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Here's a reason to get excited about amp!   Create a runtime setting that gets Alteryx working even faster. 

when you configure a file input you see 100 records.  Imagine the delight that after you run your workflows all input tools are automatically cached.  You run so much faster. 

now think of the absolute delight that even before you run the workflows that a configured input tool causes a background read off the input data.  Whether it is a new workflow or an opened existing flow that reading can start ahead of the time button. 

what do you think 🤔?

As a best practice, I label a Control Parameter with the exact field name that I want to map to in the workflow. This takes any guesswork out of maintenance down the road. I want the macro questions to automap the labels to field names, just like a Join tool automaps the right side to the left when a field name is chosen from the left side drop down.

Many users will probably follow best practice style guides with Alteryx to use comment boxes under tools to describe in detail what is happening with these tools - such as this one shared by @BenMoss.


However a limitation of this is the comment boxes do not move with the tools, so if you have a well documented workflow but then need to add a new tool, you need to adjust all the spacing and re-align the tools, which with a large workflow can be time consuming. 


Alteryx Community Idea.gif


Therefore the improvement would be to have an ability to lock comment boxes to individual tools (similar to a group function in Office).


Hi Community,

I didn't have a clue where to post this. That is why I am sharing it here.


A small portion of the community users are content creators\community builders\people active on social media. Let's take me, for example. I am writing yammer announcements about Alteryx to our internal user group in my current company.

One of the materials that I recently started to share are weekly challenges, and I know other Alteryx communities that are internal often share them weekly.

I would love to have an opportunity to copy-paste some announcements that someone from Alteryx would prepare.

Please see the screenshot below as a reference:




The only thing that I would add is information about the level of difficulty + Main subject. In similar manner, to what we see on the weekly challenge index:




If this would be posted on the same topic week over week, community builders like me could follow a threat and copy paste a new post weekly.


At the same time, if someone would like to post it on social media. They can always showcase them on the network.

More information about Alteryx in many sources for almost free.


You must upvote this idea 😄



Hello, it would be helpful to be able to have multiple levels of detail in a summarize tool. So, rather than aggregating on the lowest level of the group-bys, being able to select the level or partition for the aggregate. The current workaround for this is having multiple summarize tools and joining back to get all the data in one table.


The configuration would look something like this:

FieldActionAggregationOutput Field Name
RegionGroup by  Region
MetroGroup by  Metro
StoreGroup by  Store
UPCGroup by  UPC
Store SalesSumStore; UPCItem Store Sales
Store SalesSumMetro; UPCItem Metro Sales
Store Sales


Region; UPC

Item Region Sales

Store SalesSumStoreTotal Store Sales


With the aggregation field maybe being a pick-list of available "group by" columns. It should default to all the group by columns, but you could un-select some if you wanted a higher level of detail.

This is currently possible with xlsx and xlsm files but not xlsb files. 

This is a QoL-request, and I love me some QoL-updates!


best idea for 2020.png


While I'm developing I often need the output of a workflow as input for the next phase of my development. For example: an API run returns job location, status, and authentication ids. I want to use these in a new workflow to start experimenting what'll work best. Because of the experimenting part, I always do this in a new workflow and not cache and continue in my main flow.


Writing a temporary output file always feels like unnescesary steps, and tbh I don't want to write a file for a step that'll be gone before it reaches production. Esp if there is sensitive information in it.



I would love to be able to see the actual curl statement that is executed as part of the download tool. Maybe something like a debug switch can be added which would produce 1 extra output field which is the curl statement itself? This would greatly enhance the ability to debug when things aren't working as expected from the download tool.

I like to suggest having a Batch Macro Container (besides the existing Container) which acts as a Batch Macro within a Workflow and is stored within the Workflow.


I understand that having a batch macro available as a separate tool can be very powerful and reduces redundant work.  However, very often Batch Macros are set up for a specific workflow only and are of no use for other workflows. The Creation of a Batch Macro in a container will significantly reduce the time to deploy a batch macro and keeps the Macro folder clean of one-time Batch Macros.


Attached a picture of how this could look like





I don't believe there is a way to add a pattern/texture to a bar chart created in the Interactive Charting tool. This feature would enhance the accessibility of the charts created natively out of Alteryx.


Example from Plotly: https://plotly.com/python/pattern-hatching-texture/

There are quite a few instances reported in my ognization that user terminates the intallation process since it takes more than one hour and user tends to believe that the intallation process is somehow "failing". So they terminate the installation and try to install again.

A kind reminding message such as "This will approximatly take one hour, and you can enjoy your coffee break" something like that would definetely help.

Please kindly consider.

Inspire 2021 Call Center Demo.png


Having the ability to call-out via ARROWS/SYMBOLS (gold star) would be nice without requiring the user to create images and call them to the canvas.  This makes the workflow even more readable.


Watermarks (e.g. DRAFT, AMP, Do NOT AMP, FINAL) would be useful on the canvas as well.  





Alteryx is unlike many BI tools in the sense that it joins NULL. It is difficult to think of another platform that has this behaviour. Either people know about this and work around it or they don't and their joins are a ticking time bomb. Please add a check box to the Join and Join Multiple tools to allow or prevent joining NULL. This will serve to remove the need for workarounds as well as educate users about this default behaviour.

Can we please have a tickbox (ideally one that remembers your preference to be ticked or unticked) on the Save to Gallery pop up that would allow us to save a (timestamped?) copy of that workflow on a local drive (perhaps one that is preset in the user settings)?

Right now it is not possible to open .xlsx files in Alteryx that has restricted access to specific users from the excel file, even when you are logged in to Alteryx and Excel with the same user. If it is possible to make Alteryx recognize which users/email addresses should be able to input a file to Alteryx I think it would be a great enhancement. To get around the problem we are currently changing the file restrictions through right clicking on it -> Properties -> Security, but this is time consuming and not a smooth fix. 


All the best,


Hello all,

According to wikipedia :


CROSS JOIN returns the Cartesian product of rows from tables in the join. In other words, it will produce rows which combine each row from the first table with each row from the second table.[1]

Example of an explicit cross join:

FROM employee CROSS JOIN department;

Example of an implicit cross join:

FROM employee, department;

The cross join can be replaced with an inner join with an always-true condition:

FROM employee INNER JOIN department ON 1=1;


For us, alteryx users, it would be very similar to Append Fields but for in-db.

Best regards,


Currently, if you download and Alteryx package from an alternative version it doesn't allow import into a newer version.



Workflows allow this with a warning it would be good to allow it on packages too. 

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Hello all,

Despite a few limitations, Alteryx is great when you work with full table (i.e when you rewrite entirely the table). But in real life, very few workflows work like that :

Here are some real life use cases that should be easy to deal with on Alteryx  :


-delta on a key

-delta on a key + last record based on a date


-update records

-start_date and end_date for a value



Best regards,


When viewing results of a workflow that has Errors, could we add External error resolution data if the user clicks on the error message?  Like browse everywhere it could lookup the error in help and in community posts.  




We store valuable data in our MS Teams sites (which are sharepoint folders behind the scenes). Currently, there is no way to connect to sharepoint directly (only if I sync sharepoint to my local drive, which is problematic and doesn't work on Alteryx server).


My recommendation is to have a sharepoint connector which works on both the desktop and server.



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