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Dear all,


I'm involved in testing new data source called Yellowbrick at Zurich North America.  We are replacing Netezza with Yellowbrick as our single data source for all data marts.  Currently in our Alteryx designer version 2021.2, we do not have Yellowbrick as one of the data sources, and we had to use the "PostgreSQL" to test the connection to new Yellowbrick data source.


Could you or someone please add Yellowbrick to one of the available data sources so that it'll be easier for our Alteryx users to find that data source rather than go to that confusing "PostgreSQL"?



Andy Dryden


I totally get that we want to use a local disk drive for TempDirectory.


Let us override Alteryx (currently Alteryx overrides the user override) and choose a network directory.  If the local temp drive is full, let the user choose.






In Alteryx Designer, under Workflow Configuration >  Events, there is an option to send email based on the events.

It would be great if this functionality can pick up smtp username that has been set in the server when the workflow is

executed from Alteryx Server. So user does not need to enter username and password anymore on each workflow.









Upper management do not get to be part of the workflow build. When presenting the final product to them as the current solution in pdf print, they complain about the size and the legibility of the workflow. I propose that Alteryx Team could do some enhancement about this feature where large workflows can be automatically printed  with minimal effort where the containers would not break in halves or at ends. It does look confusing for someone who has never seen the workflow before or know what it does. Currently, if we change the settings to any format and any settings, you do see some containers that break and continues on the following page. However, best practice would be to print any workflow without doing a lot of manipulation in the settings and all have few or every container(s) printed on different page(s).


I hope my explanation above made sense to what the ultimate solution should look like. Thanks!

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