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API Security requirements are constantly evolving and strengthening.  As API architectures migrate from traditional authentication models (Basic, OAuth, etc.) to more secure, certificate-based models, like MTLS/MSSL, leveraging Alteryx Designer will become increasingly difficult, especially for larger organizations trying to scale the use of Alteryx across a large user base, with vastly diverse skillsets.


I realize issuing API calls with certificates is possible via the Run Command tool.  We consider this a temporary workaround, and not a permanent, strategic solution.  The Run Command tool can be clunky to use when passing in variables and passing the output back into the workflow for downstream processing.


Therefore, I would like to request a more scalable approach to issuing MTLS/MSSL API calls.  Can an option be added to the Download Tool to allow for certificates to be passed on API calls?

Greetings.  Does Alteryx have plans to create an integration / API with Spotfire?  





In response to my question here:


The Publish to Tableau Server does not support SAML/SSO. I would like this feature to be added to this tool as it will make our business process more efficient.


Thank you.

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Recently we had a situation where installing the data packages was expected to take over 20 hours!  We do not have the ability to run a machine undisturbed for this length of time at the office, and VPN automatically times out after 12 hours.  Okay, so these items are company-specific, but how nice would it be to be able to download/install the data in smaller portions so you don't have to worry about setting up shop for 8-10 hours?!


I was able to copy the DataInstall.ini and name only the portions of the data I wanted to install in each session.  But then I had to separate the installs into different network folders otherwise you end up overwriting the DataInstall.exe file, which users need for each install in order to register from a network location (for each install).


Needless to say, it took SEVERAL weekends and quite a few mistakes before I was able to do it this way successfully!


Please vote for data installs in smaller portions!

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For those with large web and streaming-media server logs, the ability to geocode IP addresses be an excellent feature, similar to Alteryx's ability go geocode street addresses. Several IP geocoding services exist, with different levels of accuracy and cost. Ideally, the user should be able to choose their own service if they have one, in addition to a default service built-in to Alteryx.


A proof of concept is documented in this post


The IP geocoding tools should include:

  • IP address to IP number conversion, and the reverse
  • IPv4 and IPv6
  • Output for postal code, country, city, state, latitude/longitude centeroids



Right now as far as I know you need to add each DB connection manually. This works... but is quite time consuming when trying to run tasks against a cluster of prod databases. It would be awesome to pass a JSON config file,example below, to the Alteryx Engine and have Alteryx create those connections upon parsing the file. This would save tons of time, and allow teams to share a central config file with consistent aliases across their clusters to ensure their app connections point to the same DBs across workflows. It would also make on boarding a breeze for new developers on team.






The Adobe Analytics API token is currently set to expire 30 days after the call has been configured. When the token expires, I have to re-authenticate AND reconfigure the API call.


The API call shuoldn't expire when the token expires. Upon re-authenticating, the call should persist as it was originally configuired.






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Good afternoon,


I work with a large group of individuals, close to 30,000, and a lot of our files are ran as .dif/.kat files used to import to certain applications and softwares that pertain to our work. We were wondering if this has been brought up before and what the possibility might be.

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