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Session connection to Google Sheet exists for 60 minutes. If someone wanted to keep this for more time then "User Login" option requires re-entering credentials every 60 minutes.


However, we can use the Developer Login0 to bypass this limitation. This method requires sign-in using Google API credentials. This option requires obtaining a Client ID, Client Secret, and Refresh Token and does not require re-entering credentials to run a workflow.


My question - can you address this issue in next release of Alteryx?

  • Time Series



So I was working on a project which uses the "Download" tool. I needed to measure precisely the response time for each record so I set up a "timestamp" value using the DateTimeNow() function before the actual download. After download was complete, i tried to measure the response time by using the DateTimeDiff() function. However, using this method, i was not able to get a precise (up to a millisecond) performance reading since the DateTime format gets rounded to a second. 


It would be great to have a way of precisly measure the time taken for each record to go through a tool or a set of tool and having that value be a part of the output file


I have a model with an items, date sold and quantity. There are several hundred thousand records for about 10,000 unique items. Is there a way for Alteryx to do a batch forecast to take each item number and forecast it out based on its quantity sold and historical sales? I can do it one item number at a time but can't seem to figure out how to do it all in one model. Attached I have a small sample of the data in a spreadsheet that i'm working with.



I have a large dataset (~200k) of routers with the utilisation figures per month over 36 months. What I have been doing till now is using the TS Model Factory to config and TS Forecast Factory to generate the forecast for the next 6 months grouping by router. Great! Except the values returned per device are exactly the same for the next 6 months. Obviously by not using the ETS / ARIMA macros I lose the ability to configure in more detail.

What I would like is be able to set the parameters of the ETS/ARIMA model in advance then run the batch macro for the number of routers and return a 6 month forecast that takes into account all the parameters.

Happy to supply data if required!

Thanks in advance


Hi there, I am looking for examples of financial modelling within Alteryx i.e. Discounted cashflow forecasting - Has anyone seen anything like this before? I've been through some Udemy Alteryx online training, but just can not figure out how to even use the NPV formula in Alteryx. Thanks!

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