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A simple, very simple idea that can save a few clicks for everyone and that costs less than 1 hour of development :

Just display all the tool categories on a fresh install. There is not need at all to display only a few and that's the first thing I have to do on every fresh install.

  • Tool Categories

Hi - I miss the functionality in 9.5 of being able to set a default tool in a tab and then drag in tools from the tab. This seems to be gone in 10. Is there any possibility of it coming back?

Many thanks - Nathalie

  • Tool Categories

I really like the ability in 10.0 to turn on and off certain tool categories and specific tools within a category to keep your toolbar clean.


What would really take it to the next level is allowing users to manage them like bookmarks in a broswer - let me create new custom groups and add anything to them, or move tools among groups.


The favorites method lays the foundation for this, but is limited in that everthing is on one group.  Using the method I suggest, users could basically have groups of tools tailored to specific analytic tasks.

  • Tool Categories
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