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As a system admin, I need a simple, reliable way to back up the Alteryx Server without shutting it down first. A hot-backup (and restore) utility that includes a consistent copy of MongoDB plus any other server config files would allow me to do this.
  • Installation
I just upgraded to the new Alteryx 8.6 which I'm looking forward to using, however, it is quite frustrating that none of my customized user settings are maintained during the install process. I make a few customizations:
  • Vertical layout
  • Showing the grid and the XML
  • Turning off the "module complete" pop-up
  • My 'panes' where I put them
  • A few favorite tools in the "Favorites" toolbar
And there are so many other customizations that I don't go near (but might if they were maintained during upgrade), like:
  • Default temporary path and Logging
  • Dataset defaults
  • Zoom levels
  • Startup page & Distance units
Please implement a way of maintaining these settings!!
  • Installation
Allow the User to 'de-authenticate' a license so it can be installed on a new laptop.
  • Installation
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The silent install for the census data I not completing successfully.  It appears that it can't create folders.  When attempting to run the command: DataInstallcmd.exe /s /install all /log "C:\temp\logs\alteryx.txt"

I received an error in the log:  Install failed: Directory: C:\Program Files (x86)\Alteryx\DataProducts\ does not exist

I received this error regardless of how I attempted to run this command, as a user with admin permissions, as a user with admin permissions running the command as an administrator, from an elevated command prompt, etc. It was not until I manually created the directory via the following command that the silent install ran successfully. 


mkdir "C:\Program Files (x86)\Alteryx\DataProducts"

  • Installation
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