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I think I'm liking the new UI, but I think it's necessary to bring back save, undo and re-do buttons....


1. Frequent saving of workflows is crucial and not everyone uses keyboard shortcuts

2. The ability to undo (lots) of changes is a key part of iterating and rapidly building workflows in Alteryx and again not everyone uses keyboard shortcuts to do this.


Looks like there's potentially space to add this to the right of 'help' (I suspect this might be technically quiet difficult) or to the left of 'run', 'schedule' and 'active documents' as seen in the image below.


Out of interest, where has the 'documents' terminology come from?


2018-11-14 22_12_14-Alteryx Designer x64 - PureGym Log In.yxmd_.png




Sometimes formulas get pretty long. There are cases of deeply nested conditionals, concatenation of long strings, cases where multiple casts and parses are used, etc. where formulas get pretty large and unwieldy. The current system of wrapping lines and managing the size of the properties pane can be a hassle, especially if you are trying to use any sort of whitespace formatting to make the formulas more readable.


My solution is this is pretty simple, add a pop-out window for formulas. It could be a context menu option from right-clicking the formula box itself, a button on the bar at the top of each formula, or any number of other things.


A really good example of this is MS Access. You can right-click any text box that takes an expression and open it in the expression editor pop-up window. The current system is more like excel where you're stuck with whatever box size you're given.

Hi All,


Was very happy to see the Bulk Loader introduced for Snowflake during last release. This bulk loader is specifically available for Snowflake environments that are hosted on AWS, but does not provide functionality for those environments using Azure. As Snowflake continues to build momentum, I imagine this will be a common request. Is there something in the pipeline to add this functionality?


For an interim solution, we will be working toward developing some generic scripts/snowsql to mimic that bulk load, but ultimately we'd love to have this as part of the tool.




When my workflow is done running, this box pops up:


Previous to 2018.4, the space bar would select ok and the box would go away. Now the space bar selects the checkbox.


Please change it back so that the space bar selects ok.

This is not a new idea but an old one. It is an elementary requirement which everyone talks about since 2013 and still ignored.


I have a requirement here in Macquaire but had to give them a workaround as this basic functionality is still missing


Please action



Paolo Bottiglione

  • General Suggestion



We have recently upgraded to 18.3 and noticed that the Filter tool expression box has lost its colour coding of expression elements. The Formula tool (which still has the 18.2 look and feel) however still has the old colour coding.


It would be great if the colour coding could be included for all tools with expression editing boxes.


Examples attached for clarity.



Data profiling feature in the Browse tool is a great feature, however, when your working with an extremely large data set, it can a large amount of time to fully render.


My idea is if Alteryx can make a pre-determination whether the data is so large that it'll take a substantial amount of time to profile the data. If it does, to not profile immediately, rather, display a message where the profile info would be letting the user know that it may take a while to generate with a "Generate Profile" button if the user needs to see it.


Another option would be to only profile a sample of the data and present the user an option to profile everything.







When a tool container is disabled, I'd like the lines that are going into it to be different from "enabled" lines. 


They could be grey or dotted for example.


When working on a workflow and disabling containers, I find that the lines entering disabled containers become confusing or cluttering. It would be much simpler to focus my attention efficiently if lines that remain enabled could be distinguished quickly.

I am using a Dynamic Input within a Batch Macro to allow the user to read (dump) data from multiple Oracle tables with varying schemas.  If a table read has 0 rows output, then an error message like the following is displayed at the end of the job execution:




Because it is always possible to return 0 rows from the read, I'd like to mute the error message.  If this message is present, I don't want to STOP the macro/application.  I do however want to stop the application if an ERROR Message that I care about is encountered (e.g. Output file is not defined).






As we do more work analyzng the canvasses that our folk are producing - it's becoming more and more necessary to have a well documented definition and schema for the XML that is used for Alteryx Canvasses.


Please could you publish the full XML definition and schema for Alteryx canvasses - this will allow groups to perform deeper analytics on how people are using Alteryx, automate quality checks; look for learning gaps; scan for dependencies etc?


Note: this relates to an idea from @dataprep here:


cc: @revathi @LizaNemchynova @ydmuley

There is a great question in the Designer space right now asking about saving logs to a database:


This got me to think a little more about localized logging options in Alteryx.


At a high level, there are ways to accomplish this in Designer at a User or System level by enabling a Logging directory and then parsing those logs with a separate Alteryx job.  However, this would involve logging ALL Designer executions, which seems like it may be overkill for this need.  A user can also manually save a log after each execution, although this requires manual intervention.


I think adding an option in the Runtime settings for Workflow Configuration to Enable Logging and (optionally) specify a Logging directory would be a great feature add for Designer.  In my opinion this should not apply once a workflow runs on Server (Server logging should be handled in a fully standardized way), but should apply to designer "UI" execution.  Having the ability to add a logging naming convention (perhaps including a workflow name and run date in the log name) would be icing on the cake.


This would allow for a piecemeal logging solution to log specific flows or processes that might be high visiblity or high importance, while avoiding saving hundreds or thousands of logs daily of less important processes, and of dev test.  It would also reduce or eliminate a manual process to save these logs individually.

A lot of popular machine learning systems use a computer's GPU to speed up some of the math to a huge degree. The header on this article on Medium shows a 15x difference from a high-end CPU vs a high-end GPU. It could also create an improvement in the spatial tools. Perhaps Alteryx should add this functionality in order to speed up these tools, which I can imagine are currently some of the slowest.

Hi there,


The login to the community goes through the Gallery - which is a problem for folks in locked-down corporate environments (in our firm, the URL is locked down so that there can be no leakage of intellectual property) - as a result, none of us can log into the community site ( and sign in as ourselves from work.


Would it be possible to replicate the login URL so that if I'm logging in from the Community it punches me through to instead of   You could use the same authentication and the same credentials in the background, but at least then we'd be able to log into the community from the office and contribute to questions and discussions?


Thank you


  • General Suggestion

I need to be able to save workflows as a prior version to enable end users with the lower version of Designer to be able to open and run them. I have attempted the version tricks (editing the backup file and changing the version) but I can't get it to work in a way that is realistic for my end users to be able to handle. I have also downloaded a couple of "downgrade" apps from the Gallery but they're so old they didn't work (even with some tailoring).


In our organization, I have a higher version because I was testing it. However, I am also a developer and need to be able to get workflows written that are compatible with at least the last version (i.e. I'm on 2018.2 and our users are currently on 2018.1). I really think there needs to be an easier way to be able to save as a different version (and possibly warn if there are tools within the workflow that are not available on the prior version).

When Alteryx Designers are installed, I'd like to be able to disable the option for Designers within my organisation to 'Save to Alteryx Gallery' (The public Alteryx Gallery) - It causes confusion amongst users who are trying to interact with our internal Alteryx Server environments.





  • General Suggestion

As an admin - we currently need to download a large number of different binaries for every release; then package them for internal deployment; then send them out.

This creates unnecessary work for our admin teams, our packaging teams, our deployment teams etc.


This problem is becoming more acute now that Alteryx is shipping add-on tools via the public gallery - so our standard desktop designer can now require 10 or more separately packaged installs.


Can we please change the download experience to allow enterprise admins to:

- Select the components that they want in a standard download

     - This would allow for a menu selection across all the starter kits (e.g. Tableau; microsoft; qlik); the standard designer; the predictive

     - it would also allow for a menu selection across public gallery assets so that we can include things like the model comparison tool and other new predictive capabilities

     - the addins for Microsoft R Server

     - database drivers

     - Connect data loaders

     - Server components

- Given this set a name (like "Standard designer install") since in a large enterprise we will have several different configurations (some for super-users; some for standard users).    In our world we'd have "Standard Designer"; "Admin"; "Connect Controller"; "SuperUser" as our starting list.

- Then download one installer which is the aggregated set of these in one place 

- ... and finally allow the Admin to be notified when any component in the install set changes so that they can download the new version.



cc: @jason_m_mack @AshwiniChezhiyan @LizaNemchynova @revathi

Hey Alteryx Devs - 


Simple fix that would keep me in the flow sometimes, is if I could hit F2 and get to a place where I could tweaky tweaky the annotation.  I keep on finding myself hitting F2 and then am annoyed that I have all these extra clicks to annotate meaningfully.  Easy fix and you don't have anything else attached to F2.  





edit:  Had wrench palette, needed pencil palette!



It would be cool if the Overlap tool also worked with report layouts, instead of just the map image. For example, once I've pieced my different report tables into one layout, it would be cool if I could just add my company logo using image tool, add a Overlay tool, and add the logo to the top corner of my finalized report. I realized there are other ways of doing it, this would seem the most straight forward though. Just an idea.



This feature isn't a must - but would definitely be a nice to have.

Similar to the excel having a tab with key figures like average, count and sum 

It would be a really good idea to do something similar within Alteryx just to have a quick glance on key figures/functions (example attached - apologise for the bad paint job but definitely would look good with Alteryx colour scheme)


Hi Alteryx, 


I am not sure if there already is an easy solution to sharing workflows between people using different language settings in Alteryx, so here goes.


My colleague is using the German version of Alteryx and both I and our server is using the English version of Alteryx. When he shares a workflow with interface tools, all connection strings disappear. This is due to the references in the script behind Alteryx are different. So in the German version, the connection is supposed to connect to a tool called "Aktion", but for the English version it needs to connect to a tool called "Action". The same example with "Frage" and "Question". It is funnily enough only an issue if at least one of the connection tools is an Interface tool. If it is not Interface tools, then the original connection remains as if it auto-detects and changes the language.
The solution as is now is opening the Alteryx flow with a text editor and search for the German word, e.g. "Frage" and replace it with "Question". After saving and opening with Alteryx again, it works. However, we would like to avoid this little detour into the text editor. So, if it is possible for Alteryx to auto-detect and adjust the language for Interface tools as well or if it is possible to adjust the settings regarding language for a specific flow/macro, then this would be great. 


Please let me know if another solution is already available. 


Best regards, 


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