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It is just a bit of annoyance, really. I'd like to see the option of inputting a hexcode of color and/or a screen color picker in the color dialog. At the moment, you have to change R, G, B separately or play around with the cursor to find the right color.

The color dialog is relevant for the documentation purposes but also reporting tools and I'm sure it would make life easier to some people, especially when branding colours are important.




Using other data viz tools like Tableau, we often plot yearly timeseries of data onto the same line chart so we can quickly compare year-on-year differences.  All data viz tools seem to have complexities but the logical approach is the same.  What you do is map all the years data to a relative year, i.e. this year, and then give each year it's own title.  See the example below snipped from a Tableau dashboard:




In this example 7 years of data have been plotted on the same chart.  Note the x-axis,  In Tableau we are able to format the X-Axis labels to only show month and day (Mon-D).  This removes the common relative year, i.e 2019.


As expected, Alteryx is awesome at preparing data to do this kind of thing.  Using the interactive charting tool you can build really nice charts.  However there is currently no way to format the X-Axis label, you must show the relative year too, as shown in the picture below (snipped from the browse tool, outputted from the interactive chart tool):





It was really easy to prepare the 5 year min, max and average lines, which is almost impossible to do in Tableau!


My idea in a nutshell is, please change the interactive chart tool so that the labels on the axis can be formatted to the user's choice, i.e. in this case formatted from datetime to "%B-%d".


Please note, the workflow i'm building in this case, is creating 3 line charts of related data, each by year.  The end product is a daily email sent to users.


Thanks, nick 

Currently, there isn't any option in the Salesforce Input tool > Existing Reports  to remove the 2000 record limit for queries. Is there any way of removing that cap so that our queries will return the correct number of records?


existing reports.JPGThe Salesforce input tool has an option to select Salesforce report templates2k.JPGBut the number of records is capped at 2000

  • Reporting
I just got out of the Advanced reporting session at the Alteryx inspire convention. Preety cool stuff. I just have a request for the alteryx developers team. Can you please add the option to select a report coming from a Render tool directly as an attachment without having to write it out first? Just select it as a field the same way you can select a field as the body of the email. That'll make my workflow more streamlined and save space, as I'm sure it'll do for a lot of fulks out there.

In user settings you can define a "Logging Directory" and if you do the system will send the Output Log (Results view messages) to a file in that folder.  The name generated is Alteryx_Log_ + an apparent sequential number, example: Alteryx_Log_1519833221_1.

This makes it impossible to identify which flow it is associated with and which instance of execution simply by looking at the name, you have to parse the content to see the flow name and start/end timestamps.  For trouble shooting we want to be able to look at the list of file names and quickly see which file, of possibly hundreds of files, we need to look at to see what went wrong.


I know this has been posted before, but the posts are fairly old, and I have just confirmed with Support that it is still an issue.  Seems to be a pretty basic request, so I'm putting it out there again under this new heading.

The issue is that if you have data in a field, and you have that data separated by a new line (\n), it will show up fine in a browse tool, or pretty much any other output (database file, Office Document file, etc.). But if you try to use the Table Tool under Reporting, it ignores the line break and strings the data together.


The field data looks like this in a browse or most other outputs:

Hello, my name is 

Michael Barone

and I love



But when I try to pull this field into a Table Tool, it shows up like this:
Hello, my name is Michael Barone and I love Alteyrx


Putting this out here again in hopes that it gets lots and lots of stars so it gets put on the road map!!


Since we use Mosaic extensively we would like for the colors used in the Interactive Chart tool to be assigned by a value in order to match Experian's color assignments.  For example, if [Mosaic] = “A01” then use RGB 77/72/ 133.


Thanks for the consideration.

  • Reporting

Roughly, in all versions of Alteryx Designer, you can use the Annotations tab and rename a tool.  This is awesome for execution in designer, because you can then easily search for certain tool names, better document your workflow, and see the custom tool name in the Workflow Results.

However, when log files are generated, either via email, the AlteryxGallery settings, or an AlteryxEngineCMD command, each tool is recorded using only its default name of "ToolId Toolnumber", which is not particularly descriptive and makes these log files harder to parse in the case of an error.


Having the custom names show in these log files would go a long way towards improving log readability for enterprise systems, and would be an amazing feature add/fix.  For users who prefer that the default format be shown, this could be considered as a request to ADD renames in addition to the existing format.  EG "Input Data 1" that I have renamed to "Load business Excel File" could be shown in the log as:


00:00:0.003 - ToolId 1 - Load business Excel File: 1 record was read from File Finished in 00:00:0.004

Hello Community & Devs!


This idea consists of a couple of requests that are related to the same topic - table styling using the formula field.  As most probably know, the table tool offers column/row specific formatting.  Some of the basic formatting offered in the configuration are: fonts, texts colors, and backgrounds.  For anything that doesn't fall into these types of formatting rules, there is a "Formula" option that allows the user to define CSS-like statements to format the selected column, row, or cell.  Related to this formula, I have two requests:


  1. I would like a double border to be included as an option.  After speaking with a support engineer, they do not believe this is currently available.  The double border is used in most financial documents as the "sum line".  I see a lot of uses for this, especially in my industry.  I would expect a formula like this: "border-top: 1px solid double black;" to give a result like this:goal.pngDesired OutputBut it gives a result like this:whatihave.pngCurrent Alteryx Output
  2. I would like to see additional documentation on this Style Formula field so users have a reference when attempting to do advanced styling on a table.  I don't think it's sufficient to say, "Use of this requires a solid understanding of CSS styles" if all CSS styling options aren't available.  Documentation would at least let us know that what we are attempting to do isn't possible.


Thanks for considering my ideas!





I'd like to see an enhancement that at the install level (through an XML configuration file for example), the use of the From field in the Email reporting tool could be disabled for population by the end user and instead would auto-populate with that current users e-mail address.  Currently users can populate the field with any address on their domain, which is useful, but also poses a risk in that messages can be made to appear to be coming from a party that is not aware of it.  We'd like to be able to control that on install and "turn off" access to the From field

This appears to be a bug with either the Layout Tool or the Render Tool. When I setup two Tables using the Horizontal Layout Tool and export to Excel using the Render tool, the font size of the bottom-right cell of the first table is too large. No amount of changing the font properties within the Alteryx Reporting tools appears to fix this.



It would be lovely if the Image tool supports GIFs when using the .PCXML and HTML options in the render tool.  Understandably, it would use it's .PNG format when using other render options, such as PDF etc.

As Tableau has continued to open more APIs with their product releases, it would be great if these could be exposed via Alteryx tools.


One specifically I think would make a great tool would be the Tableau Document API (link) which allows for things like:


- Getting connection information from data sources and workbooks (Server Name, Username, Database Name, Authentication Type, Connection Type)

- Updating connection information in workbooks and data sources (Server Name, Username, Database Name)

- Getting Field information from data sources and workbooks (Get all fields in a data source, Get all fields in use by certain sheets in a workbook)


For those of us that use Alteryx to automate much of our Tableau work, having an easy tool to read and write this info (instead of writing python script) would be beneficial.  

Hi Alteryx Community and Developers!


Since the autodetect smtp was removed from Alteryx Designer, it's much more harder to send e-mails within the company (too many different e-mail addresses).


In place of autodetect, what do you think about to take the SMTP from field (like cc, bcc, subject, etc.)?


Please keep me posted about it 🙂


Thanks and all the best for the Community!


Is it possible to have Output like below in Insight?
































  • Reporting

Service Now dashboards really don't give me as much flexibility as I need, but can't help thinking an Alteryx connector coupled with Qlik Sense dashboards would be fantastic. SNOW seem to be supportive of Tableau - have you guys got plans to get in on the action?

When I'm working with a new data or tool set, I'd find it helpful to know which tools other analysts are using.

I'm envisioning an optional, dockable window where a list of tools (and possibly percentage/probability rank) exist to suggest the next tool most users add after the selected tool (or blank canvas).

For example, I open a new workflow and the window shows the following suggestions of tools:




Next, I add a File Input.  While the File Input tool is selected, the list updates to show the most utilized tool after a File Input:




If I click back onto the blank canvas though, the suggestion window reverts to:




Ideally, there would be the option of the Community stats and/or your local server/enterprise stats.




I was discussing these suggestions with our Account Manager last year and was advised that they would be taken into consideration for the planned 2018 Reporting upgrades.  When I inquired about the status, I was advised to post here.

  1. Add “Freeze Panes” option
  2. RENDER multiple formatted Tables into 1 Excel file, each on its own NAMED tab (If you use the OUTPUT tool, you cannot format the data.  If you RENDER you cannot name the tabs or export multiple tabs to one file)
  3. Changing the column width from “inches” to “number of characters”


  • Reporting

We've been looking into the phoneHome information that collects usage of Designer in the enterprise, and it looks like this data set (in the UsageReports collection, I believe).

Please can you add the CanvasFilename that was run to this data - we need to be able to surveil the use of Alteryx in our enterprise which is not being done within the server environment, and without the canvas name this becomes tremendously difficult.




cc: @BenG @avinashbonu @Deeksha @BenBu @revathi

  • Reporting

Good Afternoon,


Working with the Alteryx Insight tool there are a few functionality features our team believes would be quite useful:


-When you have multiple charts within an Insight the ability to "Drill Out" of an individual graphs versus having to "reset" the entire dashboard would be incredibly useful and save a lot of time


-When drilling into graphs we have found users often forget what particular category they drilled into leading to them having to reset the entire dashboard and start over. Could a "legend" type area be added to drill able graphs to show the user what they have drilled into?


-The ability to "select all" or "de-select all" options in a filter on the right hand side of the Insight


-The ability to drill into your graphs when in the Design Mode or "Configure Insight" to see how any formatting changes impact all layers of your graph once you begin to drill versus having to switch over to Preview Mode and test all layers and then switch back to Design Mode to make necessary changes


-The ability to adjust formatting on individual layers of a drilled graph. For example on the x-axis of your first layer have labels set at font size 10 with no angle, but then on your second layer once you drill have the x-axis font size adjusted to font size of 6 at 45 degree angle in the case where your data labels are longer once you drill




Nathan Brock 

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