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It would be useful to be able to select a single container (containing a data input) or multiple containers using Shift, and run those and only those.


When building a new element to a larger workflow, I often enter a new Input in a new container, the ability to run just that container without having to turn off all my other containers would be really useful in speeding up the start of joining things together.


Hope that makes sense.





With the 2019.3 release the summarize tool now includes prefixes for grouped fields. While a nice addition, in application it makes using this data downstream (like joining to other tables) more involved because of needing to remove this prefix. 


It would be nice to have this as an option (a checkbox to add/remove prefixes maybe) or just revert back to pre-2019.3 behavior...thanks!

Often as I am scraping web sites, some clever developer has put an invisible character (ASCII or Unicode) in the data which causes terrible trouble.

I've identified 89 instances of zero-width or non-zero-width glyphs that are not visible and/or Alteryx does not classify as whitespace. There are probably more, but Unicode is big y'all.

Unfortunately, the Trim() string function only removes 4 of these characters (Tab, Newline, Carriage Feed, and Space).
REGEX_REPLACE with the \s option (which is what the Cleanse macro uses) is a little better but still only removes 20. And it removes all instances, not just leading and trailing.

I've attached a workflow which proves this issue.

@APolly: this is what I mentioned at GKO.

And I did see this post (, but it's too brute force. Especially as Alteryx is localized and more users need those Unicode characters.

When we create new workflows, we like to have them in our company template, to stnadardise documentation. This makes it easier for a supervisor to review, and for a colleague to pick up the workflow and understand what is going on. For instance, we have all data input on the left, and all error checks and workflow validation on the right, and a section at the top with the workflow name, project name, purpose etc. We have a workflow that we use as a template with containers, boxes and images all in the appropriate places


It would be great if there was an option to select a workflow as a template. When a new workflow is opened, it would load this template rather than having a blank canvas.


Tableau has a veru useful "split" function that allows you to split a string with a delimiter and specify the number of the result you want


Qlik has the same function, subfield :

I think this is quite useful and a very standard feature.

Best regards,


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we have several environment in our organization : dev, recept, production.


In order to make that change safe we intend to make several connection (standard alias)  like






In our workflows, we want to use aka:%Question.v_environment%HIVE


Sadly, this solution does not work despite the value defaut. 



It would be very useful to be able to search the field by typing the name instead of scrolling up and down looking for it among a few hundred fields.


 Select Seach as you type.jpg

The introduction fo a rank tool would be hugely beneficial. Whilst there are currently means to rank using a combination of other tools formula/running total/multirow etc... a specific "Rank Tool" would be provide a seemless and smoother way to rank your data either for further analysis or purely to output this field.


This tool should include a sort by and group by functionaility as well as options for ranking (such as dense ranking or unique ranking) and in addition multi levels of ranking (ie. Rank by "Field A" Then By "Field B" etc...).

It would be nice to be able to append to a YXDB instead of having to read in the whole thing, union the new records, and then re-create it. 
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The sum function is probably the one I use most in the summarize tool. It is a silly thing, but it would be nice for "Sum" to be in the single-click list, rather than in the "Numeric" category...



I am trying to schedule something to run every 2nd workday of the month (which will not be the 2nd day of the month every single month because the first day of the month might land on a Friday which would make the second workday the 4th of the month). Is there a way to implement this in a schedule? 


For a few months we have used the custom schedule since we know the specific dates they would land on but it doesn't seem like the most efficient.


Thanks for you help. 



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If we rename a field ‘X’ to ‘Y’  in the alteryx module, the renaming is not inherited by all the tools using that field in that module. The tools which are still using the old field name ‘X’ will fail until they are configured to use the new field name ‘Y’. Most of the tools I have worked will inherit the field renaming.
It would be very helpful if the renaming is propagated to all the tools in the module using that field name. 

  • Preparation

Posting this idea after searching the community postings and then submitting a question to confirm:


I could invest the time into creating a macro to do what I need, or per @MichaelF suggestion a custom formula. However, the functionality already exists in the Blob Convert tool, so I'm suggesting that Alteryx provides that existing functionality to customers in a Formula.


I checked the Conversion formulas:


And found other users talking about making a macro to do this:



Could Alteryx add a new Conversion formula to convert a field to/from HEX/Base64 formats similar to the current Code Page conversion functions?





To keep from being too specific, the "Idea" is that Alteryx Designer should do better at recognizing and handling Date/Times on input. Thoughts include:
1) Offer more choices in the Parse: DateTime tool, including am/pm.
2) Allow users to add new formats to the Parse: DateTime lists.
3) Include user-added formats in the Preparation: Auto Field tool's library.
4) Don't require zero-padding of days and hours in the DateTimeParse() function.  (1/1/2014 1:23:45 AM looks enough like a date that DateTimeParse() should be able to figure it out, but it stumbles on day and hour.)
My particular difficulty is that I have incoming date/times with AM/PM components.  I've gone ahead and created a macro to take care of that for now, but it certainly seems like that sort of thing would be handled automatically.

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Instead of having multiple filters to create mutliples new branches for downstream analysis, Alteryx should have one filter with multiples ouputs ports. Each filter would is own statement. 

This would reduce the numbers of filters in a canvas.
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On the “Multi-Field Formula” tool, the default is to “copy output fields and Add….”  I think the default should NOT copy. I’m using this tool to trim all of the blank spaces, and change the case in text fields. I often forget to uncheck it and end up with all these additional fields at the end. With regard to the tool container, I think the default margin should be small. I build huge workflows, and putting each section in a tool container. I have to go in and change each one to small margins to condense the workspace. Perhaps in the user settings, under document, there could be a default margin option, just as there is a container color option.
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Rather than giving the users a big list of different date formats to choose from, allow the user to construct their own format with syntax of the incoming date that they are dealing with.

Currently I need to do a string function moving dates around to match a predefined syntax...
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I would classify this as a major bug.


Using Redshift ODBC connector, if I configure a Pre SQL statement inside an Input Tool, as soon as the Input tool is deselected (white space is clicked in workflow area), the Pre SQL statement executes without even executing the workflow.


e.g. putting a CREATE TABLE statement as pre SQL will create the table prior to the workflow being executed.


There should be no reason for the Pre SQL statement to execute until you are ready to execute the whole workflow. If there is, then the Pre SQL statement should be done outside of Alteryx.


Please change Alteryx to NOT execute Pre SQL until workflow is executed

When looking at a complex canvas - my first instinct is to group this into sub-modules (e.g. "/load Data"; "clean data") to make this simpler to understand.


We mostly do this through the use of Containers.

However - it would be more useful if you could then take an entire container and convert this to a macro.    This would be very similar to the way that Visual Studio allows you to take a block of code and convert it to a sub-procedure.


This would be a super-quick way to allow people to make canvasses more maintainable and easier to understand and test!


Thank you 


Implement an option to toggle the automatic creation of the .bak file or allow a destination different than the yxmd file.
Once we have our files under code control (git) the bak file is not necessary and effectively doubles our storage usage.
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