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If you have a field length of say 10 in a Select Tool, then you use a Left Join tool and change that length to say 4. This turns that field red - as it should.  Then add a Select tool after the Union.  It should say 4 in the second Select tool.  But instead it says 10.  If it was changed to 10 (and it wasn't) then the field s/b red.

I've had several of my users complaining about the Visual Query Builder view after the last couple of releases. When you maximize the window, half of the screen is taken up by blank gray space and there is no way to adjust it and it's very difficult for those who do not know SQL to build their queries in this very small white space. Need to be able to adjust the gray space.



visual query builder.jpg

As the title indicates, the Alteryx POW() function in the formula tool returns null when you ask for the odd root of a negative number. Either I am making an error or this is a bug.



  • Defect

Probably more of a bug. Not sure if this annoyes anyone else, but when a running workflow in a different tab completes, the current windows focus is gone, even you have the pop-up notification disabled. Check the video and see what happens at 0:11 when tab 105 finishes running while I'm typing a super complicated code Smiley Wink


There are a several ways to store the Avro schema in Hive:


  1. Literal JSON string stored in the Hive table properties (Alteryx currently supports)
  2. Reference to the schema file stored elsewhere
  3. Pass in the schema as a run-time property in Hive

Alteryx only supports Option #1, but that runs into a 4000 Character Limitation which is the default schema limit in Hive’s internal DB. Is it possible to have Alteryx support the other two options to be able to support data sets with large schema definitions?

A recent post solution ( by @patrick_digan alerted me to a loss of functionality of the Input Tool.  In order to define a range of data via SQL to Excel (e.g. Sheet3$A1:C10) you need to know a work-around instead of just modifying the SQL.  The work-around is to modify the XML.  I would like to see that functionality returned to the Input tool.




  • Defect

When posting an alteryx job to the gallery; or packaging them for transport - any deep dependancies are lost (I think that we start to have trouble once you're 3 levels deep).


For example - you have a canvas; which uses macros; which in turn have macros; which in turn have macros.


this is not as uncommon as it may sound on the surface - due to the current lack of flow-of-control support in Alteryx; we need to wrap all of our ETL jobs in Batch Macros to force them to run in a specific order.   Within these ETL jobs, it's common to decompose for lookups; master data management; etc.


Is this something that the team is currently looking into fixing - this does cause quite a bit of pain when deploying to the gallery because the jobs need to be manually stitched together and packaging does not carry the full working solution?




CC:  @rijuthav@jithinmony@HengHe@RajK@ydmuley@revathi@Deeksha@MPistone@Ari_Fuller@Arianna_Fuller@JoshKushner@samN@avinashbonu@Sunder_Sriram@Rahul_Thakur@Rahul_Singh

This appears to be a bug with either the Layout Tool or the Render Tool. When I setup two Tables using the Horizontal Layout Tool and export to Excel using the Render tool, the font size of the bottom-right cell of the first table is too large. No amount of changing the font properties within the Alteryx Reporting tools appears to fix this.



Despite being an Alteryx user for 2 and a 1/2 years this is something I have only recently came across but it does not appear that you are able to use debug mode appropriately with macros.

What I mean is, I have a macro input which drives a series of drop down boxes. In debug mode my drop down boxes will not populate. Now I understand why, Alteryx doesn't know what the input is so it doesn't generate the meta data for the debug mode drop downs.

What I suggest Alteryx do is automatically convert your macro inputs for file browses for the purpose of debug mode (I had to do this myself manually and it was a tedious task, not only to set up but then maintain two separate versions, one essentially an application and one a macro).

Or, by default debug mode uses the macro input data to run through debug mode as.


It would be awesome if there was a cross tab in DB option because right now I have to stream out millions of records to build a cross tab.

I decided to get real fancy when building a standard macro the other day. I checked the box on my macro input that made the connection optional:Capture2.PNG




It worked really well. My macro then became more complex, so I changed it to a batch macro. To my great surpise/astonishment/shock, the optional incoming connection is no longer optional:



The standard macro is working as expected on the left, but the batch macro is producing an error because my optional connection is requiring that something be connected to it.



I've been told that the code to make it optional is not there for batch macros and that this would be a product feature/improvement.


With the increase number of JSON feeds and the need to properly define the data type for date and date/time fields. It would be useful to have the Auto Field tool detect common date and date/time formats from Strings and assign the Date, Date Time, or Time data type.


Given the following input data:



The select tool confirms is a String



If we use the Auto Field as:


The result is still a String data type (2nd Select Tool)



I would expect this to be Date Time.


One solution would be to create a formula and parse it, but this is not suitable for situations that the field names are unknown.


It would be much easier to have the work done by Auto Field.


So when you double click a word in Any other program it only highlights that word, for fast easy replacement

ex. [Field Number One]

If you double clicked any of these words in any other program you would only highlight JUST the word.

In Alteryx if you double click the same word you're gonna grab the space to the right of the word AND THE BRACKET on the left making the double click functionality useless.


Please fix.


Currently, the scheduling via designer controller is independent of the gallery. So, even after a canvas is deleted, the scheduler still continues to execute the cached version of the canvas, as long as the scheduler exists.

Note, this issue does not occur when the canvas is directly scheduled in the gallery, and only occurs when you schedule via the Designer on the controller directly.


Steps to replicate issue:

1) Publish a canvas into gallery

2)Schedule the canvas to run daily via the Designer --> Options --> View Schedules --> Select Controller --> Create new workflow and schedule

3) Delete the canvas from gallery

4) You will notice that the canvas is still getting run on the defined schedule, even though you have deleted the canvas


Observed in Alteryx 11.5.1


Idea Recommendation:

Golden copy of a canvas should be the version existing in the gallery. Once the gallery instance of the canvas is deleted/replaced with a new version,

  • All related artifacts to the old version should be marked as "Deleted"
  • All existing schedules should be stopped from being executed
  • We should continue to retain all meta data attributes and execution history related to the old version (should not be wiped out) but clearly marked as archived/deleted


@SeanAdams @LizaNemchynova


Feature: If an instance of Alteryx is already running then on double clicking a *.yxmd file in Windows Explorer it should open in a New Tab of existing instance instead of launching another instance of Alteryx.


Issue: Each new instance of Alteryx puts load on the system memory due to an additional AlteryxGui.exe process.


Workaround: Currently we can drag & drop the *.yxmd file from Windows Explorer onto the running Alteryx instance to open in a new tab of the current instance but the same behaviour on double clicking the *.yxmd would be highly appreciated. 

Recently my trial license expired, and after receiving our activation licenses, I needed to upgrade from the 'User' version to the 'Admin' version.


When uninstalling the previous 'User' version, it appeared to complete successfully, and I then started installing the 'Admin' version from the installer.


After installation completed, I noticed that three versions of Alteryx appeared in my Windows 'Programs and Features' in Control Panel - Alteryx (Remove Only), Alteryx (Admin), and Alteryx (User).


When attempting to uninstall the 'User' version, it appeared to complete as expected, but did nothing when examining the application or root directory location, and I could still access and open and use the 'User' version of Alteryx.


To make a long story short, after going into regedit and removing all registry keys named 'Alteryx' including the SRC source key for Alteryx, I was able to manually remove all three of these versions and reinstall the 'Admin' application successfully.


Some kind of an uninstaller to wipe out all Alteryx directories, installations/versions, etc. to perform a clean uninstall/reinstall would be super valuable and probably save some folks a ton of time who are evaluating the product and moving from a Trial(User) version to an activated Admin license.

It would be great if Tool Container margins were adjusted so tools inside could snap to the grid perfectly. Right now they are just a pixel or so off and it creates slight crooks in connectors. (Minor I know, but it would go a long way to make canvases look clean)



grid snap.PNG

When working with large amount of data the browse tool profiling causes the program to stop responding.


A feature to disable the profiling per browse tool.

or even better

After a set threshold (e.g. amount of rows), the auto profiling is disabled and requires an action to run.

Right now there is not an exception join in DB which means if I want to remove records I have to filter on NULL and with large tables this is really inefficient.

For example I have an ERROR MESSAGE tool that is rather verbose.  I chose to modify the annotation as:  ZIP Code Check.  I presumed that the result would simply be "ZIP Code Check", but Alteryx added that to the beginning of the annotation rather than replacing the whole annotation.  I reported this as a bug, but was told that this was designed to operate in this manner.  It was suggested that I bring this out as a "New Idea" to the community for review.  If you agree that the tools should operate in a similar fashion for annotation (or other actions) across the pallet, please STAR this.  Otherwise, I'm happy to hear your feedback.






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