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bak file

Implement an option to toggle the automatic creation of the .bak file or allow a destination different than the yxmd file.
Once we have our files under code control (git) the bak file is not necessary and effectively doubles our storage usage.
7 - Meteor
Agreed.  The .bak files are fine for modules, but for data it is something that we must contend with for space.  This should be an installation parameter that allows administrators the ability to default a no .bak install.
11 - Bolide

Yes, I'd also like the option to either turn them off or relocate them. Relocation is my preference... my directories get pretty crowded with an additional copy of a bunch of files.

8 - Asteroid

Sequence the .bak files over time. For example a user could set up to have the bak file save every 60 mins when the workflow it's open. So you would have a series of .bak file for a single workflow. This would allow a user to choose the .bak file they want to use. I would use this with more complex workflows so if something went wrong I could revert to a working copy.