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I would like to share some feedback regarding the Principal Component tool.

I've selected the option "Scale each field to have unit variance" and 1 of the 4 PCA tools was displaying errors. However, the error message is not very intuitive and I couldn't use it to debug my workflow. The problem was that for my type of data, scaling could not be applied since it had a lot of 0 values.

Couldn't find anything related to this, so hope my feedback helps others.



PCA Error.png

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When Alteryx 2018.4.3.54046 reads an xlsx, it can "introduce" a float where there was none before. This only happens in a specific situation and it's not clear WHY it is doing this. The actual numbers are exact to 2 and 3 decimal places in Excel. It isn't a matter of formatting or display. That's what they are. An example number: 1.43.


If there is a string value in the same column, then Alteryx will read the entire column as a string. So far, so good. When it does this, some of the numbers now look like floats. 1.43 now looks like 1.42999999998 in Alteryx. Not all of the numbers get this weird float treatment.


I cannot control the source files and they may have strings in various cells of the "numeric" fields. I have to read everything as strings. I want to know why this happens and what to do about it. Thank you.

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I have a process that joins 3 data sets to identify a specific group of data and apply certain ruling. From this created file, I need to extract the data (not the headings) from specific columns and insert into an already existing template. The template has formatting that needs to remain in order for it to function. 


Is this possible? 

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Noticed an issue in the Browse tools, specifically if you’ve run a module once, where browse tools are displaying information, and then you add new browse tools into the process (without clicking run yet). What I’m seeing is if I’m looking at the “existing” Browse that is showing data, and then click directly onto a Browse tool that was added after the run (not remembering I just added it), the “new” Browse tool is showing the previous Browse tools info, I literally have to click on the canvas, and then back to the new Browse tool for Alteryx to recognized there isn’t any data to display in it yet. My point being it can be misleading to the user if they don’t recognize the wrong info is being displayed (because as you click back & forth between the two, the data stays the same, making the user think the issue is in the process rather than just the display, can waste a lot of time backtracking for no reason). I’ve seen this behavior over at least the past 3 engine updates, just FYI.

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Disabled Containers throw errors if it contains any interface tools. It should not throw any error as the user is intentionally disabling the container.  



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When developing and/or troubleshooting workflows, I frequently disable the outputs using the checkbox in the Runtime configuration settings to speed up the workflow and prevent sending emails and/or overwriting data in the output sources... however, 9/10 times I forget to turn off this checkbox when I save my workflow back up to the Gallery. This results in countless emails from users to the tune of "I ran the workflow successfully, but there was no output?" 🙂


Would love love love to see some sort of warning notification (similar to the ones that already shown for data sources etc.) when saving to the Gallery if the "Disable All Tools that Write Output" option is selected in the Runtime settings.


Thank you!!


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I notice that at least my Output files are tied up "being used by another program" after the workflow is closed.  I have to actually close out of Alteryx to release the file.  The file s/b released as soon as the workflow using it is done running.  Failing that, as soon as the workflow is closed vs having to close Alteryx completely.


...or is this just my issue?

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I was told this feature is working as intended/designed, so I decided to post an idea to see if there was interest in the feature I'm looking for.


In debugging a workflow that another Alteryx user at my company was developing, we realized that an in-db connection was inadvertently pointing to the wrong environment.  Because of how in-db tools output messages, there wasn’t anything visual pointing to this as an issue without manually inspecting the connection in “Manage In-DB Connections”.  Since I’ve encountered some challenges with In-DB connections before, I suggested using the Dynamic Output In-DB tool, which I’ve used before for the “Input Connection String” option.


What I had never done before, and didn’t realize until I tested this, was use this with a connection that leverages an embedded SQL Server account username/password.  When using this type of connection, an error is thrown that says: “              Dynamic Output In-DB (1)             To use this tool select an appropriate data source and select the "Allow Decryption of Password" Password Encryption option in Manage In-DB Connections.”.  However, the tool still works and appropriately pulls the connection as it exists.



For security reasons, we don’t want decrypted passwords floating around in this information, and we can’t enable “allow decryption of password” in our server environment.

So, my request would be to either add logging to In-Database tools to pass the connection string information (similar to regular input tools), or to add a method for outputting a connection string without a decrypted password that doesn't cause an error in Alteryx.


Screenshots below for reference.





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