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Hi All,


With Integration of various platform in Alteryx, connector seems to be an ease of use.


One is, yammer connectors. It would-

1. Help to extract insights of organisation pages.

2. Understand the productivity/Ideas of an organisation overall and help in enterprise content management.


Currently, the process to extract such data is through REST API/Bulk API and a connector would solve the issues.




Create the ability to randomly sample X number of records. For example, randomly select 16 samples from a data set.

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The Install by Command Line documentation, also known as Silent Install Doc, is incomplete. Though it mentions the Predictive installer location, it does not explicitly describe how to peform the installation using the command line, nor does it mention that it is possible. According to the 2017 Alteryx Partner Certification Exam, it is indeed possible to do a silent install of the Predictive tools. Please update the documentation. Thank you. 

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