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I am having to render my Alteryx formatted reports to Excel and then upload the report to Google Sheets


It would be very useful (and improve the less well known Alteryx Reporting capabilities) to be able to render straight to a Google Sheet and preserve the formatting.





Hello there!

Currently the email tool has the following configuration:


It is a fairly easy tool to use - however one part that I would like to be improved is testing the SMTP settings - similar to how it is done on the Alteryx Server. It would be awesome to have a button as part of this page, that would send a test email, and return true/display to the user that the email sent correctly. This would stop the need to setup dummy data and a dummy output to test a connection before rolling the email tool out into a live environment/use-case.


I imagine something along these lines for this functionality:


Clicking test (and passing):


Clicking test (and failing):




There is an extensive need from customers to be able to create emails but not send them (right away at least).

I'm in the banking sector and I have been seeing many banks using Alteryx and Alteryx server in their routines. Also, when it comes to sending automatic e-mails in this sector, its very risky. We need a "four eyes check" when dealing with clients information. Currently there is no workaround that could be applied to e-mail tool when used in Alteryx server as well.

My idea is to simply create a button "Save in draft" in e-mail tool to create an .eml format as output. This .eml can be read by outlook and thus, it creates a draft.

This also should be taken into account when dealing with drafts in alteryx server, so that any user can run the workflow and get the desired draft.


Hi Community Microsoft wil deprecate basic Authentication, so users will need OAuth2 to be included in the email tool. Microsoft is removing the ability to use Basic authentication in Exchange Online for Exchange ActiveSync (EAS), POP, IMAP, Remote PowerShell, Exchange Web Services (EWS), Offline Address Book (OAB), Outlook for Windows, and Mac. This change will be efective on October 1, 2022. Best regards, JP

Please consider adding a new setting to the Render Tool, so the users can select or deselect if an existing File should be overwritten (Otherwise throw an error, like the Output Data Tool does, when configured to create a new Sheet and that Sheet already exists)





This year, Microsoft updated improve their API (GraphAPI) to access Office365 enviroment.


Alteryx have launched on Microsoft District in Public Gallery the Dataverse , Onedrive & Sharepoint Connectors.


Alteryx must develop as soon as possible an connector/email with same authenticator options as connectors Above and improve the emails settings.



It´s important to release and documentation to show wich permissions on Azure it's necssary to send the emails. 




Microsoft Announce: 


Azure Permissions: 

There is duplicated action in the table tool to force the user decide the decimal places.


In the normal situation, all the data preparation process has been completed prior to the Table tool, we just want to leverage on this tool to format the header or incorporate conditional formatting. However, once the Table tool is connected and we have to re-configure the decimal places for all the numeric columns, the column names will be varied from year to year and it brings additional manual intervention to the workflow.


We recommend to provide flexibility for us to take the original upstream data source without changing the underlying data set.

Currently saving file output as PowerPoint is possible only doing workaround as in Megan's article (link below) using Render Tool. It might be more intuitive to implement PowerPoint to supported options in "Output Mode" dropdown.





Hello Alteryx folks!


I think it would be awesome to be able to dynamically rename headers right in the Table tool so that the headers can stay in their intended position. For instance, if you use a Dynamic Rename tool, the Table tool will put the new "unknown" column at the end of the output. We have the ability to rename and add formulas to the fields, but we cannot do the same with the headers.




Currently, the Visual Layout tool (as opposed to the Layout tool) is in a Beta version and has been since I have been using Alteryx. 

I think it's a fantastic tool for (as in the name) visually laying out your reporting tools. I find the original layout tool difficult to use without great attention to detail, and it can cost a lot of time when building report-based workflows.

It would be great to get the Visual Layout tool out of Beta, similar to a lot of the other Laboratory tools (, and increase confidence in using the tool. It is currently hard to suggest using the tool to Alteryx users, as 'BETA' creates apprehension of bugs and unstable functionality.



when you render out to an excel file, the excel file is created as a new file.  You cannot render to an existing excel file.

I'd like to see this functionality.  I have a client who has a workbook with multiple formatted sheets and they'd like to render an addiitional sheet of formatted data out from Alteryx into the existing workbook.

Having just participated in weekly challenge 293 there is a requirement to output a table with certain conditional row colours. However the configuration is based on rgb colour codes, whereas the desired output displays the colours using hex codes. 95% of the development time on this challenge was to get matching colour formatting, so being able to insert hex codes would improve this experience.







There is an extensive need from customers to be able to create emails but not send them (right away at least). This would be an enhancement to the email tool to allow for checking a box to say "Save in Draft" and if that box was checked the send email functionality would not be called but the email would be created. 

Report text tools currently only give the option to allign left, right or center. Would be great if we could have the option to have a true 'Justify' option also as it makes chunks of text look so much cleaner

  • Category Reporting

The only thing I have ever found that Excel can do that Alteryx can't is creating a pivot table that allows the user to drill up and down levels of aggregation by collapsing or expanding levels in the data hierarchy. (like this). 


Can you add an interactive table to the new interactive charting tool that can provide this level of functionality? It's embarrassing to have to tell Excel users they can't do this in Alteyrx, and likely leads many of them to stick to Excel--and miss out on all the other great things Alteryx can do.


Thank you! 

Could we please change the Interactive Chart tool, to:

  • recognize when upstream types have changed and reconfigure (in the case of numerical types marked as string)
  • For line charts - sort the values in order of the X value


Sample Flow - derivation of challenge 201:



Issue 1:

- The first interactive chart on this flow has no sorting at all performed by the charting tool - this may be due to the fact that the X & Y axes are in string fields.   Generally line charts would attempt to sort both the axes and the values (where the values should order according to the X axis).   Please can you add a default sort anyway?




Issue 2:

- If you then change the data types on these fields to be numeric - the charting tool still does not sort them until you reconfigure the tool manually
- REquest: please can you get the tool to remember the data types, so that it can prompt you; or even better just reconfigure?

(image looks identical after retyping the fields)




Issue 3:

- When you do a manual reconfigure of the tool after changing the types - the axes are sorted, but the values are not - so you end up with a chart that crosses back and forth.   Generally line charts are ordered in the order of the X Axis for the values

- Request: Please sort values on the line chart automatically in order of the X value?




NOTE: Finally got the outcome needed by forcing the sort before the interactive chart tool




Hi to all,


I have seen one or two posts requesting ability to total up rows and/or columns of numbers, however this idea also requests the ability to subtotal data by a field and also produce an overall total.


This could be an extension to existing tools such as 'Summarise' and 'Cross Tab' or could be a stand alone tool.  Desired output of using a tool like this would produce something like this:




This would be incredibly useful for building reports within Alteryx as well as analysing the data, and cut down the amount of tools currently required to produce this.  I have seen a third party tool which does some of this but this adds the ability to subtotal.


thanks - Roger

Alteryx has the ability to connect to data sources using fat clients and ODBC but not JDBC.  If the ability to use JDBC could be added to the product it could remove the need to install fat clients.

As pointed out by @Joshman108 in this post, you can lose some/all of your work in the table tool if the metadata is ever not flowing correctly. Losing your metadata can happen for a number of legitimate reasons (copying/pasting, crosstab tool upstream, python tool upstream etc.) There are a number of tools (including the table tool) where losing the matadata can prove catastrophic. 


Consider these 2 simple examples:

1) We have the dynamic box checked and apply a rule to field 1:


If our table tool loses its metadata, our row rule is completely erased! I would expect the tool to remember our row rule once metadata is reestablished.


2) We have the dynamic box unchecked, as well as Field4 unchecked. We setup the same rule as before that references field4.


Now when the metadata is lost and restablished, the table tool does a good job of remembering that Field4 is supposed to be unselected, and that I had a rule for Field1; however, the rule has now been changed! I would expect the rule to also remember that I was referencing Field4. Note that if my rule had reference a field that was included in the table, it would have remembered the rule. It's only because my rule referenced Field4 which was not included in the table that my rule got messed up. In my rule, it now references Row# which is completely wrong:







The basic table report tool could be improved by including a title option, such as a checkbox that allows you to add a title above the table.


When you want to add a title to a table, you must create a report text specifically for that purpose. The more significant improvement would be for situations in which you want to create tables grouped by a specific field. It would be nice to have the option to add a title per group as well, this would make it easier to add all of them to a report in a more dynamic way without having to do workarounds.



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