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If a job fails it would be perfect if we could set something in the workflow settings so that the job would retry again in X number of minutes for the next Y number of times. We have jobs that connect to external resources and sometimes the network will reset and will cause the connections to all drop. An example would be I want a workflow to try again in 10 minutes for a maximum of 5 times so over the next 50 mins it will retry every 10 mins if it fails

  • Alteryx Server

There would be great usefulness in having event triggers in 2 different places:


- Similar to Informatica - it would be useful to have event triggers for workflow - specifically "trigger when file arrives" or "trigger when value exceeds X"

- It would be also useful to have an event trigger component with an input so that we can use semaphore type flags to control sequencing in complex sets of flows.    For example:

    - When the ETL is done - mark the "Completed" flag as true

    - The reporting job is running, waiting for a completed flag to complete


Overall, it would be useful for Alteryx to have event-driven triggers.

Looking forward for the addition of in-database tools for SybaseIQ or SAP IQ

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Note on SAPIQ;

  • SAP IQ is a database server optimized for analytics/BI, it is a columnar RDBMS optimized for Big Data analytics
  • IQ is very good for ad-hoc queries that would be difficult to optimize in a legacy transactional RDBMS...
  • It's ranked number 48th amongst all DBMS and 27th amongst relational DBMS
  • SAP IQ16 has gained R language support


currently we can connect with ODBC,

Database driver versions are a constant trauma for the admin team and for our Designer users.   We have situations where drivers are different between two peers who are working on the same flow, or where the flow breaks as soon as it's posted to the gallery etc.


What would really help is if Alteryx were able to create a driver pack (working with the major vendors), which contains the latest version of the major database drivers.    We could then roll this out to all the designer & server machines to make sure that we have consistency across the user base.


This would need to include:

- DB2


- Mongo

- Sybase

- Postgress

- Apache Kudu / Spark

Plus a few others, I'm sure


This is a pain for Alteryx to do this centrally, I know, but it's orders of magnitude less painful than having to do this manually (by searching for the latest drivers on every manufacturer's sites) on every designer workstation across the firm.


  • Alteryx Server

Create a standardized Mailbox application that could bolt onto Alteryx Server, to handle incoming attachments from sources like a Service Desk (Service Now for example) and other applications.


Essentially anything that regularly exports data in the form of an emailed attachments to which Alteryx could, using a series of predefined user rules and a designated email address, put those attachments into various directories ready for processing by automated Alteryx workflows.


This would save a huge amount of time as people currently have to manually drag and drop files. At least the on board Alteryx designers here haven't been able to come with a solution. Would also save any messy programming around systems like Outlook and bending any security issues within those systems. Many, many other applications have this simple feature built in to their products, especially service desks. I believe there would be a huge benefit to this very simple bolt on.

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