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When CrossTab is used, string data in fields is converted to field names.  If the data in the data field has a hyphen in it, this is automatically converted to an underscore when it becomes a field name. 


Hyphens are legal in field names, so can we make CrossTab tolerate the string as is without changing it?  If that is a breaking change, could a checkbox be added that allows users to get CrossTab to try to use the text as is and exception if the string is illegal as a field name?


Hyphens are required in the field name when using the Download tool, as some header names like "Content-Type" have hyphens in them.

The crosstab tool replaces any non-alphanumeric characters with underscores in column names. It would be helpful to keep the original values as column names (or to have the option to toggle whether or not special characters are replaced with underscores).


This is often an issue for reporting and for dynamically-populated app inputs (e.g. drop-down), where we need to retain the special characters.


For example, say I have the following dataset: 



Currently, the crosstab tool produces this:



I would like this:



There are currently (somewhat cumbersome) workarounds such as adding an extra row with the original names, and then using Dynamic Rename to rename the columns, but it would be great to be able to use the data straight out of the crosstab!


The Summarize tool should have an option to ignore warnings like this:

Group Bys on Double or Float are not recommended due to rounding error.

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Hello Alteryx fans and Devs!


For the Summarise tool - would it be useful to have a "Rank" option for the potential Summarise options we can use? Just a thought!

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It would be great if Alteryx could introduce a tool implementing a Decision Model Notation (DMN)-style Decision Table as an option to remove business logic from a workflow.


Arbitrary business rules are frequently implemented against datasets in Alteryx workflows before actual processing occurs. The implementation of complex business logic frequently results in a spider web of join, filter, formula, and union tools. 



For example, allowing the letters in front of the column titles to be formatted differently to make them stand out on a report. 

Hi to all,


I have seen one or two posts requesting ability to total up rows and/or columns of numbers, however this idea also requests the ability to subtotal data by a field and also produce an overall total.


This could be an extension to existing tools such as 'Summarise' and 'Cross Tab' or could be a stand alone tool.  Desired output of using a tool like this would produce something like this:




This would be incredibly useful for building reports within Alteryx as well as analysing the data, and cut down the amount of tools currently required to produce this.  I have seen a third party tool which does some of this but this adds the ability to subtotal.


thanks - Roger



I'm from Denmark, and like several other european countries we use commas instead of dot as decimal seperator. And we use dot as thousand seperator.

So if im working in a flow with loads of price fields, lets say cost price, amount per unit, amount and amount including vat i need to do a multi field replace. Else I dont get the output i can work with in excel or other programs.

So it would be great beeing able to set seperators on a flow level, like you can in excel when importing.

Beeing able to set a date format on a flow level.
Lets say my input data is 12.12.2019 and i need 2019-12-12 in my output. If i work with several different date fields i need to use several datetime fields.
Alternate could be a multi field datetime ? 


Having a search function when using the select ? And maybe a numbers order.

So if i scroll down, i could enter 3 - which means this would now be my 3. shown field? 

I usually have some checks of my workflows. The simplest are row counts at varying points. I use Count Records tools, rename the outputs using a Select tool, Union them, and use a Message tool to calculate and show Deltas. I want to have the ability to control the output field name of the Count Records tool the same way I can control the output field name of a Record ID tool.

Please add measures of statistical central tendency to the Summarize tool, such as:




Thank you.

With the 2019.3 release the summarize tool now includes prefixes for grouped fields. While a nice addition, in application it makes using this data downstream (like joining to other tables) more involved because of needing to remove this prefix. 


It would be nice to have this as an option (a checkbox to add/remove prefixes maybe) or just revert back to pre-2019.3 behavior...thanks!

Disabled Containers throw errors if it contains any interface tools. It should not throw any error as the user is intentionally disabling the container.  



OK, this one will only save a single click per addition of a tool, but with Alteryx's general awesomeness small annoyances become like a stone in the shoe.


Consider my highly complex workflow below ; having inspected the dataset I now realise that I don't want some of the fields in my dataset...


SwitchToInput_1.PNG I drag a Select tool in to deselect the columns, but I can't remember what the dataset looks like and I can't see the data...



SwitchToInput_2.PNG I click on the Input tab and there it is, I can deselect away !




It would be particularly useful with something like a Summarize tool where I like to see the data to decide which aggregation to use.


Thanks !

Currently the cross tab tool automatically sorts alphabetically by the "New Column Headers" field. Often times I have to output data with dates across the columns and therefore have to do a cross tab to achieve this. The problem is when I have the dates formatted with month names, the crosstab automatically sorts it in alphabetical order instead of date order (i.e. Apr, Aug, Dec, etc vs Jan, Feb, Mar). To get around this issue, I have to use a dynamic rename tool. It would be great if there was a way to choose the order of the crosstab (i.e. in the order of the data, crosstab, another field, etc.).

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With the continued growth of Graph Databases, it would be nice for Alteryx to creates a new tool set that would allow input/output connectors for Graph Databases like Neo4j which software tools like Pentaho and Talend already have.



I have a process that joins 3 data sets to identify a specific group of data and apply certain ruling. From this created file, I need to extract the data (not the headings) from specific columns and insert into an already existing template. The template has formatting that needs to remain in order for it to function. 


Is this possible? 


Would be nice if in Designer customer's may want to upload and reference  a " DATA DICITIONARY - METADATA REPOSITORY file when working with various input source to transform data . 

Organizations that are mature in their data governance strategy implement special software that extracts, manages and provides access to data dictionary of data assets in multiple databases such as  ERWIN to maintain schema for enterprise. 

Within DESIGNER access to a file METADATA REPOSITORY held in DESIGNER customer may easily select a list of columns  fields or attributes from that file to manipulate data elements using DESIGNER and provide all the relevant information required they wish to massage the data.

Possible Attributes that may be in data dictionary file:

Table name

Column Name

Data Type
Foreign Table


Table Description

Sensitive Data

Required Field


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While In-db tools are very helpful and cut down the time needed to write complex SQL , there are some steps that are faster by directly writing SQL like window functions- OVER (PARTITION BY .....). In Alteryx, we need to create multiple joins and summaries to perform a window function. It would be immensely helpful if there was a SQL editor tool for in-db workflows where we can edit the SQL code at any point in the workflow, or even better, if they can add an "edit" function to every in-db tool where we can customize the SQL code generated and then send to the next tool.


This will cut down the time immensely and streamline the workflow to make Alteryx a true contender for the ETL solution space.


Hello Community,



I was wondering if there is a tool that could de-duplicate records after serializing (or after using Transpose Tool) with a given priority for each field in one of the keys? i.e.


ID Origin Field Name Value
1 B ZIP CODE 15024
1 C ZIP CODE 15024



Assuming for the field name NAME, the priority should be [ A, B ]

ZIP CODE -> [ C, B ]

TYPE -> [ H, D ]

The expected outcome for Id 1 should be -> JACK, 15024, PKL

Record discarded -> PETER, 15024, MID

In this case I'm using ID and Origin as keys in the Transpose Tool.


I just want to make sure there is no other route than the Python Tool.


Thank you



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Was thinking with my peers at work that it might be good to have join module expanded both for desktop and in-database joins.


As for desktop join: left and right join shows only these records that are exclusive to that side of operation. Would it be possible to have also addition of data that is in common?

As for in-db join: db join acts like classic join (left with matching, right with matching data). Would it be possible to get as well only-left, only-right join module?



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