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It would be great if users have the option to display the number of records that go in and out of the different tools in your canvas. This allows users to very quickly see how many records are in their datasets, and especially quickly analyze the results of specific actions such as joins, filters etc. without the need to open each individual tool. Especially when performing joins this can be very useful to quickly see how many of your rows have been successfully joined. I think this will give users a feeling that they have more control over their data and a better understanding of what is happening in Alteryx. Also if you quickly want to review a complex workflow (especially when it is not your own) this could be a huge timesaver. Simply run the workflow and follow the numbers to see what is happening and identify tools that might cause issues.


Love to hear what you think!


Schermafbeelding 2021-04-08 om 10.50.36.png




When you download a workflow from the Alteryx Gallery to edit, the first typical step a user will take to debug is to run their workflow. This is potentially dangerous, as your user may not know what input data they are loading into what may be production data tables (as an example, when you are building apps you will typically have placeholder data in your inputs).

It would be great if the default option when editing a workflow stored on the gallery was that the 'Disable Tools that Write Output' button is checked, meaning people do not accidentally post incorrect information.



Can we please have a tickbox (ideally one that remembers your preference to be ticked or unticked) on the Save to Gallery pop up that would allow us to save a (timestamped?) copy of that workflow on a local drive (perhaps one that is preset in the user settings)?

Currently the Find Window is the only one not located in the View menu. It would be great to have it located either just under view or under both Edit and View. Most users are aware of the other windows once they discover the View menu, however I feel they are missing a lot of the new features with the new Find Replace functionality available in the Find Window. One looking at it under the Edit window it just looks like a simple Find, not like a whole new window that can be used as part of your Designer experience.


All other window options are located here.All other window options are located here.


Current Position for FindCurrent Position for Find

Every time I open the Visual Query Builder I have to drag the internal table window to the left to make it bigger, in order to see the table names.


I really want to lock and hold the last position of this entire window - also the total window when I expand it.


This is driving my crazy! Please lock the window.



I've recently been playing with the 'Encrypt Workflow' capability within the platform, and it's great, apart from the fact that it is not possible to edit an encrypted asset, meaning users will have to store an unecrypted version of the file.


It would be great if the 'Serial Numbers' could be extended to allow certain users to be able to not only run the workflow but also edit the workflow. 


Pretty simple one, but one that would be hugely valuable, preventing the need to maintain an unecrypted version of the workflow on your machine.



In the Result window, user can expand the Column Width but not the Row Height, and cannot Wrap the text.


It's a kind of necessary user friendly feature to view the entire text easily.


Sometimes, if text is too large in each field, then expanding the column width for all the fields and scrolling left/right is really annoying.

In many cases, I have several formulas in one formula tool. I'd like to be able to have all of these expanded whenever I select the formula tool that's in the workflow. Currently when I select a formula tool, I see "Screenshot Current". I'd like to have a setting available so that anytime I select this formula tool, I see something like "Screenshot Idea".

It could be useful to keep track of changes to workflows by adding changelog notes to the Meta Info in workflow configuration


The new versions of Alteryx the red "change color" has gone to yellow which is almost impossible to see with a big and bright monitor.


PLEASE change it back to the normal red background color!





I think it would be a great idea where the system admin can control the logs and the location of the logs for all the alteryx designer users within an organization. This ensures that no data is being transferred outside the organization. 


I would like to be able to connect to an AWS EMR resource.

And an AWS gov cloud endpoint.


Of course the workflow file name could include a version history, but it would also be neat to have a field within the workflow itself.

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