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When I use the Comment Tool its difficult to select the tools inside it, but when I use the Container Tool the Container Text doesn't support Font Sizes, and doesn't support multiple lines of text so I end up moving the Comment into the Container, but still have problems selecting a group of tools.


So a combined Comment and Container Tools would be wonderful!


Bonus: If the Comment Tool could support Multiple Font Sizes.


Combined Tools.png

I've seen this question before and have run into it myself.  I'd like to see a new tool that would allow a developer (of a workflow) to choose a path of logic based upon criteria known only during the execution of a module.


If LEFT INPUT Count of records < 10,000 THEN Path1 (e.g. use a calgary join)

ELSE Path 2 (e.g. use a standard join)






I constantly find my using pre and post SQL Commands in the Output tool to run SQL when I don't actually have any data to output.


One example is when I load data into S3 and want to load it into Redshift. I have SQL code to run but no data to Output - I end up running a dummy row into a temp table.


So can we have an SQL tool that simply acts the same as a Pre-SQL command without the associated data output. Once the command is run we should be able to continue the workflow, so the tool should have an option input and output, like the Run Command tool.



DELETE from Source_Data Where ID in

SELECT ID from My_Temp_Table where FLAG = 'Y'




Essentially, I want to update a DB table with either an update or with the deletion of rows.  I can't delete all of the data.  My work around will be to create/insert into a table the keys that i want to delete and try to use a input/output tool with SQL that performs the delete.  Any other suggestions are welcome, but a tool is best.




The introduction fo a rank tool would be hugely beneficial. Whilst there are currently means to rank using a combination of other tools formula/running total/multirow etc... a specific "Rank Tool" would be provide a seemless and smoother way to rank your data either for further analysis or purely to output this field.


This tool should include a sort by and group by functionaility as well as options for ranking (such as dense ranking or unique ranking) and in addition multi levels of ranking (ie. Rank by "Field A" Then By "Field B" etc...).

I need support for outbound data streams to be gzip compressed.  Ideally, this would be done by a new tool that can be inserted into a workflow (maybe similar to the Base 64 Encoding tool).  Just including it in the Output Tool will not address my needs as I will be sending gzip payloads to a cloud API.  There are two main reasons why this is necessary (and without it, quite possibly a roadblock for our enterprise's use of Alteryx):


  1. Some APIs enforce gzip encoding, therefore Alteryx cannot currently be used to interact with such APIs
  2. When transmitting large volumes of data across the Internet, gzip compression will significantly decrease transmission times

XGboost regression is now the benchmark for every Kaggle competition and seems to consistently outperform random forest, spline regression, and all of the more basic models. For those of us using predictive modeling on a regular basis in our actual work, this tool would allow for a quick improvement in our model accuracy. And I think, from a marketing standpoint, having a core group of users competing in Kaggle using Alteryx would be a great way to show off Alteryx's power.


It is readily available as an R package:

Here's a twist on the iterative macro.  Suppose, like a generate rows tool, you could initialize a container to iterate on it's internal processes without having to construct a macro?  The container could include anchors for iterations and for output and allow the user to DoWhile inside of the container.


Just a thought....

We have been storing data on the PostgresDB and would be using variables from these tables for modeling processes in Alteryx. The ODBC connectors for postgres don't seem to be geared towards optimal performance, hence it would be extremely useful if Alteryx came up with an in-db functionality for postgres database in the future release.
  • New Tool

Visio is our organization's most common method of communicating business processes and workflows. Being able to export an Alteryx workflow to Visio would help us communicate the tool's functionality to process owners.

In a future release, I'd love to see the whole concept of browsing for and installing new macros/apps brought into Designer itself.  It's always great finding new macros, but the expereince is inconsistent- sometimes you have to run an installer file, sometimes run a package, sometimes just put the file in a directory and add a 'watched macro' directory to your preferences.


I'd like to see a cleaner expereince where you can choose to 'Add Tools', browse the gallery, check the thing i want, and click the tools group I want to put it under, then have Alteryx take care of the rest.  There would also be the need for a 'Manage tools' screen where could could uncheck and remove them later if you no longer need them.


For inspiration, check out the way MS handles 'Adding Apps' via their catalog to build out your Sharepoint 2013+ site

Due to a challenge a customer threw at me, I recently found this on Github and shared with the Community (


Tested it, and it works great. I connected to the developer (Tobias Montagna Hay), and he offered to share the source code with the product team.

So It'll be good that this plugin/Tool can be considered for future releases of Alteryx (mostly because it's already developed).


Hope this helps others as much as it did to me.



I find the concept of Batch and/or Iterative macros, when done specifically for the simple purpose of iteration, to be a fair bit of overhead. If we could extract the fundamental qualities of a loop and get that into an "Iteration Tool," it could become a well-used tool from the pallette.


Implementation Ideas:

  • Assume that the iteration is over the rows of a given input data set.
  • For the "body of the loop" allow multiple expressions, each of which iteratively assigns the i'th position of a given variable (which could be either existing or derived just like the Formula tool and it's expression).
  • Allow referencing of the loop index variable from within expressions

An example problem this could solve is from:  As discussed therein, the concept of "row dependent iteration" makes this difficult to solve with standard tools.


If the input data set from that example were sent into the proposed Iteration Tool... it would automatically loop over the dataset rows; and three expressions could be supplied in the Tool configuration to solve the problem:


VarE:   IF [i] > 1 THEN VarF[i-1] + VarG[i-1] ELSE VarE ENDIF
VarF:   VarA + VarB
VarG:   VarC + VarD


For implementation purposes, this would be logically equivalent to:


VarE[i]:   IF [i] > 1 THEN VarF[i-1] + VarG[i-1] ELSE VarE[i] ENDIF
VarF[i]:   VarA[i] + VarB[i]
VarG[i]:   VarC[i] + VarD[i]

 (so, basically, the i'th row is assumed unless otherwise provided in the expression syntax).


I hope this isn't too outlandish - I've tried to think through how this could be accomplished (1) as a tool that is not too fiendishly difficult for Alteryx to implement and (2) which would also be easy for us, the end users, to utilize.  Thanks!

  • New Tool

Hi, I'm new to Alteryx; we've had for just about a month. We started publishing our workflows to Tableau and it's working great.

One issue I foresee:

User credentials to the Tableau server are updated occasionally. When this occurs, I will have to update the credentials manually in each workflow. 

The number of workflows we are publishing is growing. Is there a way to automate this process? 

I think it would be extremely helpful to have an in-DB Detour so that you could filter a user's information without having to pull it out of DB and then put it back in for more processing.  A time where this would be useful is if you have a large dataset and don't want to pull the entire dataset out of the DB because it will take a long time to pull it.  This would be applicable for filtering a large dataset by a specific state chosen by the user or possibly a region.  The Detour in the developer tools actually seems like it would do the job necessary, it just needs to connect to the In-DB tools.  

Alteryx can be used to collect manual data input by chaining Analytic Apps together to create a dynamic application.


A specific example is collecting TRUE or FALSE values, from the user, for every record that was generated by a prior workflow. Technically this can be done by populating a List Box with the output from the first Analytic App. (the first picture below shows a dynamically populated list box.)


Alteryx should provide an interface tool that accepts a table of data and allows this table to be edited. Certian columns could be marked as "editable" or "locked" depending on whether edits are allowed for that row.


Here is an example of the existing list tool that can be used to collect TRUE or FALSE values.

List Box that looks like a table.jpg

Here is the proposed "Table Input Tool" with text input boxes to input more complex data for each row.


Table Input.jpg

Also note how multiple columns would be allowed instead of just NAME and VALUE.


If this is already possible please let me know.

Alteryx Forever!

thanks, Evan







User Story:  As a data analyst, I want to be able to easily edit my data's meta-data, so that down-stream actions can easily consume and export my data. 


Currently, you can do a bulk edit of your data's metadata, however, this has to be done using the Multi-Field formula. However, this solution is non-intuitive, and seems to run counter to the solution design of Alteryx, where each and every step is it's own module. 


A single module handling bulk and single column/attribute metadata transformations and editing would be (a) much more intuitive and (b) save analysts time of hand editing meta-data. 



I have many aggregation in the same workflow which product one or two different column each, total could be xx different columns. Wouldn't it be nice to have a multiple append tool that could take connections from many other tools? At the moment I would have to use many separate append fields tools and then one transpose, or multiple transposes and union. Either way you have to attach something to each tool. 



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As more vendors start selling directly to Amazon, the need to use Amazon Retail Analytics specific to your products is increasing. Currently, the only way to do this is manually downloading data from the Amazon Vendor Central platform every week to make sure data is saved and then further prepared in excel or Alteryx. The Download Tool does not work in this situation because of the various login credentials and page navigation that is associated with the platform. It would be great if there was a Connector Tool that integrated the Amazon Retail Analytics data from Vendor Central directly into Alteryx.

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Similar to the regular formula tool, it would be great if we would be able to configure multiple text to column processes within one tool rather than having to line up several tools when having to convert various fields of different logic at the same time.

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