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Is there an update in the pipeline to add the functionality of Web-Based email services? 




Dear Alteryx Users and Alteryx Dev team,


Several companies are switching over from on-prem and it is rendering this tool useless without using workarounds that are not supported by Alteryx and often not available to all users who need this functionality. 


It would really be a great feature to keep updated especially if you have workflows set to run in the morning to send out to certain people everyday and you can no longer use Alteryx for this.






It would be good if the Email Tool could be enhanced so that it can send HTML e-mails, by that I mean the body of the e-mail is HTML based on a field in the workflow that contains a string of HTML. 


Currently we are having to use batch files with command line e-mail clients to send e-mail with HTML generated within Alteryx workflows.

Alteryx has the ability to connect to data sources using fat clients and ODBC but not JDBC.  If the ability to use JDBC could be added to the product it could remove the need to install fat clients.


Upstream tools end in a Summarize Tool that has set of records with the following fields:  EmailAddress, AttachmentUNCPath.  So you get a bunch of recipients with various attachments.  Each recipient can have different attachments, and this will change each time it's run.  In other words, it's fully dynamic.  


If the same recipient has multiple attachments, then it would be nice to group the recipient and just separate the attachments with a semi-colon (or whatever) in the same field.  Essentially creating one record per recipient, and therefore one email per recipient, and having the Email Tool attach each file.  In other words, gets one email with 5 attachments.  And next week maybe only 3 attachments, and so on.  


Currently the only way I see to accomplish this is with a batch macro.  

Would be infinitely more convenient to just have the Email Tool by default accept multiple attachments in a field as long as they are separated by a semi-colon, much like occurs in the "to" field.

We would like to see more configuration options for renders to PowerPoint PPT. Specifically, we would like to be able to add headers, footers, and repeat column headers in the same way we can with PDF renders.


Refer to this unresolved question:

Powerpoint as an output of macro



  • Category Reporting

I am currently using alteryx to generate pdf reports and noticed there is no option to have multiple row headers. In my line of work i cant skip this as the end users insist on having it like they have always had it.

I definitely think this should be available as many of us like replicate canned reports which are otherwise in excel and hence see the need for such an option.


The following might give an example of the multi row header,


multi row.JPG


Also the ability to merge certain columns to create the above effect should be available.

I see the ability to increment the Vertical Axis on a chart, but not the dates on the Horizontal Axis (data is in date format).  This is unreadable for the data I am trying to present, even after changing font.  Would like to show 1 date per week, instead of every day (for example).



  • Category Reporting

It would be lovely if the Image tool supports GIFs when using the .PCXML and HTML options in the render tool.  Understandably, it would use it's .PNG format when using other render options, such as PDF etc.



It would be cool if the Overlap tool also worked with report layouts, instead of just the map image. For example, once I've pieced my different report tables into one layout, it would be cool if I could just add my company logo using image tool, add a Overlay tool, and add the logo to the top corner of my finalized report. I realized there are other ways of doing it, this would seem the most straight forward though. Just an idea.



In Render tool you can use a field to group by and use that field to alter the output file name somewhat similar to the output tool.  Unfortunately it is not exactly like the output tool.  Usually you have a table tool and or layout or visual layout tool before the Render.  In my most recent scenario I have several outputs I use the Table tool for to format, the text tool to generate headings and the visual layout tool to organize these headings and tables into coherent sections on a final output used as a dashboard. 


Fine and dandy except a new requirement now divides these data based on client so I tried to find a way to pass the Client code through to the Render tool so it could dynamically alter the output file so each client gets their version without manually creating multiple replicated streams to format.  But the Render tool requires a field and if I am passing a table it can't reference columns (fields) within the table and if I build a client code field to pass outside the table I can't seem to find a way to tag it to the table  and text going into the layout or in some way pass it into the layout tool in a meaningful way to reach the Render tool for use in dynamic rename of output file.


I wish there was a way to pass a field into the Render tool to modify output file name whether feeding it tables or other data or mixed elements.  Maybe a pass through element or something?

  • Category Reporting

porWYSIWYG - What you see is what you get...


WYSIWYG implies a user interface that allows the user to view something very similar to the end result while the document is being created.[3] In general, WYSIWYG implies the ability to directly manipulate the layout of a document without having to type or remember names of layout commands.[4]


Looking forward to have such a Reporting layout designer, embed all pictures, tables, graphs, legend, header, footer...

Just like in Qliksense and tableau...










Would it be possible to add additional sections to the 'Summarise Tool' such as one for dates so that you might be able to group by Year, Month, Quarter, Week or a combination of all these. There are other extensions that could also be considered such as group with nulls or without that would make this tool far more usable and not dependent on data manipulation prior to it; you might offer to have all nulls grouped and called something else for readability and this shouldn't be very hard at all to implement.


Kind regards,



This feature isn't a must - but would definitely be a nice to have.

Similar to the excel having a tab with key figures like average, count and sum 

It would be a really good idea to do something similar within Alteryx just to have a quick glance on key figures/functions (example attached - apologise for the bad paint job but definitely would look good with Alteryx colour scheme)


I want modification of the Email Tool to support running it at a specific point, defined by developer, within a workflow where currently "The Email tool will always be the last tool to run in a workflow". 


We use the tool to send notification of completion of jobs and sometimes attach outputs but we would like to be able to also send notifications at the start or at key points within a workflows processing.  Currently the email tool is forced to be the last tool run in a flow, even if you use block until done tool to force order of path execution to hit the email tool first.


If we could add a setting to the configuration to override the current default, of being the last tool run, to allow it to run at will within a flow that would be awesome!  And of course we would want the same ability for texting, be it a new feature of the email tool or a new tool all its own. 


The Texting option refers to an issue in Andrew Hooper's post seeking enhancement of the email tool for texting, search on "Email tool add HTML output option" or use link...


As Tableau has continued to open more APIs with their product releases, it would be great if these could be exposed via Alteryx tools.


One specifically I think would make a great tool would be the Tableau Document API (link) which allows for things like:


- Getting connection information from data sources and workbooks (Server Name, Username, Database Name, Authentication Type, Connection Type)

- Updating connection information in workbooks and data sources (Server Name, Username, Database Name)

- Getting Field information from data sources and workbooks (Get all fields in a data source, Get all fields in use by certain sheets in a workbook)


For those of us that use Alteryx to automate much of our Tableau work, having an easy tool to read and write this info (instead of writing python script) would be beneficial.  

I would like an separate tool for rendering excel file, or more options in the render tool. Currently you have to manually give the size of the output sheet, and it makes all of the columns on the spreadsheet look odd. Having additional options like "Auto page size" would be tremendous. 

It would be good to be able to constrain the size of an image in the vertical direction as well as the horizontal.  I am currently working on a report that has an image in the middle of a page of text.  If the user inputs an image that is not the same size as my test image, it can push text onto the next page which ruins the report.  Having the image next to the text and constraining horizontally is not an option with this project.

It would be very helpful to be able to export your entire workflow to a poster-sized paper, either in paper or PDF format.  When explaining a workflow to others, or getting feedback, the ability to see the entire workflow or lay it out on a table is very helpful

I am frequently using comments within my containers to tell an engaging story to my business Audience about the workflow I have built. However, whenever I start adding, removing, moving tools etc within containers these comments don't remain static within the relative position of the container and drift into positions that I have to manually adjust. 



From a time saving perspective it would be great if I could:

1. fix the position of comment within a container and

2. Group comments in a way similar to how you can group objects in Visio and Photoshop


example of how I use comments.pngHow I use comments in Alteryx

It would be great if there was a way to convert datatypes within the Table Reporting tool.  The specific example that sparked this idea is calculating percentages so they are shown in the report with the decimal place moved over.  Today, within the formula tool I need to calculate the percentage and then multiply it by 100 in order for it to display the way I'd like in the report.  However, if I need to leverage this percentage for another formula I most likely will have to divide the percentage I calculated first by 100 before I continue my calculation.


It would be nice to not have to multiply by 100 to move the decimal place over 2 spots and instead use the table tool to convert the number into a percentage we're all used to seeing.  I'm thinking something similar to excel where you can click percentage, currency, etc to convert your number.

  • Category Reporting
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