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It would be extremely helpful if there is an easy way to print off the current function reference for 11.0. In the past, you could easily do so with 9.5 (with the print button), but even putting out a basic PDF file that outlines the parameters for each function, and what it does would be useful. This is not possible with the newest version of the documentation.

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As my Alteryx workflows are becoming more complex and involve integrating and conforming more and more data sources it is becoming increasingly important to be able to communicate what the output fields mean and how they were created (ie transformation rules) as output for end user consumption; particular the file target state output. 


It would be great if Alteryx could do the following: 

1. Produce a simple data dictionary from the Select tool and the Output tool. The Select tool more or less contains everything that is important to the business user; It would be awesome to know of way to export this along with the actual data produced by the output tool (hopefully this is something I've overlooked and is already offered).


  • using Excel would be to produce the output data set in one sheet and the data dictionary for all of its attributes in the second sheet.
  • For an odbc output you could load the data set to the database and have the option to either create a data dictionary as a database table or csv file (you'd also want to offer the ability to append that data to the existing dictionary file or table. 


2. This one is more complex; but would be awesome. If the workflow used could be exported into a spreadsheet Source to Target (S2T) format along with supporting metadata / data dictionary for every step of the ETL process. This is necessary when I need to communicate my ETL processes to someone that cannot afford to purchase an alteryx licence but are required to review and approved the ETL process that I have built. I'd be happy to provide examples of how someone would likely want to see that formatted. 

Pet Hate... When i re-enable a container, it opens up the container... 


Would be great if the default is do not open on re-enable... 




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So, best practice is to add annotations - so how many times have you seen an annotation that says 


"This filters for column y" and then it's been changed to something else in the meantime.  

Alteryx provides some default annotations, but wouldn't it be amazing if those metadata fields were available in an easy way to include in your own annotations


I imagine this working like so:


On an input tool:

"The file {filename} comes in from Joe in accounts every Tuesday and is currently {rows} big."


Filter tool

"This filters out the salaries above 100k with the formula {expression}"



"I join using the {fields} fields rather than the typical key because the key isn't well populated"



"I combine {IncomingNames} sets"



"The expression {expression1} calculates the exposure then {expression2} converts to bps."


Input, SQL Server

"The data source {databasename} is owned by Joe Soap in Investment"


Suddenly it makes sense to use annotations, and they don't lie (as easily) and mislead you into believing something other than the inherent logic, but with flexibility to select which bits of the metadata of the tool make sense to you.


Alteryx must have this functionality under the hood with the auto annotation, and this just provides better flex for that.



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When testing I often need to check single (or a handful of numbers) throughout the workflow. I have to click on each browse to check the numbers. A tool that rendered the output of multiple fields throughout the workflow would allow me to check if I was dropping any rows or miscalculating at a glance.


For instance if at the beginning of a workflow the row count was 15,951 and the cohort size was 328. Also the sum of profit for the cohort was £1,934,402 and the count of sales was 1,584. Remember those? Not if you have to click on the browse tool multiple times all the way through a large workflow to make sure you keep these figures intact. Copying out into excel or popping out the data from browse are the only options, each fiddly when trying to alter things quickly.


A resizable output window such as the explorer window would uber-useful.




The add to / remove from container behavior needs to be modified.  I have frequently had the application completely rearrange my workflow because of it. I was just deleting a handful of closed containers when the application removed all my tools from their individual containers and wrapped everything in one big container completely screwing up my entire workflow.  This happens a lot.  Now I have to reorganize the workflow.  This is one of my biggest frustrations with the application.containers.png


We just updated to 11.7 from 10.5.


The Container adding/removing rules were changed somewhere in there and the change made it much harder to remove tools from containers. Is there any way to undo these changes or look into a better set of rules to use?



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We see very nice demos at the Alteryx Academy. Trainers showing some actions, tips and tricks on screens previously recorded...


Originally you need to install a software like;

Then learn how to use them and share separate video or moving GIF files with people manually by mail etc....


I suggest a screen recorder for Alteryx where you can quickly record and save how something is done

and then share it thru Peer to peer with a colleague one-on-one or publish to the Alteryx Community...


It may even be an awesome thing if one can share screen in real-time with another Alteryx user...

Then it will be top notch collaboration...























Altan @Atabarezz

  • Category Documentation

As I have a lot of documentation to write on my Alteryx process, I would like to simple copy the lower table from the Visual Query Builder :




Give the option in the tags properties to place the tag to the right of the tool. 

Have this be the default setting for Browse and Output tools or others that would normally be found at the end of a workflow. This allows the detail to remain and a cleaner view of the module.

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