schema of the first file read by the DI tool.  Why didn't it use the template?


The requirement to have all the schemas match is difficult - especially with excel.


I would like to suggest the input tool have a checkbox to override the data driver and interpret all columns as text.


Read excel as text



I was trying to check the correctness of multiple URLs with the help of download tool connected to parsing tool that way I check the download status and filter the records to good and bad based on the HTTP status codes. To my suprise it allows 2 errors at the maximum ans stops checking next records which is not at all useful for me. I wondered if someone can help me. As @jordanB say it is the default behavior of the tool and can't be handled as of now. Hope you guys have the error handling feature in your next release. 



I'm converting some old macros that were built in 8.6 for use in 10.6 and found something that could potentially be changed about the Alteryx .xlsx drivers. Specifically this refers to the field types passed from a Dynamic Input tool when the data fields are blank when using an .xlsx file as the data source template. 


When the new .xlsx file has fields populated, it works fine. If data is not populated in the new file, the field types are converted to Double[8]. This doesn’t cause a problem for the Dynamic Input, but it can cause problems for downstream tools. In the second case below, the field names are retained but the downstream Join tool errors when trying to join this now double field to a string (rather than returning no results from the join output as desired). This also occurs when a single field is empty, only that field will be converted to a Double[8] field. When the legacy .xlsx drivers are used, the field types are retained from the data source template.


File Source Template vs. file that is returned upon running

XLSX Drivers - Populated Values.png       XLSX Drivers - Empty Values.png


There are other solutions for this scenario such as using a Select tool with a loaded .yxft file of the correct field types, or selecting the Legacy .xlsx drivers from the File Format dropdown when configuring the Dynamic Input. However I thought this is something that could be improved about the Alteryx .xlsx drivers. 


It would be cool if, in the API, we could get at all data fields for the relevant dataset, without having to manually list them in the Expression builder area.  Example: if we had a formula function called "AllFields()" that returns all fields.  Then, supposing we had a huge data set with hundreds of fields, we could do something like Average(AllFields()) in order to average all of the fields without listing them individually.


And I know, the multi-field formula is there also, but it would still be handy to have this, especially in conjunction with the API, where I'd like to be able to write methods that cruise all data fields to do this or that.  Thanks!



Hi everyone,


Could it be possible to have alteryx being able to encrypt/decrypt files or data by using external keys. I believe it could be useful to have it handle AES and/or RSA encryption...


What do you think?




It would be nice to be able to search "Variables", "Functions", "Saved Expressions" within the expression boxes of tool configurations, instead of having to fiddle with the hierarchical tree structure all the time!


It would be great if it were possible in future to adjustment Analytic App buttons.


For example Run instead of Finish or so... and so on!?!


Best regards



While manually entering expresssions in tools say for example Formula tool, if an error occurs, apart from the error definition displayed below, there must be auto correct options available depending upon alteryx interpretation. It must provide suggestions to rectify the error in the expression.


Such functionality is present in other softwares and it would be great if alteryx add this too.


In trying to work with varying content and rules for extracting information, the regex tool requires a literal string.

The functions can accept a workflow parameter but I needed to parse out the results.


For now, I have only a few patterns but looking to handle a more general case.  Thanks


It would be nice to have the expression box (found in formula tools etc.) and the join selection (found on joins etc.) as interface tools.


The new 10.6 leaves all this empty space to the right of the "Connect" field and "Options"/"Preview" fields. This means I have to drag out my tab way farther than I used to in order to see the same amount of information... Can you go back to having these fields stretch all the way to the right of the frame? When you have huge workflows, every little bit of space really matters.



Look at all that empty space!


As I have a lot of documentation to write on my Alteryx process, I would like to simple copy the lower table from the Visual Query Builder :




I would love the to get back the ability to use WHERE clauses in the custom SQL to manage the data that gets imported from xlsx files. I can currently use the legacy driver but would like to have that added in for the current driver.


The file geodatabase reader is very cumbersome especially when navigating through a server directory. Can this be fixed or reworked?


When users who have no idea what the Field API Name is try to pull data from Salesforce it can be problematic. A simple solution would be to add the Field Label to the Query Window to allow users to pick the fields based on API NAME or FIELD LABEL.

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