2022.1.1.30569 Patch Release Update

The 2022.1.1.30569 Patch/Minor release has been removed from the Download Portal due to a missing signature in some of the included files. This causes the files to not be recognized as valid files provided by Alteryx and might trigger warning messages by some 3rd party programs. If you installed the 2022.1.1.30569 release, we recommend that you reinstall the patch.

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I always get a chuckle out of seeing PowerPoint presentations which, through numerous tables and illustrations show the "health" of "x" - where "x" is a customer, a market, business division, etc. - where the author spent hours creating graphical indicators such as arrows to render trends.


Recalling being provided such a deck from a senior leader who was touting how precisely the deck drew attention to areas of needed action.  The deck, in this case, was a 6 figure investment from a consulting firm. My unwelcomed response was, "Pretty pictures, nice illustrations.  What happens when business shifts tomorrow and we need to see this updated?"  There was no response.


In a different past life, I had the opportunity to create a similar deck, but utilized PowerPoint's ability to link to Excel, and VBA that made the tables graphs - and trending arrows all dynamic based on the data.  


This feature request, however, is not about me.  The dynamic slide deck solution was a windfall.  Alteryx workflows can certainly push dynamic data into .xlsm files to lighten the burden on the .xslm by eliminating the data pull.


BUT - not many organizations care for having production .xlsm files in use, and they're difficult to governance control.


Would be GREAT if one of Alteryx's output options was:  A PowerPoint

Give the developer the same ability to render "pages" as one would to populate Worksheets in a Workbook.


Have to believe would be a game changer for the product.

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It is my understanding that hidden in each yxdb is metadata.  The following use case is common:


As an Alteryx Developer/Designer I want to know the source of a yxdb.  


Ideally, I would know as much about the workflow (name, path, workflow version, AYX version, userid) as possible.


It would be awesome to be construct a workflow that would allow me to search the metadata of yxdb's on my client computers quickly.





Currently both the formula and summarise tools round to 6.d.p for finance calculations such as IRR. People coming from Excel will be used to a higher precision then this. It would be great to up the precision in line with other platforms to 8.d.p +



The idea is to have a Run option, where the workflow runs everything up to the selected tool (Like the Cache functionality does).

You select the tool, hit Run Up and the workflows executes everything "before" the selected tool.


That'll make developing much easier, specially when dealing with big workflows and constant changing data.



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At present, users can create a new field or update an existing one within the formula tool.


When making changes to an additional column, I often have to then add a select tool to rename this (or remove the original column if I make another with the correct name). Therefore, it'd be great if there was an option to rename the output of the formula as part of the configuration. Perhaps a tick box to 'Rename column upon output' along with a text box, where the Data Type selection is.


This is a fairly minor QoL thing but it could definitely trim down the number of tools used in some cases. In terms of referencing the field itself, maybe the formula tool could use [This field] or something descriptive to dynamically reference it, rather than the actual name which will be edited.


As an aside, I'm not sure if it's a technical limitation, but it'd also be brilliant if the field size could be changed for existing columns (within the limitations of the data type), rather than being static.

Hello all,

As of today, Alteryx proposes the Intelligence Suite with amazing tools never seen in a data tool, even OCR, image analysis etc.. https://www.alteryx.com/fr/products/intelligence-suite

But... these wonderful tools are part of a paid add-on. And this is what is problematic :

-Alteryx is already an expensive tool. With a huge value but honestly expensive.

-The tools in Intelligence Suite are not common in data tools because you won't use often. And paying for tools you use once or twice in a month is not easy to justify.

So, I suggest to incorpore Intelligence Suite in the core product. The Alteryx users benefit is evident so let's see the Alteryx benefits : 
-more user satisfaction
-a simpler catalog
-adding a lot of value to Designer, with the ability to communicate widely on the topic.

-almost no cost : most costumers won't buy the Intelligence Suite anyway.

Best regards,


After multiple years of using Alteryx, The tabbed document feature was left out of 2022.1.  This feature allows for a much cleaner canvas for exploring workflow and output data.  I view this feature as a basic function of Alteryx, I was surprised to find out that the development team intentionally omitted this function.   I really don't want to revert back to older versions but it may be only the way to have a more comfortable feel of Alteryx.

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@NicoleJ recently asked a question about what default save options that we might want to apply to when we save to SERVER.  I'll answer for both SERVER and to DESIGNER here as ideas.


SERVER:  When I save a workflow to the server, I'd like to have Alteryx automagically do the following:


  1.  Respect my CANCEL RUNNING WORKFLOW on ERROR default setting.
  2. Respect my SHOW MACRO MESSAGES default setting.
  3. Respect my Enable Performace Profiling default setting (OFF should be recommended).
  4. Respect my AMP Engine Compatibility Mode setting (if AMP is turned on).
  5. Modify any non-relative path dependencies to UNC.
  6. Respect my DISABLE All TOOLS that WRITE Output default setting.
  7. USE GLOBAL Default for Temporary Files


If any settings or rules (e.g. dependencies) don't match default, please WARN me or give option to reset automagically.


For DESIGNER saves, please do the same as SERVER plus:

  1.  Respect my DISABLE ALL BROWSE TOOLS setting.

If anyone wants to chime in with more settings, please do so.





It would be oh so nice to be able to copy a container's properties and paste those formatting options onto other containers.  It could be accomplished through a Paint Brush icon on CTRL-Copy and Right Click to paste format.  either way it would save setting the Color (multi-step select), Margin, transparency.





A "Filter" that would work like a "Formula" - where you can add multiple criteria in one space, and for each criteria, you would get an output anchor.  I use Alteryx to manage master data from several factories - each needing to have separate workstreams.  Stacking Filter criteria functions, but it would be much cleaner to have it managed within a single tool.

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Often I need to add filters or other tools early on after the workflow is already been mostly built. If a tool connects to one tool I can drag the filter over the connecting line and add the filter seamlessly. However in large workflows there is often this situation:    


The Filter will only connect to one of the lines I'm hovering over. If I could connect to all lines simultaneously and drop in the connection to achieve this (would be awesome):





I believe many have voiced out this as their pain point within the Community. Essentially, there is no straightforward method to import multiple Excel files which are password protected.


I understand that there is an R solution suggested by several users, however, that is not ideal as it can be difficult to obtain permission from internal Tech team to install the package on the users' computers. 


Re-saving them without password is not only a hassle, but also raises concerns for data protection and security.

This may have been raised before, but we would like to see the equivalent of PRICE and YIELD formulas from Excel in Alteryx's Formula tool. I believe many users in the finance industry are using formulas like these frequently and it would be helpful to be able to replicate the formula in Alteryx.


Manually building the formula is possible, however it is unnecessarily complicated especially if you are working on different calendar basis e.g. 30 /360 European.


Thank you!

Currently i develop on a 2560 x 1440 monitor, and it is great for development of Alteryx workflows. 

However, from an accessibility perspective (and for demonstration purposes), the whole of the Alteryx Interface text and icons are far too small for anyone to read. For instance, this is what Designer looks like at the most common monitor size, 1920 x 1080:



And at my native resolution (2560 x 1440)



And 4k resolution, for comparison:



As you will notice - virtually everything is smaller, and unreadable at higher resolutions. It doesn't appear that this is a setting within Alteryx, and so I have to resort to windows settings to change the size:


Or as @CharlieS mentions here change the size of text across all applications.

It would be useful within Alteryx to have a 'scaling' slider/dropdown, so I do not have to change the resolution or size of applications within windows, to be able to easy read or demonstrate data from Alteryx Designer. 


To add the capability to hard rename the columns in all modes 

This year, Microsoft updated improve their API (GraphAPI) to access Office365 enviroment.


Alteryx have launched on Microsoft District in Public Gallery the Dataverse , Onedrive & Sharepoint Connectors.


Alteryx must develop as soon as possible an connector/email with same authenticator options as connectors Above and improve the emails settings.



It´s important to release and documentation to show wich permissions on Azure it's necssary to send the emails. 




Microsoft Announce:



Azure Permissions:


Under the Runtime setting, there is an existing option to "Disable All Tools that Write Output". This is incredibly useful when developing workflows when you don't want to overwrite existing files.


But this option doesn't disable all outputs, like Publishing to Tableau! 


I suggest adding the option to disable ALL kinds of outputs, uploads, and publishing (except possibly logging and caching).

As an analyst in a large team, there has been occasions when multiple users are editing the same workflow resulting in duplicated efforts and overwritten work.  

This is particularly an issue with remote working when it's not so easy or instant to ask your colleagues "Are you working on X?"

Having a notification pop-up (like the MS example below) would be extremely helpful in order to know if another user is already accessing the workflow so multiple users do not end up editing the same workflow independently.



Alteryx is very quick already but it world be useful to know the computational cost of different approaches to building a workflow using a lot of data. This would make it easier to know if your optimization to the workflow is working as expected and also which tools in particular are doing the work best. Other software such as Power BI has a performance analysis section which breaks down how each action impacted performance. 


It would be great to get a similar breakdown of how long each tool is taking to run in the results window. 



Please build individual *Unknown fields, one from the Left and one from the Right, into the Join tool. One *Unknown field cannot cover both side of the Join leading into the J output.

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