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I would like to be able to add an in-house built Calgary db to the list of data sources in the pull down on the Calgary Input tool. A customer database, for example.


In the picture you can see the Kalibrate Technologies Traffic Counts and TomTom US Address Points in the pull down. I would like to add my own Calgary db to the list of choices.




Love the functionality to create filters on the Calgary database but it would be nice to be able to select the columns you wanted returned. There are times where you only want a couple columns but the input tool will return all columns creating a larger dataset then required. You can add a select right after the input but this is after the entire dataset has been loaded into memory. Combining the two would make the Calgary input tool behave more like a database then a standard "dumb" input source. 

When workig on a module with many tools, and one of those tools is the Allocate Input tool (Experian US), whenever you try to access or configure that other tools, there is a delayed reponse.  I'm assuming because the Allocate data set is so large.  But, it would be nice, if possible, that when accessing/configuring other tools you did not get that delay.  My workaround is to Container the Allocate tool and disable it.  
  • Calgary
Functionality to append to Calgary Databases.  Currently we are unioning Calgary Database to another dataset and overwriting existing Calgary database.  Ability to append would cut down on data processing.
  • Calgary

As with Output Data tool, it would be very helpful to have this option within the Calgary Loader tool.  I have a series of ordered analytic apps and if I could name the Calgary database using the "Take File/Table Name from Field" option I would be able to chain the apps and be much more efficient.



  • Calgary

Our team works with a lot of in-house transaction data sets that have been put into a calgary database.  It would be much easier to build apps that use the calgary input tool without having to configure html code.

  • Calgary
Calgary CrossCount returns 1 row for every permutation and combination of possible crosscounts for the given crosscount fields.  This idea is to use the additional query criteria to limit the output of rows.

Example:  State Code = 'MI' and Mosaic Type = 'A01'  could be our Criteria.  and State Code, Mosaic Type and Gender would be our crosscount fields.

Calgary crosscount (and append) would output (51 * 71 * 4) 14,484 rows (all states * all mosaic types * all gender values)

The desired crosscount would output (1 * 1 * 4) 4 rows (MI * A01 * 4).

This is a simplified example just to demonstrate my confusion when Alteryx responded to me that the tool is working as designed.  In order to reduce the crosscount output, you must restate your query criteria in a filter post the calgary tool.  If the count of rows output exceeds a thresshold, you can't even use the tool as it will generate too many rows.

By defining criteria in the Calgary Input tool, only the desired output records are generated.  But by defining criteria in the Calgary crosscount tools, only the desired "combinations" have values plus it outputs all permutations and combinations of other non-qualifying records.

Please consider this request for an enhancement.


  • Calgary
Would it be possible to have Calgary index files saved to a sub folder so they don't reside in the same folder where the cydb is located? All these indices just clutter up the folder. Thanks,

  • Calgary
It would be helpful to have a unique feature within Calgary in order to return a unique count or a data extract. The current Crss count will error if there are two many rows.
  • Calgary

When choosing "In List" values in a CYDB input, the normal Windows functions do not work (shift+click, ctl+A, ctl+click, etc.).


When having to choose, say, 20 values, it is a big annoyance to have to click each value (20 clicks). 


Have been told this is a bug so I wanted to put it on your radar for a fix.

  • Calgary
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