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Currently, when one uses the Google BigQuery Output tool, the only options are to create a table, or append data to an existing table.  It would be more useful if there was a process to replace all data in the table rather than appending. Having the option to overwrite an existing table in Google BigQuery would be optimal.

I saw this tool demo'd at an Alteryx User Group meeting a couple weeks ago and thought it was very cool!


Requesting SMTP TLS support for the Email tool as it is a requirement for my organization.



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At the moment the salesforce connector does not support view objects like AccountUserTerritory2View. It should be extended to support those objects to facilitate more efficient and above all complete data extraction. 

  • Designer Integration
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Extend the machine-learning framework for pressure analysis on a single well to multiwell systems.  

The framework should capture the well interference accurately and be able to test a greater area of the reservoir. Develop a machine-learning model to reconstruct the flow-rate history by use of pressure data. Ensure that both models maintain the advantages of the machine-learning- based single-well pressure interpretation in terms of the accuracy of prediction, computational efficiency, and tolerance to noise.

  • Designer Integration
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