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I feel like I must be missing something, but saw a similar suggestion for TDE outputs, so maybe this really doesn't currently exist. We sometimes add descriptions to fields we create, and some inputs come with descriptions, but we can't seem to get them into the final database using the Output tool. Can there be a checkbox to persist the metadata along with the data when writing to a database?

We now have the ability to output to an ESRI File Geodatabase, which is great, but it only allows you to output it to the WGS84 coordinate system.  I would like to have the same functionality to export it to other projections or coordinate systems similar to the ESRI Shapefile or ESRI Personal Geodatabase output tools (we specifically need NAD83 but I'm sure others would like other options as well).

Today I have some workflows which have certain steps that occur after files are output.  I have these set up inside of Tool Containers so that I can easily enable/disable them as I am working if I do not want to produce output for this particular run.  However, sometimes if I need to troubleshoot on a workflow that I haven't worked on for awhile, I can neglect to disable these, which can cause errors.  This is usually harmless, but annoying.


Having two more options on Tool Containers could really help to improve this!

Disable When Browse Tools Disabled would be useful for any analysis/debugging steps that I only want to run when I am browsing to find data, but should not run otherwise.

Disable When Output Disabled would be really useful to ensure that these tools are turned off alongside the "Disable all tools that write output" option in Workflow-Configuration-Runtime.


This would save me a lot of unnecessary error messages and moments of panic, and would make these types of workflows easier for other users to debug without extensive notes.



we have several environment in our organization : dev, recept, production.


In order to make that change safe we intend to make several connection (standard alias)  like






In our workflows, we want to use aka:%Question.v_environment%HIVE


Sadly, this solution does not work despite the value defaut. 



Hi Community:



Capture.PNGIs anyone else annoyed that the default Output Options for the output tool usually need to be changed? What I've found in my couple of years of using this (wonderful) tool is that for Excel and Tableau outputs especially, the default is always 'Create new [sheet OR Extract File]'. Capture.PNG




But when you use that option for your output tool, you can't use the Alteryx flow again; you get an error (Sheet already exists you moron, or Extract already exists stupid) (c'mon, you know Alteryx is judging you and the strikethroughs are there in spirit).


Capture.PNGThe 'stupid' is silent

If you ever want to run your workflow again, you've got to change it to 'Overwrite [Sheet (Drop) OR Existing Extract File (Create if does no Exist)]'. 


I'm not sure about you, but I've been (passive aggressively?) hoping that with each new release of Alteryx, I would get a means to change my defaults. I would LOVE the option to have my output tools default to the overwrite, rather than create, option automatically. That one step is just... annoying to do over and over again. 


So, I'm not going to be a passive-aggressive twit any longer. I am formally asking for what I want like an adult.


Can I please have an option in Options>User Settings>Defaults with a drop-down for Output tool preferences: Create by default, Overwrite by default, Append by default, and whatever the other options are generally categorised according to how the Output tools are done? I really only care about the overwrite one, but you're getting my gist at this point, right?


Thanks so much!



Colourless Green




I'd like to append a field to an Excel file name in the Output tool but for Excel it appends the field to the Table name instead.


The solution is build the filename ahead of time as mentioned in @HenrietteH 's KB article but that seems less than elegant.




Expand the list of options to:


Append Suffix to FIle Name

Prepend Prefix to File Name

Append Suffix to Table Name

Prepend Prefix to Table Name






When selecting an Action in the Summary Tool - like Count.  The Output filed Name becomes Count.  It s/b Filed Name_Count so I don't have to rename all the Output Field Names with a more descriptive name.

As a MicroStrategy customer it would be nice if Alteryx would support output for either the .mstr file format or better direct creation and publication of the iCUBE, intelligent cube format on their server solution. This would be similar to the existing features of writing a twbx or  TDE file extract and publish to Tableau server.

Opposite if the Input connector could read from an intelligence cube on the MSTR iServer as datasource that would be great as well.

Below a link to their SOA webservices documentation to pull data into applications, perhaps an option.

Data as a Service



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In Alteryx Designer (version 2018.3.5.52487)

I am getting error ORA-00001 Unique Constraint Violated for any error when updating my Oracle table.

Specifically, my workflow's output tool Output Options is "Update, Insert if new" so I should never get an ORA-00001 error.  If the record exists, it should be updated, if it does not exist, it should be inserted.  The update happens most of the time, however when the update fails, the actual error my database is raising is an ORA-20001 error with a custom error message that I want to pass all the way back to the person reading the workflow log.  When I run an update in the database I receive the correct error: ORA-20001: No overrides to Sales allowed on data in closed periods. INVOICE_NBR=12345.  But the error Alteryx is presenting my user is: Error: MyWorkflow_output: DataWrap2OCI:Smiley FrustratedendBatch: ORA-00001: unique constraint (MY_SCHEMA.MY_TABLE_PK) violated.

Am I misinterpreting the error in Designer or is the incorrect error being presented to me?



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Our company deals a lot in .dif, .kat, and .px7 files for importing into our softwares. Would it be possible to add these additional output types since it would save the additional step of re-saving the Excel file as a .dif.

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Good afternoon,


I work with a large group of individuals, close to 30,000, and a lot of our files are ran as .dif/.kat files used to import to certain applications and softwares that pertain to our work. We were wondering if this has been brought up before and what the possibility might be.

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Yeah, so when you have 15 workflows for some folks and you've actually decided to publish to a test database first, and now you have to publish to a production database it is a *total hassle*, especially if you are using custom field mappings.  Basically you have to go remap N times where N == your number of new outputs.  


Maybe there is a safety / sanity check reason for this, but man, it would be so nice to be able to copy an output, change the alias to a new destination, and just have things sing along.  BRB - gotta go change 15 workflow destination mappings. 

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There should be an option to not update values with Null-values in the database, when using the tool Output Data, with the options:

  • File Format = ODBC Database (odbcSmiley Happy
  • Output Options = Update;Insert if new


This apply to MS SQL Server Databases for my part, but might affect other destinations as well?

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When outputting files, it is usually beneficial for characters that would cause trouble with formatting/syntax to be properly escaped. However, there are situations where suppressing this behavior is desirable.


Of particular importance for such a feature is in the outputting of JSON files. Currently, if a file is output as JSON it will always have quotations escaped if they occur within a field, regardless of whether this conforms to the JSON standard. There are a variety of current workaround for this, including pre-formatting all fields to look like JSON and then outputting as a \0 delimiter CSV, but in many cases there is no need to escape any characters when outputting a JSON.


A simple toggle--as was created for suppressing BOM in CSVs--to disable character escaping would make the creation of JSON objects simpler and reduce the amount of workarounds required to output proper JSON.


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I am sure that I can't be the only person that would be interested in an output tool that allows categorical fields on both axes.  THis would allow you to visualise the following example and I would suggest that this was either similar to the heatmap with boxes or the colour / size of the entry was determined by a third numerical value - such as 'Confidence' from the table below.  THere might be ways to extend the idea as well as having a fourth parameter that puts text in the box or another number but it would be useful and not too hard I am sure.








{Carrots Winter}







{Carrots Winter}



































{Carrots Nantaise}







Many thanks in advance for considering this,



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