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I spoke to an Alteryx Product Manager, Alex Polly and pitched an idea about having workflows bookmarked for weekly or monthly runs. 


I run weekly workflows together one after the one, from different folders and I have to open file location every single time. So here's a thought, how about if we can bookmark workflows as a set/folder itself and one click and all workflows open up. 


Chrome has this feature storing the links in a bookmark folder. 


Please find the link for your reference.



Jai Katariya



  • User Interface

Please offload map rendering, in Browse Tool, to the video card using DirectX or OpenGL, the software rendering currently used is embarrassingly slow and disruptive.  

  • User Interface

Hello Alteryx Community,


I've recently started using Alteryx and one option on the Output Data tool I think that could be useful to others and myself is the option to choose: Append to an extract file (Create if does not exist). This is similar to the already existing Overwrite existing extract file (Create if does not exist) option.


My case for this is... I'm in the situation where I'm setting up a flow that I know from the offset is going to be a repeatable flow that is designed to build up data over time and so I will be running the Output Data tools in append mode. Except for the first run, I can't append to an extract that doesn't exist! The flow in question has over around 20 Output Data tools and while it wouldn't take terribly long to reconfigure after the initial run, it is a bit tedious. I think there is scope for my proposed option for being implemented either as a standalone option or to replace the current append option.


Example of my current flow:


Like for Salesforce Input and Output tools, the Salesforce Wave Output should offer the possibility to change the URL for the connection.


I struggled connecting to Einstein Analytics (Wave) in one of our company sandbox. I could not. However, I succeeded when I changed the harcoded url in both the macro and its related javascript.



Is it possible to enhance just the text editor of the Input Tool, especially when connecting to databases? 


My team uses a variety of databases - some familiar, some not-so-familiar - and before we could rely on IntelliSense in MSSQL to help guide us for what we are looking for. Now, if we want to input a query (AKA Copy/paste from an old MSSQL query), we have to make a lot of adjustments to get it to work. With IntelliSense, we can tell which part of the query is off and what needs to adjust. However, with Alteryx's text editor, it feels like a bit like a guessing game. Sometimes it is such a bother, that we scrap the query altogether and try to rebuild from the visual table layout, which can be quite tedious if you have multiple schemas.


The other issue with the text editor is that if you do have a best practice to comment out your SQL query and make the code readable, switching between SQL Editor to Visual Query Builder and then back to SQL Editor causes your SQL query to be "blocked", making it unreadable, and also deletes out comments! As we want to share our code with each other, this makes it quite bothersome for those that are proficient in SQL. I have posted a simple example below where I typed in the code, switched to VQB and then back to SQL Editor to get the 2nd picture's results. This is minor for this example, but can be quite annoying when you have many, many lines of codes and comments!

Formatted Query.JPG


Unformatted Query.JPG




Thank you for reading my idea!


  • User Interface
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