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I would like to have all my annotations show on top of the tools by default. I can change them one at a time, but I would like to be able to change the default setting to be "Show Annotations on the Top" always.

I love Workflow Meta info, especially the ability to put the Author, the search tags,the version, the description, etc...

workflow meta info.png

But why can't we use it as Engine Constant? It doesn't seem very hard to implement and it would change life for development.



The issue : we have to regurlary change our passwords. It implies changing it for all the connections alias (at least for standard connections). 

What I'm looking for :

A commande line to execute like :
alteryxpw.exe -connection {alias name} -connection_type {user/system} -connection_mode {standard/indb} -pw {new password}

This command line could be executed by a powerhsell script.

It would be very useful to be able to search the field by typing the name instead of scrolling up and down looking for it among a few hundred fields.


 Select Seach as you type.jpg

Maybe it was a lack of planning, but I've had a need to rename a variable within a workflow and would like to (outside of the XML view) be able to rename the variable so that downstream tools don't have to be reconfigured (e.g. formula, join, union).  



It would be cool if the Overlap tool also worked with report layouts, instead of just the map image. For example, once I've pieced my different report tables into one layout, it would be cool if I could just add my company logo using image tool, add a Overlay tool, and add the logo to the top corner of my finalized report. I realized there are other ways of doing it, this would seem the most straight forward though. Just an idea.


Hi All,


With Integration of various platform in Alteryx, connector seems to be an ease of use.


One is, yammer connectors. It would-

1. Help to extract insights of organisation pages.

2. Understand the productivity/Ideas of an organisation overall and help in enterprise content management.


Currently, the process to extract such data is through REST API/Bulk API and a connector would solve the issues.




Hi Alteryx, 


I am not sure if there already is an easy solution to sharing workflows between people using different language settings in Alteryx, so here goes.


My colleague is using the German version of Alteryx and both I and our server is using the English version of Alteryx. When he shares a workflow with interface tools, all connection strings disappear. This is due to the references in the script behind Alteryx are different. So in the German version, the connection is supposed to connect to a tool called "Aktion", but for the English version it needs to connect to a tool called "Action". The same example with "Frage" and "Question". It is funnily enough only an issue if at least one of the connection tools is an Interface tool. If it is not Interface tools, then the original connection remains as if it auto-detects and changes the language.
The solution as is now is opening the Alteryx flow with a text editor and search for the German word, e.g. "Frage" and replace it with "Question". After saving and opening with Alteryx again, it works. However, we would like to avoid this little detour into the text editor. So, if it is possible for Alteryx to auto-detect and adjust the language for Interface tools as well or if it is possible to adjust the settings regarding language for a specific flow/macro, then this would be great. 


Please let me know if another solution is already available. 


Best regards, 


In Dec I had an issue where I could not uninstall or upgrade Alteryx. As part of troubleshooting and the eventual solution I had to manually delete any registry key related to Alteryx. As these were hundreds of entries this took a long time. It would be handy if Alteryx could provide a tool that cleaned the registry of all Alteryx related entries. Related: "Case 00088264: Unable to uninstall Alteryx"

Ever since upgrade to version 10, when you highlight rows in a browse tool, it is almost impossible to see what is highlighted.  Previously, I believe it was a shade of green which provided great contrast against the white background of the cells so you could easily see what you were highlighting.  With version 10, it was moved to a very very light blue which almost looks white, so it is near impossible to tell which rows you're highlighting.  I looked in the settings and do not see any way to change this.


Am myself and my colleagues alone in finding this very straining on the eyes?  Would like to either be able to select what color you want in the settings, or move back to something easier to see.



  • Configuration

If progress bar or overall process completion percentage can be displayed somewhere, adds great value for the users running complex processes (with multiple databases/ files as input and complex queries especially spatial queries).



The Listbox (interface macro) is currently populated statically when sourcing values through a Connected tool. Whatever, I configure in the macro is retained. When I use the macro in a workflow the LIstbox values are not updated when the fields in the connected tool are changed. This practically limits my capabilities to build a truely dynamic macro/app.

The Listbox should be able to show dynamically the fields coming in through the connected app.

I would love to see the option to publish the description information from an alteryx workflow into Tableau tde files as the default comment field

When working with complex modules, it would be great to allow an option to add a tool upstream and automatically rewire to downstreams tools.

Simplified example:

Text Input flows to (1) Filter and (2) Formulae Tool. If I want to drag and drop a Formulae Icon after the text input to be applied to both paths, I can't. I have to either choose To apply to Path (1) or to Path (2).


I know that you can right click, press insert after, and search for the tool, but this is not a time efficient manner.  You can also delete the wiring and rewire yourself, but if you have mutliple downstream tools, this is a pain.


I have a problem where bulk upload is failing because the last column of the table that the data is being imported into, is using the DEFAULT data type option. I am not passing through any value to this column as I want the DEFAULT value specified to always be applied.


The COPY command fails in this scenario if you don't specify an explicit field list


More details of the problem can be seen in this post, along with a workaround:


A tick box option should at least be added to the bulk upload tool to enable explicit field list specification based on column names coming into the bulk upload tool


Under options/restore defaults, it would be nice if the canvass could be reset (I sometimes lose windows), but the favorites be left intact.



  • Configuration

I think it would be extremely beneficial to have the customization option to rearrange tools within their panels in the tool palette.

This would allow the user to group frequently used tools in their desired order, which would make navigation of these tools easier.

As an example, having the ability to place Data Input as the first tool in the palette would make a lot of sense to me, as its usually where I start building a new workflow.

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Since we know Alteryx uses R for a lot of its predictive and data analysis tools. It takes a while to run the workflow whenever there is R based tool is involved. I was told by a solution engineer that its because its opening and closing R in the background.


Sometimes my workflow has a bunch of tools which are running R in the background and it takes forever to run the workflow.


I think there should be a user setting which allows user to choose if the want to start R along with Alteryx and keep it running in the background.



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It'd be nice to have Engine Constants that follow us across all workflows. Having an XML file in the bin that we can update could be a way of doing this. 

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When outputting files, it is usually beneficial for characters that would cause trouble with formatting/syntax to be properly escaped. However, there are situations where suppressing this behavior is desirable.


Of particular importance for such a feature is in the outputting of JSON files. Currently, if a file is output as JSON it will always have quotations escaped if they occur within a field, regardless of whether this conforms to the JSON standard. There are a variety of current workaround for this, including pre-formatting all fields to look like JSON and then outputting as a \0 delimiter CSV, but in many cases there is no need to escape any characters when outputting a JSON.


A simple toggle--as was created for suppressing BOM in CSVs--to disable character escaping would make the creation of JSON objects simpler and reduce the amount of workarounds required to output proper JSON.


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