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Please add official support for newer versions of Microsoft SQL Server and the related drivers.


According to the data sources article for Microsoft SQL Server (, and validation via a support ticket, only the following products have been tested and validated with Alteryx Designer/Server:


Microsoft SQL Server

Validated On: 2008, 2012, 2014, and 2016.

  • No R versions are mentioned (2008 R2, for instance)
  • SQL Server 2017, which was released in October of 2017, is notably missing from the list.
  • SQL Server 2019, while fairly new (~6 months old), is also missing

This is one of the most popular data sources, and the lack of support for newer versions (especially a 2+ year old product like Sql Server 2017) is hard to fathom.


ODBC Driver for SQL Server/SQL Server Native Client

Validated on ODBC Driver: 11, 13, 13.1

Validated on SQL Server Native Client: 10,11

At present, Alteryx allows for users to run 2 versions of Alteryx at once - one installed using the "Admin Installer" and one via the "non-admin installer"


However, in corporate environments, only the Admin Installer can be used (all installers are repackaged for corporate environment / endpoint management)


This leads to a situation were we cannot run two or more different versions of Alteryx on one machine (like you can with Visual Studio or other platforms).   This also prevents us from participating in the BETA program because the BETA version would overwrite the users's current version.    Finally - this also makes version upgrades more risky since we cannot run the new version in parallel for a period to evaluate and identify any issues.


Request: Please can you change the installer for Alteryx to default to parallel install per version - so that a user can run 2019.1; 2019.2; and 2019.2 BETA on one machine in a way that is fully isolated (i.e. no shared components - have to be able to uninstall one instance cleanly and leave the others in a fully functional state).


Many thanks




Given the prevalence of XML - it seems that it's worth adding a native XML capability to Alterxy (similar to the discussion with @CharleyMcGee and  @KaneG in the discussion forum).    Currently XML is treated mostly like a big and oddly behaved text field, which really undermines the usefulness of XML in real applications.


What I'm thinking is:

- Add in a component, which acts like a join, but what it does is validates an XML file vs. an XSD file so that you can see if your XML file matches the schema definition.   Tremendously useful if you've ever had to hand-craft XML.

- Add in a native data-type for XML (like you have a data-type for Centroids)

- On this XML data type - you can then do interesting things like walk the document object model, or iterate through all children (which fixes the issue of deeply nested XML being such a pain).     This would bring XML parsing into the level of usefulness that programmers in Java & Visual Studio have enjoyed for years

- Finally - an ability to construct XML data files without having to text-hack this.   i.e. something similar to the transpose tool, where for a given node, you can add children etc.


These four things would really really assist with getting Alteryx to be able to deal with modern data sets like JSON; XML and even web-page scrubbing.


As always - very happy to commit time to helping shape this - please feel free to reach out if that would be useful.


Thank you all


CC: @JoeM@mceleavey@MarqueeCrew@NeilR@Ned@dawid_nawrot@TaraM@GeneR

While Alteryx allows for a proxy username and password in the settings, these are not passed properly to an NTLM proxy. Support for NTLM authentication would be incredibly useful for a number of corporations who utilize this firewall setup.


We currently have to either download via Python or cURL through batch commands called by Alteryx. Since Alteryx uses a cURL back-end, this should be a fairly simple addition to the existing download tool by allowing a selection of proxy server, port, and authentication method in addition to the proxy username and password. This could be done either in the tool itself or in User Settings.

 Hi Alteryx Devs - 


Doing a simple, but cumbersome workflow with a lot of database inputs.  It was going slow, and every time I tried to paste something into it from another workflow, I'd get lock ups. Get the 'Workflow must be run for field meta info to be accurate' error. Google tells me that I need to check the 'Disable Auto Configuration' option.  OK.  It is in user settings, but this means for my other workflows that don't have problems like this (i.e., 99% of my workflows), I'll have that functionality applied when it really is only a problem for the minority. 


Should be a relatively simple fix to give this option at workflow properties time instead of user settings time. 




I'd like to see an enhancement that at the install level (through an XML configuration file for example), the use of the From field in the Email reporting tool could be disabled for population by the end user and instead would auto-populate with that current users e-mail address.  Currently users can populate the field with any address on their domain, which is useful, but also poses a risk in that messages can be made to appear to be coming from a party that is not aware of it.  We'd like to be able to control that on install and "turn off" access to the From field

As each version of Alteryx is rolled out, it would be much easier for our users and admin team to validate the new version, if Alteryx allowed parallel installs of many different versions of the software.


So - our team is currently on 11.3 - if we could roll out 11.5 in parallel then we could very easily allow users to revert to 11.3 if there are issues, or else remove 11.3 after 2-3 weeks if no issues.

The same goes for versions which are in BETA.


This would be a huge help!


cc: @avinashbonu ; @Deeksha ; @revathi

Whenever I add an interface tool, it adds a constant just like the 4 engine constants and any user constants. It would be useful if tools like the formula and filter automatically added question constants to the list for you to use. This would be identical to how user constants behave currently. Here is the before and after for visual effect:









One of the most common causes for Admin trauma for our central Alteryx Gallery team - is dealing with drivers that may not be on the server; or a particular worker; or on a designer.


What we're looking for, is for the Alteryx team to maintain a packaged set of drivers as a single installer - which we can download at the same location as the Alteryx designer / server versions.


This would allow us to have 1 version of all drivers across ALL designer clients; as well as on our workers and servers.


CC: @rijuthav @jithinmony @HengHe @RajK @ydmuley @revathi @Deeksha @MPistone @Ari_Fuller @Arianna_Fuller @JoshKushner @samnelson @avinashbonu @Sunder_Sriram @Rahul_Thakur @Rahul_Singh

Today when we install custom tools that use DLLs, the DLLs must be placed in the Plugins folder inside the Alteryx installation directory.  This requires a second step after the YXI installer runs.  I would like to be able to package the DLL with the YXI installer and Alteryx will search for the DLL inside the tool's directory, just the same as what happens with custom Python tools.  This will allow custom tools that use DLLs to be installed just as easily as the 1-step installation process for Python tools.


For example, this today does not work, but I want it to:

Screen Shot 2020-06-05 at 8.35.17 AM.png

When saving an alteryx module (yxmd, yxmc, yxwz, yxzp), can we have a simple "SAVE AS" function that allows us to choose the version number?  Conversely, could we open a newer version module with a warning message rather than an error?


In either case there would be the logical CAVEAT that certain functions or features may not be compatible with the save/open function.




Frequently with more complicated tool configurations I end up having to setup certain elements over and over again.  Would be great to have a one click "use this as the default" configuration that would follow my profile and apply to all future drags of that tool onto the workflow.  Configuration elements that depend on the input fields would not be impacted.


Also an apply all feature to apply the similar configuration elements to all tools of the same tool type.


Example Configuration Elements

Comment Tool - Shape, Font, text Color, Background Color, Alignment...

Tool Container - Text Color, fill color , border color, transparency, margin

Table Tool - Default Table Settings

Union Tool - "Auto config by name", Actions when fields differ

Data Clensing - all configuration elements

Sample - all configuration elements


If I set an Excel file mask under the "arbitrary" configuration of the File Browse Tool on the desktop version, Alteryx will not prompt for worksheet selection. If I save that same configuration to the server, then the file mask is ignored (the users can select any file) and Alteryx will then prompt for a worksheet selection. Please set it where the environments have consistent behavior.


Prompting for a worksheet should be an option that the developer can turn off.

I didn't know I want the Excel "Select a range (cells, rows or columsn" feature before it dropped, but now that we have it, it's time to make it  awesome.


There are two things that really need to improve to make this tool awesome:


1) Allow to fill out only one parameter



The typical use case for this tool should look like this. You have some unnecessary header rows and columns -> the data is shifted.

We want to build a flow that only selects our data columns in the middle, but the length of these columns can change, so it's a BIG NO to select just a range from D4 to G13. Nobody knows if the next report will have the same length. We can't risk to cut-off the last rows.


This is also import for the output feature. We usually don't know if we'll write 10, 20 or hundreds of data rows. To make this feature useable, we really need to be able to specify just one cell. The cell range is a nice on top feature, but it shouldn't be the requirement.


I also see an option for something like D4:G. This would be a syntax with two fields, but the G doesn't need a number and therefore says "till data ends".


In the current state of the tool, it's better to use 'Start data Import on row' + Select tool to achieve the needed behavior. 


2) Improve usability


I see multiple ways to improve the usability of this feature. I will start with the most simple way (for the dev team) and follow up with more complex. The problem is always the same: How do we know the exact position of the cells without opening it?


2.1) Add an additional row on top of the header row


The easiest possible way is to add an row above "Header F2 F3 ..." with A, B, C ...

This really helps to pick the right one.


2.2) "Select tool" inside the preview


I could imagine a feature where we can select the wanted cells and add them to the Query. The best way is probably an auto hover like word has it. See below.


When you select a text and wait a second, it automatically pops up some options to edit the text. Another option would be a simple right click.


2.3) Show Excel Button


Time to step up the quality with an additional button inside the Input Tool. The Show Excel Button opens the Excel file with a temporary window to help you select the right cells.


2.4 Select In Excel Button


This is probably the most advanced solution. Open the file (same as in the step before) and allow to select the ranges directly inside the file and throw the selected range inside the original config windows. It's probably the most difficult solution for the problem, but let me dream for a moment.





It would be great if we could create more customization of the email output in the Events in the Workflow Configurations.  Currently we can output the number of error, warnings, etc. and the entire output log.  It would be great if we could only send the error messages in an email instead of sending the whole output log (similar to the output of a workflow run with errors in the Alteryx Gallery).  The customization in the Email Tool is great, but this isn't helpful when a scheduled workflow fails. I found this related thread on the discussion forum: Thanks!

The select tool does a great job at flagging up when something has changed from its original state. However why does this not happen with the checkboxes to keep or remove a field? It would be much faster and easier to read if we could have the same color conditional formatting as the rest.




My company has recently purchased some Alteryx licences with the hope of advancing their Data Science  capability. The business is currently moving all their POS data from in-premise to cloud environment and have identified Azure Cosmos DB as a perfect enviornment to house the streaming data. Having purchased the Alteryx licences, we have now a challenge of not being able to connect to the Azure Cosmos DB environment and we would like Alteryx to consider speeding up the development of this process.

As of today, Alteryx is not compatible with PAC, althouth it is pretty common in companies.


Asking for a few machine to be out of the GPO may be a real struggle with IT security and has only a few chances to succeed. I have a case when we cannot do an upgrade because of that regression (since old licensing seems to be ok).


Please change

In Designer user settings, you have the option to set a default dataset for the reference base map. This is a fantastic feature when working with spatial objects. My suggestion is that this feature should persist when viewing .yxdb files outside of Designer workflows. 


When I'm browsing a folder of .yxdb files that contain spatial objects, clicking on those files opens a viewing/browse window outside of Designer. Unfortunately, the base reference map setting does not currently transfer and must be reelected each time a file is opened. I would like suggest that this setting persist in this situation. 

Often times when I'm building a workflow I categorize and bucket my tools into different containers.

It would be awesome if I could copy and paste the format of one container tool to another - that is the color, the size (e.g. none, small, large, etc.). I don't think the title needs to be copied, but if that was included in the feature, well that would be great!


Thanks for the awesomeness you provide!



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