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Right now the PublishToPowerBI connector only publishes to "My Workspace."  I manage datasets that feed reports for multiple workspaces, some of which are not necessarily personal workspaces (so there is no login associated). A drop-down that lets you select which workspace, that you are a member of, would be fantastic!


The workaround right now is to ETL in Alteryx then save the dataset out to OneDrive. You can then "Publish" the Excel sheet to Power BI natively, and the data refreshes once an hour. This works for some data, but we have use cases that need refresh rates much higher than that. Plus publishing directly to Power BI would be ideal.

Can you put a check box on the container title bar to make it easier to enable/disable containers in the process window? And can you make the minimize/maximize option for a conatiner a separate option from enable/disable?
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Hi All,


With Integration of various platform in Alteryx, connector seems to be an ease of use.


One is, yammer connectors. It would-

1. Help to extract insights of organisation pages.

2. Understand the productivity/Ideas of an organisation overall and help in enterprise content management.


Currently, the process to extract such data is through REST API/Bulk API and a connector would solve the issues.





This feature isn't a must - but would definitely be a nice to have.

Similar to the excel having a tab with key figures like average, count and sum 

It would be a really good idea to do something similar within Alteryx just to have a quick glance on key figures/functions (example attached - apologise for the bad paint job but definitely would look good with Alteryx colour scheme)


I have often thought it would be nice to have a 'predicted run time' for a module calculated.

An adequate prediction might be the complete run time last time the module ran.  Then, in combination with a counter of how long a module has been running so far, we’d be well armed to estimate whether to go get a cup of coffee or not.
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It would be nice if we could use our gallery with a mobile app. We like to run demographics on site and have to pull up on the ipad.

Also, if instead of typing in an address, we could use the iphones "current location" option. 
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Wouldn't it be nice to have more training examples available on YouTube?
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default file path in "File Browser" interface app would be a nice to have feature. Similar to what we have in Numeric, Text etc. interface app.
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It would be nice to have the ability to double click the top area of a container to either show or hide the container's objects. Only being able to show or hide containers using the arrow icon in the top right is quite cumbersome for large containers because it requires a lot of horizontal scrolling in order to change the desired view of the modules workflow.
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Have question answers optionally sticky for future runs by  a user for a specific app.
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With a module that contains a lot of tool containers, it would be nice to have an option (similar to Disable All Tool That Write Output in the RunTime TAB) to disable all Tool Containers and then I can go pick the one or two that I would like to enable.
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What if you had the option to connect tools without the lines going across the canvas?
This might be useful in cases where one connection is close but another is far away.
Of course, it would need to be easy to turn these on and off, and to jump from one end to the other.
The idea came up at a SoCal Alteryx users group this summer. Would other people like to see something like this?
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I'm a long time user of Photoshop and it would be great to get some similar zooming and panning functionality into Alteryx.  Such as:

- hold down the "space bar" see a hand and pan across the canvas.
- hold down "CTRL" or "ALT and zoom on the canvas
- use the mouse scroll to zoom on the canvas

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It would be very useful to have a new Grid selection question type. This would allow you to see a grid of data that you can sort and pan through and make selections. Similar to a multi select but in grid form with multiple columns.
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Hi there, I am looking for examples of financial modelling within Alteryx i.e. Discounted cashflow forecasting - Has anyone seen anything like this before? I've been through some Udemy Alteryx online training, but just can not figure out how to even use the NPV formula in Alteryx. Thanks!

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This wasn't pretty (actually, it was challenging and pretty when I was done with it)!


My client receives files that include a static and dated name portion (e.g. Data for 2018 July.xlsx) within the file there are multiple sheets.  One sheet contains a keyword (e.g. Reported Data) but the sheet name also includes a variable component (e.g. July Reported Data).  I needed to first read a directory to find the most recent file, then when I wanted to supply the dynamic input with the sheet name I wasn't able to use a pattern. 


The solution was to use a dynamic input tool just to read sheet names and append the filtered name to the original Full Path.

[FullPath] + "|||<List of Sheet Names>"

This could then feed a dynamic input.



Given the desire to automate the read of newly received "excel" data and the fluidity of the naming of both files and sheets, more flexibility in the dynamic input is requested.





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