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I have not found this function or a workaround, only as "recent connections" which normally, are not saved on Virtual Machines.

This would save the time it takes to find the path/folder where Calgary DBs are saved.


if this has been proposed or fixed already, please delete this idea! 

In my environment, installing Core Data Bundle to network drive ("prepare a network install") runs for hours or days due to network factors. If interrupted, I need to start from scratch again.


These changes would greatly improve the installation:

  1. Maintain verbose installer log to track progress and confirm that all selected files are successfully installed.
  2. Add a repair mode to the installer to repair interrupted installations. When run in this mode, only missing/corrupt data files will be re-installed as necessary (much faster than fresh install).
  3. Support use of a shortcut like "CURRENT" on my network drive to the real installation directory (say "Q3_2017"). This would allow me to point to the latest release and users who "register from a network location" via "CURRENT" shortcut path will always get the latest data files. As an administrator, I have no way to know if my Alteryx users are configured to use an obsolete data set that I want to clean up from my network drive.
  4. When I prepare a network installation, I'd like to specify an expiry date and warning message that users will see in their workflows if they access obsolete data sets. Example: "Core data set XXX is obsolete as of 12/31/2017. Register current version via \\my-network-drive\alteryx\???\DataInstall.exe...". Nice to have would be a warning date and an error date to provide grace period. This would be similar to the CASS data set expiry date.
  • Category Calgary

Please have the Calgary Tools put the file names in the annotation automatically like all other input/output tools. 

  • Category Calgary

Could we please have the option of selecting the fields, like the join tool, within the Calgary Join tool?  It is especially problematic when I simply want to assign spatial object name to a point; i.e customers within a DMA or sales territory.


This would be agreat addition within the ConsumeView Matching tool as well.



As a GIS department, we use numerous spatial datasets on a daily basis.  Many of these are quite large and we are looking for ways to optimize their performance.  Right now, we are forced to use an indexed folder system to increase performance, but we would like to move to Calgary databases.  The problem is, that Calgary databases only hold point features which limits the number of our datasets that we can use it with.  If we could spatially index line and polygon features as well, that would dramatically increase the usefulness of a Calgary database.


Occasionally, the Calgary Loader tool will not write out all fields passed to it.  This seems to happen after writing out a certain number of fields then later, when rerunning, adding a new output field.  Very annoying because you don't know it will happen until processing is complete and you examine the result.  I usually manually delete the calgary files prior to rerunning, to avoid the versioning, but it still happens.


Also, please make the versioning optional with a check box, default off.

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